Unexpected cost can occur when moving, but being prepared for those cost can save your time and money. Unexpected cost can occur when moving, but being prepared for those cost can save your time and money. Moving Tips

Be Prepared: Unexpected Costs When Moving

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Though in every situation there will be costs to moving, many people aren’t sure what to expect. How expensive can it be to pack some boxes and move them to a new location? Moving is a lot of physical work, and it takes a lot of decision-making as well. Even if you have done it before, that doesn’t mean this time will be simple.

It’s a good idea to be prepared. To do that, keep the following unexpected costs when moving in mind. There are also a few tips here on how to save money in this process.

Moving/Packing Supplies

How much do some tape and a few boxes cost? You may be surprised by just how little fix into a box and how many boxes you’ll need to move. This is very much dependent on the type and amount of belongings you have, but you should expect to purchase moving supplies. You’ll be able to purchase moving supplies from storage companies, moving companies, home improvement stores, and online providers. That is likely to include boxes, packaging paper, bubble wrap for fragile items, and tape. You will also need a marker or two to write on boxes. You can find a few ways to save money on moving costs. For example, ask your friends and family to save all of their boxes that come in through e-commerce deliveries. You can also visit local retailers to inquire about any boxes you can take off their hands. Some smaller companies may be happy to provide you with boxes so they don’t have to pay to recycle them.

Leaving a Security Deposit

A security deposit is given at the time of securing a new place to rent as a way to cover the costs associated with any damage to the property at the time you leave. If you are moving into your first rental, you’ll likely need to have a security deposit available. If you are moving out of your rental, don’t be surprised if you do not have access to your security deposit if there is any damage to the property.

Your security deposit should be protected and accessible to you if you maintain the property. Make sure to clean it up and put it back into the condition it was in before you move out.

Cleaning and Repairs

Leaving your old residence in good condition is not only courteous but can also save you from unexpected cleaning and repair expenses. Landlords or property managers may deduct cleaning fees or repair costs from your security deposit if the property isn't returned in satisfactory condition. Allocating funds for cleaning supplies or minor repairs can save you from a financial pinch down the road.

Utility Down Payments

Some utility companies will require you to make a down payment. This may mean that you are paying for your first month of service upfront. Some will require an installation fee or a security deposit to start up the service. This protects the company from people who may set up utilities and then never pay for them.

The month or so before your move, call each of the utility companies to inquire about all associated costs with setting up the new service. This is likely to include your water, electricity, and gas, but also consider internet, trash, sewer, and any other utilities you have. That way, you know how much to budget for these costs.

Storage Units

A storage unit can be a blessing for those who are moving. Many times, you have just a day or so to move your home from one area to the next, and that’s not enough time to actually move everything and put everything where it should go. Renting a storage unit can help you to have a place to store items before your move day and after until you’re ready to bring those items home.

Keep in mind that storage units don’t have to be expensive or long-term investments. You can choose a month-to-month lease if you’re not sure you’ll need it very long. That can help you to save money and make the move a bit more efficient.

Fuel Expenses

Driving back and forth during your move is going to increase how much you’re spending on gas. It is not uncommon to forget about this added cost simply because you don’t realize how much driving you’ll be doing. In some situations, you’ll also have to put gas into any truck you rent as a part of your move, too.

Boarding Pets

Moving days can be very stressful, and for pets, they can be dangerous. It is a challenging way for you to move your pets and your house at the same time. This may mean that it’s best to move your pets into a boarding location for a day or two so you know they are taken care of, getting fed properly, and getting all of the attention they need while you are working.

One way to reduce this cost is to have a friend watch your pets for you. That could alleviate your worries and keep costs down.

Specialized Movers for Big Items

Meet with movers in advance of your move to get a quote for the services they offer. Then, discuss your costs with the movers carefully. If you have anything that’s heavy, like exercise equipment or furniture or items that are delicate, find out if there are extra costs associated with these items.

Hotel Costs

There are times when you may not be able to move into your new home the day you have to move out of your old one. That may mean that you need to stay a night or two in a hotel. You could reduce this cost by staying with a friend if you cannot get into your home.

Change in Commuting Costs

Moving to a new location might alter your commuting routine, potentially leading to unexpected changes in transportation costs. Different distances, routes, or modes of transportation can impact your monthly budget. Researching new commuting options and calculating potential changes in transportation expenses ensures you're financially prepared for your daily travel needs.

Insurance Adjustments

Relocating to a new area can impact your insurance rates. Whether it's home insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance, adjustments may be necessary based on your new location. Researching insurance options and potential changes in premiums prevents surprises in your post-move budget.

Registration and License Fees

Moving to a new state might require updating your driver's license, vehicle registration, or other legal documents. State-specific fees and requirements can catch you off guard if not accounted for in your budget. Researching the necessary updates and associated costs helps you remain compliant and financially prepared.

Community Fees and Memberships

Joining a new community often involves membership fees for clubs, gyms, or homeowner associations. These fees might differ from what you were accustomed to in your previous location. Understanding community costs and evaluating memberships before committing ensures your budget aligns with your lifestyle.

Child Care Costs

Child care costs during a move require careful planning. Options include hiring babysitters or nannies, enrolling children in child care centers, relying on relatives or friends, or exploring backup care solutions. Consider potential changes in school routines and explore child-friendly moving services if available. Prioritize your children's emotional well-being and involve them in the process. Plan ahead, budget for child care expenses, and communicate openly with your children to ensure a smooth and supportive transition.

Buying New Food

While you’ll likely be bringing some of the food from your old house to your new, you’ll still need to do a grocery run to stock up at your new location in most cases. That could make this month’s bill a bit higher.

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