Have you considered using a portable storage? Its an alternative to self storage. Have you considered using a portable storage? Its an alternative to self storage. Storage Tips

Pros and Cons of Portable Storage Units

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At some point, you’ll likely need storage space. Maybe you need to put some items in a separate space while you’re briefly between homes. Maybe you’ll be putting a move together around town and have to get out of your place and have your stuff nearby before your new one opens up. Maybe you’re having a change in your domestic situation that requires you to find a place quickly for some of your items. Maybe you’ve inherited all sorts of items after a family member or loved one passed away, and you may not have room for everything, so you need to put it aside and go through it.

Often, urgency can make a situation more challenging. You may care less about how you store your goods vs. a need to get your items from Point A to a future Point B.

People may look for a nearby storage facility. They’re everywhere, and ‘the rules’ at these places haven’t changed over the years. So, it’s natural to want to check them out first.

But recently, there’s a third option for a storage solution. How about a portable storage unit?

Companies typically bring a unit right to your current property. You fill them out, alert the provider, and representatives from the company will pick it up and deliver it to wherever you indicate.

There are pros and cons to these portable storage units.

Pros of Portable Storage Units:

  • Delivered to you: The units can come right to where you’re living, such as on a curb, driveway, or designated spot on your property. This is useful for those trying to stay close to home or unable to reach another adequate storage unit in their area.
  • Less driving: If you’re concerned about your environmental impact and don’t want to drive back and forth with your loads or even drive a big truck around the country as part of your move, portable units can do the pickup and delivery.
  • Quicker Moving Process: A portable unit saves you time and energy if you want to get your moving job done as fast as possible. Rather than loading your car or truck with your items, going to the nearest storage facility, unloading them, and then stacking them inside, you can bring a box or two anytime to your portable unit since it’s on site. This can certainly speed things up.

Cons of Portable Storage Units

  • Not HOA friendly: Many HOAs have rules against portable storage units. Some only allow it on the property for a day or two.
  • Lack of Security: They are often staffed around the clock by someone on-site or offering active monitoring. The portable unit in front of your home may come with a strong lock, but that’s as far as it goes. Any additional security or monitoring is up to you. You may even fear your packed unit being broken into since criminals may see it at your home, know what it’s there for, and start plotting ways to break in and take all your items.
  • Not Climate Controlled: Storage facilities often ensure potential customers know about the integrity of their units. Many are designed to ensure your items stay safe and intact in cold and warmer weather, which is handy for items needing to remain in colder or warmer months. A portable unit will lack these protections since it’s designed to be used quickly.
  • One size: One of the advantages of standalone storage units is that you can select different sizes based on the number of items you have. Portable storage units typically have one standard size, so you will pay more for storage than you need.
  • Lack of Access: With portable storage units, you end up scheduling a pickup, but once it’s in their warehouse, you don’t have access to your belongings unless you schedule a drop off that can be costly if you forget anything.
  • Potential Property Damage: Placing a heavy portable storage unit on your property may cause damage to your lawn, driveway, or sidewalk due to its weight or pressure points. This is not a concern with self-storage, as the units are not placed on your property.
  • Long-Term Costs: While portable storage units seem convenient for short-term storage needs, the costs can add up over time, including rental and delivery/pickup fees. Self-storage facilities often offer more predictable and cost-effective long-term pricing.

In summary, portable storage units’ limitations and potential drawbacks, such as limited access, transportation costs, and security concerns, can make traditional self-storage a more appealing option for individuals or businesses seeking secure, accessible, and flexible storage solutions.

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