Artificial Christmas trees make decorating interiors for the holiday season convenient and easy. Store them properly after the holiday so you can enjoy it for years.Artificial Christmas trees make decorating interiors for the holiday season convenient and easy. Store them properly after the holiday so you can enjoy it for years.Seasonal

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Tips

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Artificial Christmas trees make decorating interiors for the holiday season convenient and easy. They are quick to set up and don’t require the typical maintenance of natural trees. They also don’t leave the mess of shed pine needles or require changing water. Since they come in boxes and can be assembled by individual pieces, they are easy compared to taking a whole natural tree home.

This is especially convenient in dense urban populations or small homes where tree delivery and setup can be difficult. But what do you do with your artificial Christmas tree after the holidays are over? How do you store a fake tree so that it keeps your holidays bright for years to come?

How to Store Artificial Trees to prevent damage during storage

  1. Take off the Ornaments
  2. Take the Tree Apart
  3. Compress and Wrap the Branches
  4. Put parts in box/bag to keep mold and pests out

Take Off the Ornaments

Holiday ornaments have become treasured family heirlooms over the years, and they are sometimes costly. Before you take down your tree, take them down and store them in protective boxes. If you skip this step, then your precious ornaments can be damaged when you put the tree in storage.

Different ornaments may require extra care steps, such as taking off bendable hooks or wrapping delicate ones in bubble wrap. After you have taken them off and carefully, put them in their original storage boxes or shoe boxes with cardboard dividers. Then, check all the lights and take out any dead bulbs. If your tree is pre-lit, then, inspect the lights and likewise replace or remove any bulbs that don’t light up.

Take the Tree Apart

Artificial trees typically come in attachable sections, and there will be more sections as they grow in height. This design makes them compact easily into a box that is easy to store and transport. After you remove the ornaments and lights, you should unplug the tree if it’s a pre-lit one. Then, you need to take apart the tree by section according to the instructions on the owner’s manual.

It’s easiest to take apart the sections from the top down. If your tree is tall, you can lay it sideways and begin the process or get to work from the top of a standing ladder. If you have any issues with balancing on a ladder or moving the tree safely, get the help of a second person for this step.

Compress and Wrap the Branches

Now that you have separate tree sections, it’s time to protect the branches. When you set up the tree, you had to fan out the flexible tree branches to mimic the shape of a real tree. But when it’s time to pack the tree, you must return the branches to their original compacted positions. To do this, simply push the branches vertically against the section’s center so that they are positioned snugly against each other. You will know when you are doing it properly when the tree section takes up less space.

Then, to keep out dust and pests, wrap plastic cling wrap around the branches to seal them together. If you don’t want to go through multiple rolls of standard cling wrap, get a large pack of plastic food wrap that’s made for restaurants. These can be found at bulk purchase stores like Costco. Or, you can go to a storage rental unit office and purchase a set of industrial-grade plastic furniture wrap.

Put The Tree in a Storage Bag or Box

When you want to protect any household item, the best place for long-term storage is in the original package. Whenever you buy a significant item like an artificial holiday tree, you should keep the original box. These boxes should be kept in good condition, without holes or tears. If there are ever breaches, pests like mice and insects can enter.

However, you can easily seal the breaches with duct tape and still use the box with confidence. If you don’t have a storage box, you can use multiple waterproof storage bags or standard storage boxes. If you’re on a budget, ask a friend or used boxes or look for some large garment storage bags from the dollar store.

If you prefer to store trees upright, buy a bag made for upright artificial tree storage. This ensures you can keep the lights around the tree and save time for setup year after year. It’s always smart to get a larger bag than a smaller one so that you don’t crush any tree branches.

Moisture and Pest Control

During storage, your artificial tree can become damaged from exposure to humidity and pests. To mitigate these risks, make sure that the bag and box you store the tree in are sealed completely. You should also put a couple of silica desiccant sachets in your tree storage box to keep away moisture that can cause mold and musty odors. If you’re concerned about pests in your storage area, place a few traps for rodents and insect repellents around your valued items. It also helps to store your tree in a climate-controlled storage unit since the temperature and humidity levels will be under control in this environment.

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