Finding a great storage center is about more than looking for inexpensive options or those with large capacity – it is also about keeping your belongings safe.Finding a great storage center is about more than looking for inexpensive options or those with large capacity – it is also about keeping your belongings safe.Packing Tips

Security Measures to Look for in a Storage Facility

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Finding a great storage center is about more than looking for inexpensive options or those with large capacity – it is also about keeping your belongings safe. In fact, we'd go one step further and say that safety and security are the number one priority for your storage facility.

As a result, it is critical for you to look at these five security aspects before investing in a storage center. Try to find one that has all of these items if possible – if you find none that have all, get as many as you can and prioritize what is most important to you from this extensive list of security and protection options.

Fenced Lots Keep Burglars Out of Your Storage Bin

You've probably seen a large number of storage centers that are quite open without any fencing. We advise staying away from these centers as much as possible. If they can't even be bothered to put up fences, what chances are they offering other security measures? You deserve better than an open lot – and fences provide many benefits that you can't get in lots without them.

For example, a fenced lot is typically topped off by various types of wires that make it impossible to scale the top. This step will keep people out of your storage unit by making it impossible for them to get over the top.

And since these types of storage facilities usually have a guarded gate, it is often impossible to get in through the front without being seen as well.

Secure Gates Stop Prying Eyes and Grabbing Hands

We already mentioned gates above but want to emphasize the importance of them a second time. Secure gates at the entrances of your storage facility will keep thieves out better than many other security measures.

That's because they are often quite tall and hard to climb, locked from the inside, and a visual deterrent – thieves take one look at them and change their mind about breaking into a storage facility.

Even better, gates provide a natural funnel where all traffic in a center must go. As a result, those who go into and leave a storage facility will be tracked and noted more easily. This type of traffic control ensures that the chances of thief invasion are as small as possible by limiting the number of people who have access to these facilities at any time. As a result, your center should be much safer.

Bright Lights Stop Thieves Dead in Their Tracks

Did you know that most thieves are deterred by something as easy as bright lights? It is true – thieves often turn tail when they face lights because they are exposed and easy to spot.

That's why any storage facility worth your time will have bright lights on during the night and throughout the day. These lights keep your bin brightly lit and safe from the hungry hands of storage center thieves.

Are these bright lights available around-the-clock at these centers? In most cases, you're going to have what are known as "motion" lights. These lights will turn on whenever there is a movement within a specific area.

These types of lights are great for catching thieves and deterring thefts because they provide a warning to the thief before they get on the property and let them know that they'll be exposed.

Video Surveillance Catches Potential Thieves Cold

The security steps above are all critical for stopping thieves from invading your unit. However, break-ins may still occur that can be quite frustrating. As a result, it is crucial to look for a facility that has video surveillance options. These video cameras will capture thieves in the process of stealing, get a good look at them when possible, and provide evidence in a lawsuit or criminal case.

Just as importantly, these video cameras serve as a deterrent for many thieves – simply put, most thieves will see video cameras and head elsewhere. And those who do ignore cameras and try to break in are often desperate individuals who are likely to make mistakes that make them easier to catch. In this way, video surveillance should not be ignored when looking for a storage center.

A Property Resident Manager Can Protect Your Goods

Lastly, it would be best to look out for a facility with a resident manager on hand during open hours. These professionals are trained to understand and execute safety measures to keep your belongings safe.

They also are on-site when the facility is open and won't let anybody onto the property if they aren't renting a storage area or are talking to them about potentially renting one in the future.

For some people, these managers may be seen as a negative – you may want 24/7 access to your bins, which you can't get when a manager is not on site. However, we honestly believe that this downside is easily overwhelmed by the positives. Just think about the security benefits of being unable to get on-site without getting checked out by a manager or another professional.

In this scenario, you can relax, knowing that nobody else can get on the facility when it is closed. You can also feel confident knowing that people aren't allowed to wander randomly through the site when it is open.

And since these managers are trained to handle many security situations, you can also rest assured that they will take steps to protect your goods if somebody does get into their facility.

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