Moving is never an easy process, particularly if you have fragile items like a mirror. Learn how to properly pack a mirror for storage.Moving is never an easy process, particularly if you have fragile items like a mirror. Learn how to properly pack a mirror for storage.Packing Tips

How to Pack Mirrors for Moving

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Moving is never an easy process, particularly if you have a large volume of heavy or fragile goods to ship. For example, you are staring at your collection of mirrors and have no idea how to get them ready to ship. Thankfully, the following tips should make this process go much more smoothly. Make sure to follow each step verbatim to ensure that you get the best results.

  1. Gathering the Necessary Tools
  2. Preparing the Mirror for Storage
  3. Preparing the Box
  4. Adding a Taped X Across the Mirror
  5. Properly Loading a Mirror into a Moving Truck
  6. Precautions with a Heavy Mirror

Step One - Gathering the Necessary Tools

When you're moving mirrors, take extra steps to make sure that they are safe. These steps include making sure that you buy the best tools and gear for moving. The items that you'll need vary depending on the type of mirror that you are moving. Typically, you're going to want the following items, minimum, to ensure that you can move your mirror properly:

  • A large box per mirror that can safely hold the item that you want to move
  • Tape to not only seal the box but to help keep the mirror protected from damage
  • Bubble wrap to protect the mirror during the move
  • Packing paper that helps to add extra levels of protection for your mirror

There are many different places that you can purchase these goods. You may be able to find boxes at a moving center or in many post offices. The size of the box may dictate where you buy one because some shops may have limited options. Likewise, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape are usually easy to find. But make sure that you buy painter's tape to avoid leaving behind a sticky residue on your mirror and any other items inside the box.

Step Two - Preparing the Mirror

This step is probably the most important for moving your mirror. You can't just shove your mirror in a box and call it a day. Instead, it would help if you made sure that you properly prepare the box and the mirror. For example, you can purchase a specially padded box designed for mirrors. These help to absorb much of the impact during the move and make sure nothing terrible happens.

Step Three - Adding a Taped X Across the Mirror

However, you should still cover your mirror in the bubble wrap even with this type of box padding. Bubble wrap helps to produce an even stronger level of protection for the mirror. Before you tape down the bubble wrap, though, tape a large X across the surface of the mirror. Make this X by taking one strip of painter's tape to each opposite corner. This X helps to absorb and evenly spread impact vibrations to avoid cracks in your mirror. Be careful with this method in humid weather. The sticky residue can come off the tape and create a sticky residue that will be difficult to remove.

After taping the X, cover your mirror in bubble wrap and tape it down securely. It would help if you taped it down to ensure that it doesn't move or slide off of the mirror during the move. At this point, your mirror is pretty ready to go, but your box needs to be adequately prepared. This step requires a separate level of preparation and is one best examined in more depth below.

Step Four - Prepare the Box

Before you place your wrapped mirror in the box, you need to make sure the box is safe. Even if you bought a padded box, you should make sure to add some extra layers of cushioning to keep it secure. Here's where your packing paper comes in hand. Line the edges of your box with these papers on the bottom, the sides, and the top. Make sure to pay special attention to where the paper is located and avoid bunching it up too much to avoid any issues.

Now, carefully slide the mirror into the box using help, if necessary. Remember - each box should only have one mirror. Trying to add any more than that is likely to cause impact damage. Position the mirror in the box so that it is evenly spaced and so that it rests comfortably inside. Look for any areas that may be open inside the box and stuff packing paper here. The idea is to make the mirror stable inside of the box and incapable of moving during shipping.

Close the box, tape it closed - if necessary - and then write "Fragile," "Do Not Lay Flat," and "Avoid Placing Heavy Objects" on the box. These warnings let you and any movers know that there is a fragile item inside of the box that needs to be carefully handled. You may even want to write "Mirror" on the box to make sure that you know what it is inside later. Now, your mirror is ready to move.

Step Five - Properly Loading a Mirror into a Moving Truck

When placing your mirror in a moving truck, try to keep the mirror either on top of items or positioned in a way that minimizes impact damage. You may want to place it near the back of the truck to avoid damage. Or you may want to hire a separate vehicle to move your mirrors. This step may seem excessive but can be a good way of ensuring that you don't experience any unwanted damage.

Step Six - Precautions with a Heavy Mirror

And what about mirrors that are too large or heavy to place in a box? At this point, you may need to contact a moving professional to find a large wooden crate. These moving crates are designed to handle reasonably substantial loads. They also provide a stronger level of protection than a box and ensure that your large and probably expensive mirror doesn't get damaged. You may need to hire a specialized hauler to ensure things go smoothly.

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