Baby keepsakes are important memories for many parents. Make sure these childhood mementos are preserved and safely stored for years to come.Baby keepsakes are important memories for many parents. Make sure these childhood mementos are preserved and safely stored for years to come.Storage Tips

Baby Keepsake Storage Tips and Advice

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There are so many types of baby keepsake pieces, and each one marks a milestone for parents, children, and families. Making sure that these mementos are preserved and safely stored for years to come is possible when it's done right.

Here some helpful hints to prepare and store your favorite baby keepsakes for the next generation. It all starts with cleaning each item, selecting the proper type of storage container, packaging materials, and the right environment. Self-storage units are ideal for baby keepsakes because they address a significant cause of items deteriorating -- inconsistent temperature changes and exposure to direct light.

Storage Options for Baby Keepsakes

Traditional keepsakes include many firsts from traditional outfits, baby shoes, photo albums, hand print impressions, and a child's gift. As parents hold these items, the memories come back quickly as vivid as if they happened yesterday. When it comes to storing these keepsakes, it's our emotional values that inspire the desire to find the best storage methods.

An uncontrolled environment like attics, basements, garages, closets can be breeding grounds for irreplaceable damages. For some growing families, it's a matter of running out of storage space at home. Here's where self-storage units can make a difference offering just the right amount of space for your needs. The additional benefits include climate control for consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Preparing your Keepsakes

Before you pack everything away, make sure the items are clean and dry. You're looking for soiled or stained areas. You want to pay attention to clothing and fabric items like blankets, hats, and booties since baby pieces are made from cotton cloth, threads, and yarns. If there's any doubt of it being dirty, it doesn't hurt to clean it before putting it into storage.

It's a good idea to double-box baby keepsake for added protection when storing. Double boxing is when smaller sized gift boxes are placed into larger storing boxes. Depending on the number of mementos, you can get larger gift boxes for multiple pieces. First, separate the garments and wrap each piece with acid-free tissue paper to protect the fabric. You can find wrapping tissue at a retail store or online. Next, box the pieces by category. For example, get individual boxes for blankets and clothing.

If you've had the baby shoes bronzed or plated with other metals, a separate gift box works to keep it preserved. Otherwise, you can keep baby shoes in a shadow box. Shadow boxes are picture framed boxes, and you can place the shoes, an ID bracelet, and the baby's photo altogether. Photo albums, cards or letters should also each have a box.

Packing Material for Keepsakes

Using the right packing material is critical for making sure the items are protected once they are put into the final storage container. Choose a box style and size that fits what you are storing to avoid overstuffing or under packing. The accurate use of box space will protect the stored goods from damage.

If you have larger gifts or fragile items, prepare the box by placing some padding on the bottom, sides, and the top for cushion once all the pieces are placed inside. Create padded layers if the items can lay flat. If there are spaces between upright items, fill the spaces in for a snug fit. The padding adds more protection for the stored items. Self-storage facilities have a range of supplies like bubble or foam wrap that work as protectors and space fillers. You want to make sure nothing moves inside of the box. You can get creative and use old towels or blankets as padding. Make sure they are clean to avoid attracting pests.

Baby furniture going into storage needs to be disassembled. Put the hardware and screws in a plastic bag as you disassemble it. You can shrink wrap most furniture pieces or use a dust cover to keep it clean and dust-free. Last but not least, use packing tape to seal the boxes and label each box, so you know what's in it.

Storage Care for Years to Come

You've taken the time to wrap and box these precious pieces. You want to make sure that the boxes are stable and neatly set into place to prevent falling. Organizing the boxes will keep your property in good condition and prevent injuring anyone with access to the unit.

Like most self-storage renters, you're likely to visit the unit periodically. Everyone has their style for arranging a storage unit. Consider stacking the sealed boxes against the outer walls leaving a small aisle to move around. Place mobile items or easy to move boxes in the center. This layout is going to make visits more enjoyable and looking for particular items less frustrating.

Proper storage of baby keepsakes is going to preserve your memories for the future. Organizing the storage space will keep your property in good condition longer. Choosing to rent a secured self- storage unit keeps your property safe and protected with easy access at any time.

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