Moving across the country is no simple task. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also costs a lot so we put together these money saving tips.Moving across the country is no simple task. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also costs a lot so we put together these money saving tips.Packing Tips

7 Affordable Ways to Move Cross Country

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Moving to a new location is no simple task. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, but it also costs a lot. On average, it costs about $4,300 to relocate to a place around 1,000 miles from your original location. Such a massive undertaking isn’t for the faint of heart, which is why this kind of move is often once in a lifetime.

The high cost of moving is also another reason why such a transition can be difficult. But there are ways to cut corners and get hundreds — and even thousands— of dollars back in your pocket. Here are some cost-cutting measures that you can use to make a move as cheap as possible.

Tip #1: New Job? See if they’ll pay.

One of the main reasons why people move across the country is to accept a dream job offer. If you’re leaving behind the East Coast for a glorious career in Silicon Valley, then you know the recruiter saw something special in you. They’ve invested a lot in finding you, so go the extra mile and look up your company’s relocation policies.

A stable company typically has funds to pay for part of all of a new hire’s move. Ask the HR department and you may be surprised by what they can offer. Some companies will pay for a moving company to do everything for you. Save all the receipts related to moving costs so you can get reimbursed after you move.

Tip #2: Make Money and lighten the load by selling unused items.

Combine profits from selling unused items with the load that you don’t have to haul across the country, and you get a win-win cost reducer. Selling belongings before you move, especially large furniture, can help you earn money to cover moving costs and help you save money by reducing the size of the truck you need to move.

You also pack fewer things, spend less time unpacking, and pay movers less. Basically, the fewer things, the less work, and less you have to pay to get the job done too. Hosting a yard sale or selling things online on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are effective selling methods. Pawnshops and second-hand stores can also take in-demand items off your hands for quick cash, such as yard equipment and electronics.

Tip #3: Get the right moving insurance.

Moving insurance can save you heartache if you’re shipping expensive items. Make sure the deductible is worth it to get the most for your money. For example, if the deductible is $250 and the movers break something that is worth less than $250, it’s typically not worth it to replace the item. Moving insurance is only worth it if you’re shipping expensive things, and it is an unnecessary expense if you consider all your items replaceable.

Tip #4: Rent a truck and get labor separately

If you decide to drive the moving truck yourself, you can rent a truck and save a lot of money. A truck rental company like U-Haul charges reasonable rates per day, mile, and fuel costs, which enables you to do the loading yourself or hire some labor separately. This “DIY move” can save you thousands of dollars. Loading and unloading items from your truck rental can take a lot of time. It may also not be physically possible for you to move some items on your own. However, you can still get help without using a full-service moving company. You have two options: hire help or get friends and family to pitch in.

To hire help, search online for on-demand labor from websites like HireAHelper, which can also include junk removal, picking up donations, and assistance with packing and loading. This takes the burden off you if you feel uncomfortable asking friends and family for help. Moving Help is another online marketplace that can connect you to local moving services. If you ask friends and family for help, you will save even more money. By compensating with free pizza, gift cards, or a lunch out, you can gain a lot of low-cost help — and have fun at the same time! However, the drawback is organizing the moving event and to work with other schedules, so keep flexibility in mind as you recruit help.

Tip #5: Use storage units instead of moving company warehouses.

If you need to time your move just right, it’s common to use a moving company’s warehouse or semi-truck for storage to hold your items until you arrive. However, the daily rate for storing your belongings here can add up quickly — especially if you still have days or weeks prior to your official move. To save money, have your movers put all your belongings into a storage unit. The cost of renting a storage unit for a month is far less than what you’d pay for daily storage fees with a moving company.

Tip #6: Find free moving boxes and supplies.

Surprisingly, moving boxes, tape, and packing paper can add up quickly in costs. By gathering free moving supplies, you can save hundreds of dollars. Ask a friend who works in retail or food service to save some boxes and bubble wrap that comes with their regular shipments. You’ll be surprised how many stores will want to let these items off their hands. Look online as well. Ask community groups and friends if they have any boxes and supplies that they’re willing to part with.

Tip #7: Do you prefer full-service? Compare prices and look for discounts.

If you like to one-stop-shop, then hiring a full-service moving company will cover all your bases. Though this is the most expensive option, it’s the most feasible option if you don’t have the time to ask friends for help or have the physical ability to load a rental truck yourself. But before you hire a company, compare the average cost of hiring professional movers based on the weight and distance. This will ensure you get the best deal for your all-inclusive service. You can also find discounts from some companies for serving in the military or being a AAA member, so don’t commit until you ask for their discount options. You can also find cheaper rates if you can move during the week or the middle of the month because services are less in-demand at these times.

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