Life changes when you are deployed and the last think you want to do is worry about your stuff while you're away. Protect your belongings beforehand and get peace of mind for later.Life changes when you are deployed and the last think you want to do is worry about your stuff while you're away. Protect your belongings beforehand and get peace of mind for later.Moving Tips

What Happens to My Stuff When I Go on Deployment

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You are getting deployed somewhere far from your home, and you're both excited and worried. Excitement is natural because you will be helping to protect your country and making a real difference. However, worry is also genuine because you will be leaving behind everything that you own.

That is why it is a good idea to seriously consider the benefits of renting a storage facility for your items while you are deployed. These facilities can provide you with a high protection level that ensures your belongings are not stolen or damaged. Here is what you need to know about this topic.

The Difficulties of Managing Your Belongings When Deployed

Deployment will take you out of your comfort area and place you somewhere completely new. Even if you are not going overseas to fight, being deployed will take you out of your home and put you somewhere new. Fellow military people will surround you, all working together to stay safe and achieve meaningful goals. But that initial change can be a very challenging one for many.

For instance, you may find yourself having to move out of your home or your parents' home, leaving behind everything you own. While you can bring a few things with you on your deployment, a vast majority of what you own must be left behind. When you live with your parents, and they are okay with it, you can always leave your belongings right there to come back to them later.

But if you own or rent a home and live by yourself or with a partner, your stuff will stay there if you do not take proper preparation steps. Some deployed military personnel rent out their home or sub-lease it to other people whom they can trust. These individuals can watch your belongings for you. However, you will still have to make sure that rent is paid, and any mortgage is covered.

And you will have to trust those individuals not to do anything to your belongings while you are gone. Most people can be trusted in this way, but what happens when you come home, and your house is damaged, and your belongings are stolen or missing? You will be in a challenging situation that may require a lot of help from legal authorities and others to ensure you get proper compensation.

Thankfully, you can avoid this problem by renting a storage facility and placing your belongings here instead. A storage facility will cost a fraction of what house rent or mortgages would require. And it cuts out on the danger of damage by placing your goods in a secure center protected by many factors and safety measures. Here is what you need to know about choosing a storage facility in this way.

How to Choose a Storage Facility

If you are interested in using a storage facility to keep your belongings safe while deployed, it is vital to understand a few different elements to seek out. These factors will help to keep your stuff safe while you are gone and cut back on the potential of theft or severe damage.

Just as importantly, you need to consider factors such as your bin's size, the overall layout that it utilizes, and its location. Try to find a center that suits your financial needs, which should be more than easy to do even on a lower private salary while deployed in any area.

Pay Attention to Security

Your storage facility should have robust security features that make it much safer for your belongings. For example, it is essential to have cameras positioned throughout the facility to track your bin with minimal difficulty. You can even have cameras installed inside your bin for easier tracking. This option lets you spot any potential problems that may develop.

You may also want to find a storage center that includes elements like fences, security lighting, and guards throughout a facility. These extra steps are critical because they give your belongings the extras safety needed to keep them away from the prying hands of those who would steal from you. This option is essential if you have expensive items in your vehicle.

Do not Neglect Bill Paying Methods

While you are deployed overseas, you are still going to have to pay for your storage bin. If you don't make your payments, you could find your belongings up for bid on “Storage Wars” or other similar shows. Avoid this problem by signing up for online bill payment with your storage facility.

This option allows you to keep track of your payments and avoid getting late. You can change your payment method or set up an automatic withdrawal from your military checking account. Doing so will ensure that you are never behind and make it easier for you to stay in touch with your facility. Most should have either online chat sessions or email addresses that are easy to access.

Pay Extra for Climate Control

Though it always costs a little more to get climate control for your storage facility, this option is a great choice when you are deployed for a long time. Controlling the humidity makes sure that you don't end up getting moldy clothes, paper, or other items, ensuring that they don't experience any damage.

You may also want temperature control to manage items like your electronics and other more sensitive elements within your storage bin. Many facilities even include a remote control that you can sync up to a phone or an electronic item, which may be possible for you while you are overseas.

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