You are getting deployed somewhere far from your home, and you're both excited and worried. Make sure you store these 9 items while you're on deployment.You are getting deployed somewhere far from your home, and you're both excited and worried. Make sure you store these 9 items while you're on deployment.Moving Tips

9 Things to Store While on Deployment

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Deployment can be a terrifying situation for many military members, especially if it is their first time overseas. Your whole life will change in unpredictable ways, and you are going to have a large number of items that you need to store while you are protecting your country and its citizens.

Thankfully, there are many storage facilities where you can place many of these items while you are actively deployed. When seeking out these facilities, you need to make sure that you find one that allows for online communication and bill pay, as you will not be able to call or visit to pay your bill.

Top Items to Store on Deployment

  • All Your Furniture
  • Any Vehicles You Own
  • Civilian Clothing You Want to Keep
  • Artwork and Home Decor
  • Computers, Video Games, and Other Electronics
  • Books and Other Paper Items
  • Photos and Other Personal Items
  • Tax Paperwork
  • Blankets and Other Items

All Your Furniture

When you're deployed, it is a great idea to take all of your furniture and store it while you are away. You aren't going to need this furniture and, unless you own a home, you can save a lot of money by storing it while you're away, letting you move back into a home when you're back.

Most storage options have high-quality climate control and pest-protection designs that help keep your furniture safe from humidity, spiders, and mice. These pest control methods will help to ensure that your items are as safe as possible.

Any Vehicles You Own

If you have one or more cars – or any other vehicles, like golf carts, lawnmowers, motorcycles, or even bicycles – it pays to get them in storage. Doing so will cut back on potential weathering damage. It also helps to protect them from theft and other types of issues.

Make sure to find a storage provider with plenty of security options, such as cameras, that make your vehicles safer during storage. You may need to place the batteries on a trickle charger in the storage facility, so ensure each has electrical outlets.

Civilian Clothing You Want to Keep

Deployment will leave behind a lot of civilian clothing that you're not going to need overseas. Many people in your position donate their clothing to friends or family members. But if you want to keep your clothes – understandable, as clothes can be expensive – a good storage center is a great option.

Climate control is critical for this type of storage to protect your clothes from damage and rot. Humidity protection is significant for clothes because you may come back to moldy items that cannot be cleaned and which must be thrown away.

Artwork and Home Decor

Moving out of your home while on deployment may cause you to donate or sell your home décor and artwork. You don't have to take that step if you just store these items. Make sure to carefully wrap all of these items in approved covers, such as artwork sheathes or large plastic storage bins.

Try to find a storage facility that includes large shelves where you can store these items for easier access later. Some of the first items you're likely to want when moving back into your home include artwork, so make sure that these are easy to access at the front of your storage bin.

Computers, Video Games, and Other Electronics

Like the average modern person, you likely have many video games, computers, and electronics that make your life more enjoyable. These items may also include home appliances, such as microwaves and other things that you may use for cooking and food preparation.

Try to find a storage center that includes humidity and weather control, as well as security guards, to ensure that your belongings are safe. Most storage center thefts revolve around these items, so make sure that you take steps to make them as safe as possible.

Books and Other Paper Items

Even if you aren't an avid reader, you may still have many books around the house that you occasionally enjoy perusing. Don't donate these books – many of which may be out of print – but, instead, store them in your storage facility.

Store your books in large plastic bins, cover them with plastic, and use mothballs to keep them safe. And always keep your humidity at a medium level in your storage facility. Doing so will help to prevent mold and other common paper-damage issues.

Photos and Other Personal Items

Many people have extensive collections of family photos that help to remind them of loved ones. And while you may want to take some of these pictures with you while you are overseas, you will have to store the rest in a vital storage facility. Try to make sure that you find one that protects your photos from UV rays and static, as this can ensure that you don't end up experiencing any problems as a result.

Tax Paperwork

Try to collect all your tax paperwork from the last several years and place them in your storage facility. Keep them sorted and organized according to year, and make sure that they are in separate folders and substantial storage bins to avoid damage. Humidity and temperature control are significant, as these can help keep these items from getting seriously damaged while you are gone.

Blankets and Other Items

While you are overseas, you will be provided blankets and other sleepwear by your commanders. However, you may have many blankets, sheets, pillows, or other items that you want to keep safe while you are deployed. Carefully fold all these blankets and place them in storage bins near you. Try to put them in heavy-duty containers to ensure that no pests end up gnawing on them.

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