Avoid using all of those toxic and harmful chemicals to protect your clothes. These natural mothball alternatives to keep bugs away and leave your clothes smelling great!Avoid using all of those toxic and harmful chemicals to protect your clothes. These natural mothball alternatives to keep bugs away and leave your clothes smelling great!Storage Tips

Natural Mothball Alternatives for Storage

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There's a straightforward reason why mothballs are so effective at keeping moths and critters away from stored belongings: their odor is rather unpleasant! Mothballs are traditionally made from naphthalene, a coal tar byproduct, or paradichlorobenzene, its synthetic version. Both ingredients are pesticides that can be toxic to human health if they are inhaled for long periods of time. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that smell much better and are just as effective.

Why Do Moths Eat Clothes

Moths have a notorious reputation for feasting on clothes due to their biological preferences and survival instincts. Adult moths, specifically the clothes moth species, are attracted to natural materials such as wool, silk, fur, and feathers, which provide them with a source of nourishment. Moth larvae, commonly referred to as caterpillars, are the culprits behind fabric damage. They possess specialized enzymes that allow them to break down keratin, a protein present in animal fibers. Clothes offer a convenient and nutrient-rich environment for moth larvae to feed and develop. Additionally, moths are drawn to dark, undisturbed spaces, making closets and storage areas prime locations for their activities. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and maintaining a well-ventilated environment are effective measures to deter moth infestations and protect clothing from these voracious creatures.

Why Should I Use Mothball Alternatives?

Considering mothball alternatives presents a more eco-friendly and effective choice. Mothballs contain toxic chemicals like naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, which release harmful fumes that can be hazardous to human health and the environment. These chemicals are not only potential irritants to our skin and respiratory system but also can contaminate indoor air quality.

Selecting mothball alternatives not only ensures our safety but also demonstrates our commitment to the longevity of our clothing. Natural alternatives such as cedarwood, lavender sachets, or essential oils offer a pleasant fragrance while effectively repelling moths. These alternatives are safe, non-toxic, and provide safeguarding without compromising indoor air quality.

Top Natural Mothball Alternatives

1. Lavender Satchels

While the soothing scent of lavender is wonderful for us, most moths stay away from it. You can purchase lavender sachet bags at a natural health store or make your own with a handful of branches and cloth.

2. Cedar Chips and Blocks

The aromatic aroma of cedar repels many kinds of insects and pests. Cedar chips and blocks are abundant in commercial stores and can be useful for many storage options. Hang a bag of chips next to suit jackets and coats. Place cedar blocks inside storage bins and drawers. Remember to change them periodically to keep the scent fresh.

3. Mint

Did you know that the smell of mint is revolting to bugs, rodents, and raccoons? You can use dried mint to make a sachet, or place cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil around your storage area. Keep in mind that essential oils are potent, so make sure they won't stain any items in the storage area.

4. Cloves, Rosemary and Thyme

You've probably figured out by now that many spices in your kitchen pantry are effective mothball alternatives. These include cloves, rosemary and thyme. Mix these herbs together to create wonderful smelling sachet bags for your closet and storage items. Caution: they may also make you hungry!

5. Airtight Containers

How you store your clothes makes a big difference in keeping moths away. By nature, moths like to hang out in dust and dirt. Wash and dry your belongings before storage to create an unfavorable environment for the moths. When you do store them, place them in airtight containers or proper garment bags to prevent moths from getting into them in the first place.

6. White Camphor Oil

This aromatic plant is also very effective at keeping pests away from storage. While white camphor oil is safer than mothballs, it is considered a medicine and there are some cautions for using it in large amounts. You can ask your health professional if you have concerns or questions before using it.

Other Tips to Protect Clothes from Moths

Regular Cleaning: The Foundation of Moth Prevention

Moths are often drawn to clothes soiled with sweat, stains, or food residue. Regularly launder or dry clean your clothes before storing them. Clean garments not only eliminate potential attractants for moths but also remove any existing eggs or larvae that might be present. Pay special attention to clothes that were worn outdoors or in high-risk areas. Cleaning also helps preserve the quality of your clothes, as dirt and oils can weaken fibers over time. Once cleaned, ensure the clothes are completely dry before storing them to prevent mold growth. Properly folded or hung clothes will maintain their shape and be less susceptible to moth damage.

Proper Storage: Shielding Your Clothes from Moth Infestation

Storing your clothes in the right manner is paramount to protect them from moth damage. Opt for clean, airtight storage solutions like plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags. These containers create a barrier that moths cannot penetrate, preventing them from laying eggs or causing harm to your garments. Make sure the containers are thoroughly cleaned and dried before use to avoid introducing any contaminants that could attract moths. Label the containers to easily locate specific clothing items when needed. Additionally, consider adding cedarwood blocks or lavender sachets within the containers for an added layer of natural moth repellent.

Pleasant Smelling Storage

It's nice to know that there are pest repelling alternatives for your storage belongings that won't repel you! Feel free to give these options a try in your storage unit for a pleasant-smelling experience. Don't have a storage unit? Contact our staff at Storage Zone! We will gladly accommodate your storage needs in any life stage at a wide variety of our company locations.

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