Making improvements to your home is an exciting yet messy time. Get your space and sanity back when you follow our guide to relaxing during a home renovation.Making improvements to your home is an exciting yet messy time. Get your space and sanity back when you follow our guide to relaxing during a home renovation.Home

How to Relieve Stress During a Home Renovation

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Making improvements to your home is an exciting time. With all the plans in place, homeowners are expectant of fantastic results that would improve both the look and efficiency of their home. However, mixed with these feelings of excitement are the stresses involved in the process. Not only is there a lot of decision-making, but there will be inconveniences and unexpected events during even the best of renovations.

Every home improvement project is packed with emotions and requires patience to navigate. But with the right stress-relieving measures, you can breeze through this season with far less stress. Here's how to get the most relaxation during a home renovation so that you enjoy the adventure.

Get A Clear Timeline and Contract

A lot of reno stress comes from not knowing what to expect. Good contractors and designers will give you a solid plan and timeline for the project. When you know what will happen on what day, this will greatly alleviate any kind of anxiety you may have about the process. A professional contractor will give you a thorough rundown about what to expect and what progress was made each day, as well as the next day’s plans. Depending on where your Renovations taking place, some processes might be dependent on the weather, such as roofs, gutters, windows, or garage additions. Basically, if your contractor doesn't have a plan or won't make a contract, find a new one stat.

Interior projects like creating a wet bar or finishing a basement are not dependent on whether it rains or shines, so these projects will have a more stable timeline. Before the project even begins, make sure that your timeline is written out and signed on a contract so that you have a definite promise about what is to happen. There's nothing worse than having a project start and then become interrupted for an unexpected time. With daily accountability and a signed agreement on paper, you can avoid any surprises and have your project done as soon as possible.

Make it An Excuse for a Mini-Vacay

If your renovation project is going to make your house a noisy construction zone for days, then it's easy to get sensory overload from the constant nailing, sawing, and banging. But without this noise, it would be difficult for contractors to get the work done properly. If you know that you're the type of person who cannot be around noise for an extended time, then make an escape plan in advance.

Making reno time a mini-vacation can make this time as fun as it can be. Turn a week-long kitchen remodel into a hotel getaway or a trip to a relative’s house. You can still stay on top of the progress by staying somewhere nearby and having one person in your family hop by the project periodically. Knowing how the project is going will surely help the process go by more smoothly.

If you must work from home during this time, the plan on finding a temporary office share or a place at a friend's house where you can work while the contractors are at your home. This will allow you to get away during the day and come back home when the busiest part of the construction is over.

Pro Tip: Can't get away? Then give yourself some peace with some industrial-grade noise-canceling headphones or a set of earplugs. By minimizing the noise, you can still stay at home in relative comfort.

Be Involved with The Plan

Another way to get rid of stress is to make the process of renovating as fun as possible. The key is to get excited about the project. This doesn't mean that you should hover over your contractors and micromanage their tasks, but instead, take joy in planning key elements and watching the progress from afar.

Talk to your interior designers to discuss paint colors and materials for your floors and countertops. Go online and select interior decor and hardware like vanities, bathtubs, fixtures, and other items that your contractors can install with their expertise. Making a vision come to life after the planning phase can be thrilling to watch, especially as the details that you dreamed of becoming real.

Take It Easy & Get Help

When your house is turned upside down for even a short time, it can be stressful to carry on as normal. During this time, you should take it easy in all ways possible. Outsource tasks like laundry, cleaning, making meals, and childcare to professionals who are willing to help. If you have a young child that might get into things while the project is in motion, invest in a babysitter or a preschool where they could go for some days.

If possible, have a project scheduled during the week when older kids are in school so that there are fewer distractions and chances for mishaps. Order pizza or go out to your favorite restaurant. Enjoy the break from being a daily chef. After the project is over and you feel overwhelmed by any residual dust or debris, order professional cleaning to spruce up the home once more.

Make the Journey Meaningful

Renovating can be an emotional process that symbolizes big changes in your life, such as preparation for a new baby, welcoming a foster child, or having an elderly loved one move in. Document these landmark experiences in ways that are meaningful to you such as a blog, journal, or share progress photos on social media. For instance, a kitchen renovation can mark a new beginning, especially if your contractors are removing old-fashioned partitions and creating an open-concept floor plan.

Making your home more spacious, functional, and beautiful is a satisfying experience. By finding meaning in these changes, you will feel less stress about the process. Your renovation journey can become treasured memories for years to come.

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