As an event planner, you likely have items that must be stored between each event. You can safely store your materials by renting a storage.As an event planner, you likely have items that must be stored between each event. You can safely store your materials by renting a storage.Organization

Must Read Storage Tips for Event Planners

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As an event planner, you likely have much unique gear and other items that must be stored between each event. Unfortunately, all these items may clutter your home or workspace and cause difficulties with your operation. Thankfully, you can safely store your work materials by renting a storage facility and keeping your work zone safe. Here are a few tips that will make this process easier and provide you with the experience to keep your work zone safe.

Tip One: Clean Up Your Home Space With a Storage Unit

As an event planner, you might try to store many of your items in your home. After all, you'll have to access these goods quickly when heading out to a new event. However, storing in this way is often a mistake because you might clutter your house, create a high-stress level, and even struggle to find your event items. Instead, try renting one or more storage units to avoid this serious problem.

For example, you can store all your event items away from your home to keep it clutter-free. You can identify a storage facility near you that you can easily access when traveling to a gig. These storage facilities provide many unique benefits, including gated security, high-quality doors, camera-based protection, etc. In this way, your goods can stay safe and out of your way.

Tip Two: Get a Drive-Up Unit

Have you ever heard of a drive-up storage unit? These units have become very popular in recent years because they help you drive directly up to your storage unit for loading and unloading. So, for instance, you could drive your event-planning minivan directly up to the unit, open your back door, and load everything you need in one go, minimizing your need for repeated travels.

This benefit helps when loading and unloading bulky items for your events, such as tables and chairs. Rather than carrying them dozens of yards and getting exhausted, you and your partners can quickly load them into your truck or van and get hauling. That benefit speeds up your work process and minimizes exhaustion, which is a common event planner concern.

Tip Three: Find Climate-Controlled Storage Units

As an event planner, you likely have plenty of tax documents, essential planning files, and other paperwork that you need to be stored. Consider a climate-controlled storage unit if you're sick of it getting in your way at home but want to keep it secure. These storage centers are a great option because they help keep your files and documents safe from temperature and moisture changes.

For example, many climate-controlled units have moisture control options, including humidifiers and dehumidifiers, to keep your moisture at a safe level. They can also balance the temperature in these units, keeping your paper from getting damaged. Many units also have insulation that helps to keep them cool or warm, depending on the season, to minimize paperwork issues.

Tip Four: Consider Event-Specific Storage Units

Do you plan multiple event types and worry that you might create a chaotic storage situation with a unit? Consider renting various, smaller units in which you can store specific gear. For example, you can store wedding-related equipment in one smaller unit. You can then place your items for other events, such as birthday parties or anniversaries, in different bins to keep their items adequately sorted.

There should be plenty of different storage unit sizes from which you can choose here. A 5x5 is often good enough for most smaller storage needs and should comfortably fit into most people's budgets. However, you may also want larger bins to store more general items. For example, storing your tables and chairs in one large storage container can keep your goods from getting cluttered in other compartments.

Tip Five: Inventory Each Bin's Items

When storing items in your bins, make sure that you create an inventory list of each of the items in your containers. This list should include details like the product's name, price, the number of items stored, and a general description. This information should help you when planning events by making it easier to identify what items you can get from each bin before your event.

You may also want to take pictures of each item you store in your bins before shutting them up. These photos can help provide ownership proof for insurance companies and make it easier to identify where each item was in your containers. Some centers also include inventory lists that you can use when tracking your goods, making this process smoother and easier to execute.

Tip Six: Consider Specialized Storage Bins

Lastly, consider various specialized storage bins to help keep your items safe. For example, you may put in various plastic bins with sealed lids that keep your items from getting attacked by pests or other creatures. You may also put in unique clothes storage racks, including sealed areas where you can hang various clothes and other items. Pay attention to each bin's needs, including basing your storage on each event you hold.

Make sure that you sort through all of your gear in each bin and choose a storage option that makes sense for it. You may have to invest in a few different systems here. Doing so should not only give you great results but minimize confusion. It may also provide the highest-quality experience that you can get for storing your event-planning materials. It can save you money on replacement costs by helping your goods last much longer than normal.

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