When getting deployed, make sure you're entertained and comfortable by bringing these items along.When getting deployed, make sure you're entertained and comfortable by bringing these items along.Moving Tips

3 Lesser Known Things to Bring on Deployment

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When getting deployed, you're allowed to bring along a decent number of items that will help to keep you entertained and comfortable while you are there. However, there are a surprising number of things that you may not realize that you can bring with you. The following little-known items are all allowed by the military when deployed and help make your life a little more enjoyable while you are there. They can also help you socialize and make more friends, too.

Hard Drive — An Entertainment Lifeline

When you are deployed, you are going to be stuck in a pretty limited area with very minimal entertainment options. While it is true that you will be able to do some things with your fellow military personnel, such as see on-base movies, your options will be minimal. That is why it is a great idea to bring along a small backup hard drive that you've packed with your favorite movies and music.

Dedicate your hard drive to your favorite movies, television series, podcasts, and albums. When you are finally deployed, you will likely have access to a computer that you can use to watch these movies. If not, you may need to bring a laptop along with you. Then, on your downtown, you can play any of these files and provide yourself — and any of your bunk mates — with a little extra entertainment.

And if you are more of a reader than a film watcher, you can download eBooks from your favorite site and read them from a computer or tablet. This option can be particularly significant because eBooks take up a fraction of the room of a movie or even a music album. In theory, you could have all the books you will ever need to read right in the palm of your hand. Isn't technology fantastic?

Remember, though — your internet access may be sparse or limited, depending on where you are deployed. Some bases may have active WiFi connections, but others may have no internet at all. As a result, you will not have the same kind of ease of access that you would at home. In fact, that point brings us along to another item you should probably get: some type of video game system.

Video Game Systems — Great for Socialization

If you love video games or just want to socialize with your bunk mates in a fun way, a video game system is a great idea to bring along when deployed. For instance, the computer you bring along to watch movies and listen to music could easily have many games installed on it. However, social video gaming in a military environment is usually easier to do with a stand-alone video game system.

That's because you can hook the system up to your shared television and play various games together. Since your internet will not be great — or may not exist — you can play couch multiplayer and have much fun competing. The type of video game system that you bring will vary on your taste. Each has different benefits that make it suitable for the right person.

For example, the Nintendo Switch is very portable and allows for both television and hand-held gaming. As a result, this option is great if you want to socialize with your gaming and also play alone from time to time. However, Xbox and PlayStation systems usually provide better graphics and more intensive multiplayer experiences, especially in first-person shooter games.

These games often feature military environments similar to those you experience if you see any battle. Some people may like this because it allows them to get a little informal training for such scenarios. Others in your bunk may find these games distracting or distressing due to their intensity. Make sure to bring along a diverse array of games to match as many tastes as possible.

Personal Comfort Items — Creates a Homey Experience

The most challenging part of being deployed is being far from your home and no longer having that personal connection you possessed with your surroundings. For example, you'll be sleeping in a bed that won't feel like yours, spending time with people whom you may not like, eating food that probably won't be as good as what your mom made, and otherwise feeling isolated and alone.

That's why the military allows members to bring along many personal comfort items to make life a little easier. For example, if you have a favorite pillow that you like to use, your base may allow you to bring it with you. Even something as simple as this pillow may help to ground your experience and make it simpler for you to feel appreciated and integrated into your unit as a person.

However, your base may also allow you to bring items like shampoo to get the cleanliness you want. Having your shampoo helps make it easier for you to get clean and feel more comfortable. It also helps you control your smell, something that is always a challenge when deployed. And surprisingly, many military bases also allow you to bring along a few food or snack items, as long as they are inspected and approved.

For example, you may want to bring along your favorite hot sauce to flavor your food or a few snacks that help make your days a little less hungry. Make sure to check with your commanding officer about these snacks or foods and get them cleared — sneaking in contraband is never wise and may result in a court-martial. Remember — going by the book is essential in any military situation.

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