Columbia is full of exciting job opportunities and great places to live. Learn about the neighborhoods are young professionals are drawn to.Columbia is full of exciting job opportunities and great places to live. Learn about the neighborhoods are young professionals are drawn to.Moving Tips

Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Columbia, SC

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Young professionals are drawn to Columbia, South Carolina because of the exciting job opportunities working with the local businesses. There are positions at the many universities located in the city including the University of South Carolina. Since Columbia is the capital of the state, there are also many jobs working for the state government.

Columbia is a great place to raise a family due to its reasonable home prices and its modest cost of living. The average monthly rent is $650 to $850 depending on the neighborhood. The median home price for all of Columbia, SC is around $162,000 for a modest single-family home. Bigger homes in the best neighborhoods are $200,000 to $275,000.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals to consider:

  • Congaree Vista
  • Elmwood Park
  • Five Points
  • Rosewood

Congaree Vista

This neighborhood is Columbia's cultural district. It offers an upscale, urban lifestyle. It is jam-packed with restaurants, shops, bars, and clubs. It is a place where young professionals like to hang out with the college kids that come from the nearby University of South Carolina campus.

Housing in Congaree Vista

The median home price in this neighborhood is around $295,000. There are many styles of homes in this area from older homes to those with a contemporary style.

Things to Do in Congaree Vista

The popular attractions in this neighborhood are the South Carolina State Museum, the EdVenture Children's Museum, and the concerts and sports events held at the Colonial Life Arena. Annual celebrations include a holiday event called Vista Lights in November and the Artista Vista art exhibition held during spring.

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park is a historic district in the center of Columbia. Some houses in this neighborhood date back to the turn of the last century. There are 279 homes in this neighborhood that are listed in the National Historic Register.

Housing in Elmwood Park

The homes are a mixture of American Foursquare, Colonial, and Queen Anne styles. Some homes, built in the 1920s and 1930s, are one-story brick bungalows with an American Craftsman style.

There are plenty of houses with gables out front and wide porches that are a nice place to enjoy a cool drink. This is why the neighborhood is nicknamed "Columbia's Front Porch." The median home price in this neighborhood is $165,000. There are really nice, big homes starting at around $222,000.

Things to Do in Elmwood Park

This neighborhood is family oriented. It has many community events that help keep the spirit of the southern style going for the next generation. Each year, during spring, there is a Home and Garden Tour of the most beautiful historic homes in the neighborhood. During the holiday season, there is a neighborhood Drop-In event where guests are invited to go from house to house in order to celebrate together.

Five Points

Five Points was established as a village neighborhood more than 100 years ago. It attracts many visitors who come for the art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment. Young professionals feel right at home in this vibrant neighborhood.

Housing in Five Points

The median home price in Five Points is around $160,000. This is a good neighborhood for those looking for a lower-priced home in an urban setting.

Things to Do in Five Points

There are plenty of coffee shops, eateries, and pubs to enjoy in Five Points. One famous Irish event, called St. Pat's, is a really lively festival. During April, this neighborhood hosts the Columbia Food & Wine Festival. There is also the annual JerryFest, which is an art exhibition and the Summer Sidewalk Sale that is fun for shoppers.


This neighborhood attracts young professionals and those starting a family because it has two top-rated elementary schools. It is close to the downtown area but not as pricey as the nearby Shandon neighborhood.

Housing in Rosewood

A starter home can be found in this neighborhood for $110,000 to $125,000. The median price is around $152,000. The larger homes sell for up to $275,000.

Things to Do in Rosewood

Rosewood has City Roots, which is an urban farm that offers many food-related events and themed dinners. There is the annual Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival for tomato lovers. In spring, a big attraction is the Rosewood Crawfish Festival. There are football games to watch at the Williams-Brice Stadium. At Owens Field, there is a skate park, a disc golf course, and soccer fields that have games between local teams.

A Great Place for Young Professionals

Young professionals naturally gravitate more towards the downtown areas. Other neighborhoods to consider that are near downtown are Arsenal Hill, Cottontown, Eau Claire, Olympia, and Shandon. Up-and-coming neighborhoods in North Columbia such as Earlewood and Keenan Terrace are also attracting younger people.

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