Authentic beer steins from Germany are an excellent investment for those who enjoy beer or German culture. Learn how to pack them for long term storage or for your next move.Authentic beer steins from Germany are an excellent investment for those who enjoy beer or German culture. Learn how to pack them for long term storage or for your next move.Packing Tips

How to Pack Beer Steins for Long Term Storage

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Authentic beer steins from Germany are an excellent investment for those who enjoy beer or German culture. However, it is critical to understand how to store and move these items if you plan on moving to another home soon or if you need to keep your steins long-term outside of your house. These steps will help make sure that your steins are safe.

How to Find Out If Your Beer Stein is Authentic

Everybody who buys and collects beer steins believes that they are authentic – however, this isn't always the case. Some people get tricked by con artists who sell them non-authentic steins that don't possess the same kind of value of authentic models. We're talking a difference of $100 or more in price – which can dictate how much you need to protect your steins. The following steps should authenticate your steins quite easily.

  • Look at the bottom of the stein for a "Made in Germany" or "Gemacht in Deutschland" label
  • Check the lid to make sure that it uses the same material as the rest of the stein and that it possesses a thumb lift
  • Feel the weight of the lid versus that of the rest of the stein – should be lighter due to oxidation
  • Examine the artwork to see if it includes elements of German history and culture, such as battle names
  • Make sure the stein has hand-painted artwork for an authentic look and feel
  • Measure the height and width – the height should be at least double the width in an authentic stein

If your stein is authentic according to these steps, you need to make sure you pack them properly. Thankfully, there isn't any significant difference between packing steins versus ordinary glassware. You just need a bit more padding, really.

Finding and Preparing Your Storage Box

When you're packing up your authentic beer steins, it is a good idea to talk to a wine or beer company to see if they have any leftover boxes that they will sell or give you. These boxes are often broken down into separate sections that make it easier to properly pack up your steins. You may need to adjust these interior sections to ensure that there is enough room for each stein.

Before laying the steins down, remove these cardboard sections and place packing paper or newspaper along the box's bottom. You may want to add a few more layers than standard – even bubble wrap – to protect your beer steins. Once you've added about an inch or so of padding along the bottom of the box, you can place your beer steins in each section of the box for storage.

Don't Remove the Stein’s Lid

Do not make the mistake of removing the lid from your stein before storage. Taking the lid off can destroy your stein's value and even cause damage that makes it worth less money. Instead, you can place your stein bottom-side down or open up the lid and place it top-side down. We suggest putting the bottom down first because this gives you more packing room for your steins.

Preparing Each Beer Stein

Next, wipe down the interior of your steins and carefully insert packaging paper or cotton to protect them while you move. This step helps keep mold and other items from getting inside the steins if stored for an extended period. You may also need baking soda if you want to keep your stein as safe as possible from this problem. Add a small amount to the bottom of each stein in a plastic bag.

Place each stein in the box and adjust the cardboard segments to fit comfortably along the sides of each stein. Once you feel comfortable with this fit, remove the cardboard segments, and carefully wrap each of your steins in bubble wrap or packaging paper. You need to do this wrapping on a flat surface and cover both the stein's exterior and interior. The lid must be covered separately.

Now, place one wrapped stein in its cardboard section and place wrapping paper or bubble wrap around it to keep it safe. Packaging paper is probably your best bet because it is less likely to scratch the stein surface. However, bubble wrap is also a good choice if you want maximum protection. Once you finish with a stein, move onto another and wrap each and store them until you are done.

At this point, you need to add some padding at the top to keep your box safe from damage. We suggest either extra packing paper or bubble wrap – you may also want to slide a cardboard top over your steins to keep them stable and strong during the move. Make sure to check the box by moving it gently back and forth – if you hear any shifting steins, open up the box and pack the paper tighter. Seal the box once none of the steins shift position.

Moving the Box Carefully

Use a "Fragile" sticker on top of the box to keep it safe during moving. You should also make sure to have one or more people help you with the package if it feels too heavy – beer steins gathered together may be quite heavy. Try to store only a handful of steins in each box to avoid this trouble.

Or buy a more heavy-duty plastic box from a moving store to ensure that it is as strong as possible. And don't place any boxes on top of your steins, or you'll damage them – put the box in a secure area on top of other items during moving or long-term storage.

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