Don't wait until the last minute to submit a pile of paperwork, online forms, and make phone calls. Make sure your transition is smooth with these tips.Don't wait until the last minute to submit a pile of paperwork, online forms, and make phone calls. Make sure your transition is smooth with these tips.Moving Tips

9 Things You Don't Want to Forget to Update During Your Move

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Moving to a new location means that you don't just perform the physical labor of boxing up items, but you have plenty of clerical work on your plate too. Your mailing address will change, which means that you need to update your information and set up multiple key services at your new home.

You should make these updates proactively so that the transition is smooth. If you don't have these changes in place, it will be difficult to settle into your new home. Don't wait until the last minute to submit a pile of paperwork, online forms, and make phone calls. Instead, take some time before you move to make these changes regarding your physical address.

9 Things to Update Before You Move

  1. Set the Date for Shutting off or Transferring Current Utilities
  2. Change Your Address at the Post Office
  3. Update Your Driver's License
  4. Update Your Address for Key Services
  5. Inform Your Tax Agencies
  6. Set Up New Utilities
  7. Phone, Cable, & Internet Services
  8. Social Security Administration
  9. Home or Renter's Insurance

Set the Date for Shutting off or Transferring Current Utilities

Don't get caught paying for utilities that you aren't using after your move. Instead, set a cut off date for your electric, water, and internet or arrange with your future buyer to have them take over these services in their name.

The latter makes a smoother transition for all, so it's in everyone's best interests that this method is pursued. Once the old utilities are out of your name, you are free to start new set up dates with utilities in your new home.

Change Your Address at the Post Office

If you want to get all your old mail from senders who still use your old address, you must make this change. As soon as your move is confirmed, notify the post office of your new address and get any mail forwarded to your old home forwarded to your new one.

Make this address update easily online and set a specific start date for maximum convenience. To make sure the changes have taken effect, do this at least a week before you move. If you miss the timing, you may not get all the mail that comes to your old address.

Update Your Driver's License

Every state has a specific grace period for changing the address on your driver's license, but the consensus is that this information must be updated as soon as possible. Most of this can be changed online.

It may also require verification of the physical address with additional mailings from your utilities or bank, so call your state's department to find out what is required to make this official change. This change also updates your vehicle registration address.

Update Your Address for Key Services

You also need to update your mailing address for a variety of services you depend on. Be sure to update this information for all your credit cards, bank, investment services, subscription boxes, Amazon account, and any other service that requires the most up-to-date information for billing and identity reasons.

This is also important for voter registration so you can be informed of your new poll location. Many online payment options like PayPal require additional documentation for solid verification, so some of these must be updated gradually as the documentation becomes available.

Inform Your Tax Agencies

As soon as you move, you should notify the IRS and your state tax agency about your change of address. Go online to the IRS's website and fill out a simple online form to make this change. Having your information update will keep all your tax submission and refunds running smoothly. Each state has its specific agency for taxes and most have online or mail-in resources for you to make these changes promptly.

Set Up New Utilities

As soon as you know your new address and when you'll be moving, contact the electric, gas, sewer, garbage, recycling, and water companies in your new home's area and set up start dates

It may also be possible to take over the seller or former renter's account with a little bit of cooperation from both parties. For the most accurate billing, arrange for the shut-off or transfer of responsibility at your former place at the end of moving day and for the new services to start either the evening before you move in.

Phone, Cable, & Internet Services

The internet is a modern-day staple that keeps the world moving. If your internet isn't set up or scheduled to be set up immediately after your move, you can find yourself in rough waters if you need to work from home or try to enjoy any streaming services.

Contact your local phone, cable, and internet providers, and tell them about your new address. Some companies may not be able to serve your new area. Your internet may also require in-person set up to put in new routers and cables for the fastest speeds. By contacting these companies in advance, you can find a timely solution for your new home.

Social Security Administration

If you receive social security benefits, you should make sure that your checks go to the right address. Tell the Social Security Administration your new address by filling out their online change of address application or call the office at (800) 772-1213.

Home or Renter's Insurance

Whether you need to start a home insurance policy or transfer the policy, you must inform the respective agency where your new home is. If you're switching to another rental, get proof of transfer before your move-in date for the management company in charge of your new rental.

Homeowners' insurance rates may change depending on the value of your new home, and you must also carefully examine the terms of the policy before agreeing to the new rates and changes.

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