Moving to a new home is a time-consuming task that can drive anyone crazy. Make sure you're ready and don't make these 5 moving mistakes.Moving to a new home is a time-consuming task that can drive anyone crazy. Make sure you're ready and don't make these 5 moving mistakes.Moving Tips

Avoid These 5 Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving to a new home is a time-consuming task that often requires a group effort. It isn't just labor-intensive either, but it's also expensive and can be an emotional experience. Even a standard moving experience can involve stress and instability due to the transitions taking place.

So, if you make an oversight during this time, your levels of stress can increase dramatically. Thankfully, you can avoid the most common errors by being just a little proactive. Here is how to avoid these 5 common moving mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Doing Enough Research

When movers do not investigate the moving company they hire, they can end up with some real bad stories by the end of their saga. Reviews from authentic customers from moving companies are widely available online on websites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other forms of social media. Before you commit to a moving company, check out what people have to say about them.

If you find just a few isolated events of unhappy customers, this may not be a total deal-breaker. This is especially true if the moving company replies with a professional solution to their grievances. However, if you see a moving company with half or more than half of their reviews being negative without much follow-up from the company, then the chances are high that you may have the same experience if you choose them.

By researching which companies make people happy and which companies have made people angry, you can avoid some serious disappointments. This stuff is vital to ensure that you have chosen a good company that stands up to its promises.

Mistake #2: Not Comparing Enough Quotes

While it is one thing to find a company that has good performance ratings, it's another thing entirely to find a company that delivers in both quality and value. If you settle for the first quote that you are given, then you may not have the best deal out there. A good practice is to compare at least 3-5 quotes from companies that you feel comfortable with. In this way, you can compare prices from competitors to see what your money can get you.

For instance, when you give separate companies the same mileage, amount of goods to pack, and the same size truck required, they will give you different numbers. As a consumer, it is your right to pick the best deal that offers the same product package.

Also, if you have a company that you want to work with, but they are offering you a quote higher than another company, feel free to talk about the competitor's lower price — this may compel the company to lower their price to match it. This is simply smart shopping that will help you make the trip more affordable.

Mistake #3: Not Labeling Moving Boxes

If you found a reputable moving company at an excellent price, then you have prevented a majority of the potential issues that you could come across. However, the next steps are up to you to make sure that your arrival at your new home is an easy process. It is tempting to just toss your items into any boxes to speed up the packing process. Admittedly, this method will help you clear out your former home more quickly. But in exchange, you get massive confusion (and damaged items) when you arrive at your new home.

Unlabeled boxes are your worst enemy when it comes to moving into a new place. When all you want to do is find your silverware in cups, you end up encountering frustration when you open boxes that do not contain what you are looking for.

Simply labeling your boxes at your old home with his contents can prevent massive headaches later. When you are at your most tired state at the end of the move, being able to find your hairdryer in a labeled box is a dream come true.

Mistake #4: Not Protecting Delicate Items

If you have delicate collectibles, items that you absolutely do not want to lose, or anything else that would be at risk during a normal Transit, you should take the time to protect them. If you do not, then you may risk losing precious items or finding them damaged/missing at your destination. Even the most careful mover cannot anticipate some incidents such as boxes full of loose ceramics art glass.

It is your responsibility to pack these items carefully with packing paper or bubble wrap so that they do not move around. Also, if you have something irreplaceable such as vital documents, birth certificates, car titles, and more, take them with you in your personal vehicle. This will ensure that they don't get lost.

Mistake #5: Not Forwarding Mail and Dealing with Local Utilities

Not doing the clerical work about your address and utility services will end up being a major inconvenience. To make sure you do not get overwhelmed, start this process 1 to 2 weeks before your move.

Tell your post office about your new change of location and contact your local utility companies and local services to tell them about when the service will end. This will allow them to stop charging you for utilities at a certain date and forward the final bill to your new destination.

This will also prevent companies from continuing to charge you for services you are not using at your old home. It can be daunting to find out how many people you could tell about your address, but if you start this process in advance, it will be over before you know it.

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