How do you know which type of storage solution is right for you? This guide will help you decide if you should rent a storage unit or buy a storage shed.How do you know which type of storage solution is right for you? This guide will help you decide if you should rent a storage unit or buy a storage shed.Storage Tips

Should You Rent a Storage Unit or Buy a Storage Shed

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When you need to store extra belongings such as seasonal equipment, sporting goods, and baby gear, they don’t need to take up space in your house. Homeowners can get away with storing a few items in their garage, but then clutter quickly accumulates if too many seasonal or occasionally-used items are stashed in the same place. It’s far more convenient to put such items in a separate unit like an outdoor shed or storage unit. But how do you know which type of storage solution is right for you? This guide will help you decide whether renting a storage unit or buying a storage shed is the best option for your needs.

Consider your Budget & Timeline

Your budget and timeline are the two biggest factors behind your decision. Does the cost of your storage solution make sense with the results? In other words, are you getting what you're paying for? For instance, do you need storage for only a few months? In that case, buying a storage shed which can average around 2,000 to $3,000 for a 12 by 12-foot unit, doesn't make much sense.

The monthly cost of a standard storage unit monthly ranges between $30 to $180, depending on the size and quality. Climate-controlled units cost a little more, between $50 to $225 a month. However, it’s possible to find deals in which renters can get their first month for a low cost or get discounts for renting multiple units. If you just need storage for a few months, then renting is the way to go. On the other hand, if you need a secure place to store equipment that you need quick access to, such as lawn equipment for tools, then ordering a prefab shed makes more sense for long-term use.

Storing Delicate Belongings

If you have valuable items that need to be stored in an environment with stable temperatures and low humidity? These items should be kept in a place in your home with temperature control or a climate-controlled storage unit. For delicate items, an outdoor storage shed is not going to guarantee their preservation. Also, a typical storage unit that doesn't have climate control isn't ideal.

To protect specialty items like technology, antique furniture, and collector’s stamps, you need to either invest in a temperature-controlled storage unit or find a way to install a mini-split HVAC into your storage unit. Depending on the complexity of the job and its scale, installing a mini-split can cost between $2,000 to over $10,000. This cost doesn't even figure the expense of building a shed on your property.

With this cost consideration, it's more affordable to rent a climate-controlled unit even after storing your items for over a year. This also protects your precious belongings from deterioration and damage from moisture and mold, Which in effect saves you money by not losing that valuable asset.

How Often Do You Need The Items?

If you have items that you don't typically need in your garage but would still like to be somewhat close, then owning a shed can be useful. Occasionally-used items like ladders, step stools, yard equipment, motor oil, and tools can be retrieved easily without needing to travel to a storage unit. This method also declutters your home while keeping your lifestyle convenient. Since the shed is a permanent, long-term solution that you could use for years, it can pay for itself the longer you use it.

On the other hand, if you need to store items that you use once or twice a year, like seasonal decorations or sporting equipment like kayaks, you may find great value in renting a storage unit. Not only will you not need to buy a shed, but you can keep these occasionally-used items out of sight — and out of your garage — until you’re ready to use them. You avoid the large upfront cost of buying a shed too.

Do You Have a Vacation Home?

If you're a snowbird or have several rental properties, you know how difficult it is to have peace of mind about your belongings when you're away. Though putting a lock on a storage shed on your property can give you some security, there's nothing like the added assurance of storing items in a facility that has security, staff, and surveillance near your property. With so many storage units located around the country, you're bound to find a rental that is close to your property.

While you can store some items on a shed on your vacation property, things that are especially valuable like seasonal skiing equipment, vehicles, furniture, and other valuables can and should be put in a rental storage unit where there are professional storage experts to keep watch of who comes and goes from the facility.

Do You Have The Time or Space to Build a Shed?

Sometimes your decision can come down to the matter of logistics. If you can't find the time to make a level area for a shed or if your property just doesn't have the right setup, then renting a storage unit is just a more feasible option. With so many flexible plans, it's easy to find the size and type of storage rental you need that fits your budget and the time frame that you need storage for. When life gets stressful, readily-available units make matters easy and take any guesswork out of finding a place that's safe for your treasured belongings.

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