Whether you enjoy purses for personal use or are an avid collector, keep your purses looking like new when you properly store them.Whether you enjoy purses for personal use or are an avid collector, keep your purses looking like new when you properly store them.Packing Tips

Complete Guide to Packing Designer Purses for Long Term Storage

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Whether you enjoy purses for personal use or are an avid collector, knowing how to store them extends their life. When you prep them for storage properly, they will maintain their luster and “like new” appearance. These quick tips will show you how to keep your purses protected in long-term storage so that when you retrieve them, they will look exactly as you left them.

Proper Cleaning

Before you store your purse, the most important step is to clean it. Empty the purse of its contents and turn it inside out to get rid of any crumbs. Then, use a lint roller or damp rag to get rid of any dust. There are plenty of hard-to-reach places that can be overlooked, but if you go over this area with a fine-tooth comb, you can get everything looking like the way it used to.

When the interior is clean, turn the bag right side out and clean the exterior with an alcohol-free baby wipe or a damp paper towel. However, if it's made of leather or suede, it should be dusted with a dry paper towel. Then, you should apply some leather conditioner and let it settle for 30 minutes before you move on to the next steps.

If there are stains that you can't get rid of inside or outside the purse, it's best to bring the purse to a cleaning professional. Do not store a purse with a stain because it will only make the stain settle and become more difficult to remove.

Stuff the Purse

Proper bag storage requires that you keep it in good form. Nothing is worse than finding your purse crushed or bent after you get it out of storage. To keep it looking just right, fill it with materials to hold its shape. After your bag is empty and fully clean, stuff it with a non-toxic material like acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap. A small pillow can also work when you’re in a pinch. Any of these methods allow the bag to keep its shape during storage.

Protect the Hardware

All exposed hardware like snaps, zipper pulls, and buckles should be wrapped with a piece of tissue paper to keep them from making marks on your bag during storage. If possible, position the hardware in a way that reduces their chance of making impacts on the purse. The more careful attention you pay to these details, the better your purse will be protected.

Cover It

Dust is one of your purses' worst threats, so keep your bag in a soft dust bag. If you need to store the purse quickly, then a cotton pillowcase of neutral color is also a good choice. Avoid any strong colors like black, blue, or red which can transfer their dye to your purse. Also, make sure that the dust bag is large enough to not tug or pull at the purse. This will cause wrinkles and warping in storage.

Store Them Upright in Protective Boxes

For the best storage possible, the purse should be placed upright in its original box. Storing them upside down or sideways can distort their shape over time. Using an original box should come naturally for collectors who keep them for selling purposes. However, if you are a casual purse owner who simply wants to keep their belongings pristine in storage, then find a similar size box or container. It's also important to place any tissue paper or packing paper in the box to prevent the purse from moving around.

Don’t Crush Your Purse's Box

After you place the purse in a protective box, be sure to not put heavy things on top of it. Over time, heavy items can crush the purse, especially if purse's box is delicate. If anything, purse boxes should be placed on a high shelf away from your other belongings or directly on top of a stack of heavier items.

Protect The Straps

To protect the purse’s straps, you must make sure that there is no strain on them. This means that you should not hang your purse in storage. The strap should also be covered with a protective cloth or wrapped with tissue paper so that no dust or sunlight can affect it. If the straps are of the same material as rust the purse, such as leather, apply the same cleaning methods that you would do for the rest of the purse before covering it.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

If your purses need to go into a storage unit, choose a climate-controlled unit. Extreme hot and cold temperatures are highly damaging to common purse materials like leather or glue. No matter how carefully your purses are packed, storing them in a place without climate control can allow humidity and mold to develop.Air-conditioned units keep moisture away in the summer while heated units can prevent below-freezing temperatures from damaging delicate materials like leather in the winter.

When you place your boxed purses in storage, take care to not put them directly on the floor. These boxes belong up high where they won’t be exposed to any potential water damage. If this isn't possible, then put these boxes on a pallet to keep them a few inches above the ground.

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