Moving from New York to New Jersey cause be a challenge but it doesn't have to be. We provide tips to make the transistion easier.Moving from New York to New Jersey cause be a challenge but it doesn't have to be. We provide tips to make the transistion easier.Moving Tips

Moving from Manhattan to Belleville, NJ

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Moving from the big city to a less populated area means you must adapt to a new pace of life and local culture. There's usually more space in a suburban home and more land on your property. This also means that there is a high chance that you need to make special preparations for commuting to your job.

If you're moving from Manhattan to the township of Belleville, NJ, which functions as a commuter town and suburb of New York City, then you will need to be prepared to make adjustments to live comfortably in your new suburban home. To help you make the move smoothly, here is a shortlist of factors new residents need to consider when leaving a fast-paced lifestyle for a suburban area like Belleville, NJ.

Be Prepared to Invest in Furniture and Yard Care Supplies.

Since housing prices are lower in Belleville compared to Manhattan, the chances are high that you're upsizing your living quarters. Since you can get more bang for your buck, you have choices among single-family homes, duplexes, and apartments that have more space than the typical apartment in Manhattan. In short, you exchange a longer commute for a bigger house and lower cost of living.

The median home cost in Belleville is $291,500, which is significantly lower than Manhattan's average of $1,202,300. It's not difficult to see why individuals who want more space or a place to start a family opt to move to a suburban area. New Belleville residents must often adapt to an entirely new way of life that involves yard upkeep and home maintenance (if they no longer rent but own property).

Depending on the nature of your new home, you may need to buy more furniture to fill up space you didn't have before in Manhattan. You may also need to invest in lawn maintenance services or buy some yard care equipment for your property.

Larger Homes Are More Work -- But Have Advantages Too.

This new lifestyle of owning or renting a larger property means that you will spend more time taking care of your home when you're not at work. Larger homes take more time to clean, and yards require weeding, grass cutting, fertilization.

Having a larger home also enables you to delve into new hobbies like gardening that are difficult to do in a small apartment. You can also dedicate an extra room for crafting, musical instruments, and other activities that are best enjoyed when you have space for them.

This new living arrangement has another bonus: it's easier to keep active pets like dogs happy. Enjoy refreshing walks outside and let your dog roam freely in a spacious fenced yard!

You'll Need a Car at Home

When you live in a big city like Manhattan, cars are hardly necessary and can often be a hindrance with the limited street parking. The many subway lines and taxis available make it easy to get to your destination without wheels of your own.

However, in Belleville, you need a personal vehicle to get to basic amenities on your time off. For example, grocery stores, markets, gas stations, and restaurants are all accessible by car but difficult to reach by foot. For your safety, it's best to invest in a vehicle.

Though it's possible to get around by taxi, they are not as plentiful as in Manhattan, so you may need to personally request one and wait for long periods to access your ride. This can become an inconvenience and cost you a lot of money in the long run.

If You Work in Manhattan, Be Committed to Commute

If you decide to live in Belleville but work in Manhattan, you must either commute with your vehicle or through a combination of bus and train routes. Though Belleville is just 9 miles away from Manhattan, traffic and commuter demand makes the car-free commute around 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The most direct car-free commute is a combination of a short bus ride that connects to the Morris and Essex Line, which leads into Manhattan. Though this may seem long, the Belleville-Manhattan commute is not that long compared to other suburb-to-city treks, which can be 2-3 hours each way.

It also involves a straight shot, low-stress train line directly to Manhattan. In fact, taking this route instead of a vehicle is recommended because finding parking in the city can take up more time.

Locate All your Amenities & Secure Services in Advance

While there are many options for services in Manhattan, you will need to do your homework on locating services to meet your needs in Belleville. Be sure to look up local dentists, clinics, daycares, and other services and get on their client lists in advance.

If you need childcare, this is especially important because sometimes there can be waiting lists. Preschools, private schools, gyms, and other institutions can also have limited capacity, so it's important to seek out these services and speak with their managers to find out how you can get plugged in. This also applies to places of worship, local meetup clubs, and fitness classes that require some research and time to find the right fit.

Overall, don't wait until moving day to find a daycare or salon, but scout out places a few months in advance to secure appointment spots and to enroll children in care. It's also a good idea to look up housekeeping and babysitting services if you desire to have some local help right away. This ensures that you have a network of local support available from moving day and onward.

Making the move from the big city to a small town like Belleville, NJ requires careful planning and lifestyle adjustments. However, this transition can be smoother when you take the time to prepare for your new life in the suburbs. Enjoy the adventure of moving and this new chapter of your life!

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