Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. That means Uncle Joe, Aunt Irma, and countless other family members, friends, and coworkers will be coming to your home.Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. That means Uncle Joe, Aunt Irma, and countless other family members, friends, and coworkers will be coming to your home.Seasonal

12 Overlooked Things to Clean Before The Holidays

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Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. That means Uncle Joe, Aunt Irma, and countless other family members, friends, and coworkers will be coming to your home. Yikes! Preparing for holiday guests is easier if you start planning now. Use this fun and convenient checklist to clean the areas in the home that often get overlooked by even the best housekeepers.

1. Knobs, Handles, Switches, and Remotes

These places we handle every day are a major turn-off for your guests when they turn on the TV with a sticky remote. Luckily, cleaning them is simple with antibacterial wipes. Spare your guests the suffering so they won't be grossed out the next time they reach for the moose munchies. Wipe a lot and often for best results. Bye-bye, germs!

2. Coat Closet

There's a good reason why we have sayings like "skeletons in the closet." It's because closets are easy places to stuff junk out of sight! But you can't get away with that in front of guests. Now's the time to go through your closets so they'll have a place to hang their coats and hats when you welcome them.

3. Soap Dishes

Toilets, countertops, and sinks are the obvious go-to's when it comes to cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, but that scum in the soap dish you didn't know about can send off the "clean police siren" for someone else. Be sure to wipe down each soap dish before guests arrive, or better yet, opt for more sanitary liquid soap dispensers instead.

4. Shower Curtains

Like soap dishes, shower curtains that build up scum and mildew need serious attention. Remove the stains by wiping them down with a mildew stain remover, running them through a hot washing cycle, or replacing them. Hint: fabric shower curtains are washer friendly, and they look nice too!

5. Air Vents

Have you ever seen a department store ceiling and found a disgusting air vent greeting you with caked dust and mildew? Don't let that happen in your house. Thanks to microfiber, lightweight vacuum cleaners, and magnetized dusters, this cleaning task is much easier than it was before.

6. Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains are like ninjas. You don't notice how dusty they are until you get a face-full opening them. Prevent this embarrassment by taking time to wipe all the vanes down with a damp microfiber cloth or duster. Wash all curtains, too. Don't forget the window sill!

7. Sheets and Pillowcases

If your guests are spending the night, think like a bed and breakfast and ensure all the bed linens are washed clean with extra sets available. Not only will they thank you, but you'll also prevent lice, viruses, bacteria, and other nasties from spreading around the house.

8. Doormats

The cleanliness of your doormat says a lot about you to visitors. Sweep and shake off all dirt and sand from them and around the area to leave a good impression from start to finish. (And prevent tracking on your floor!) If you need a new mat, consider getting the practical kind that is designed to scrape dirt off shoes.

9. Throw Pillows

Don't let neglected throw pillows ruin the hard work you put into cleaning your other linens. To remove the buildup of dust, dirt, and dead skin cells, vacuum them thoroughly with the upholstery attachment while you clean the living areas.

10. Hand Towels

Used hand towels don't seem like a big deal around the house, but they are hideouts for microscopic germs to your guests. Drive them out by frequently washing reusable towels or provide paper towels instead.

11. Coffeemaker

The coffeemaker may be the most popular appliance in the morning, but chances are high that it hardly ever gets cleaned. Or never, and that's sad. Show your coffeemaker some love by running a cycle with half-and-half vinegar water. Turn off the brewing cycle midway and let it sit for one hour, then continue, followed by several more cycles of water until there's no acidic taste.

12. Chimney

You'll likely envision your loved ones roasting chestnuts and snuggled around a crackling fireplace while you clean. But have you thought about cleaning the fireplace and chimney itself? Hire a certified chimney cleaner to get it ready for the colder months. It will be safer to use, and Santa will appreciate it!

Not sure what to do with the extra stuff while you're cleaning? Our versatile units at Storage Rentals of America can help. Whether you're working on clearing out a few guest rooms or getting ready to install new flooring for the holidays, they'll come in handy right when you need it. Get a head start on holiday cleaning and contact us today!

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