RED HORSE AFB Headquarters is located at the Camp Perry Joint Training Center, which is a short distance east of Port Clinton, Ohio. There are many desirable neighborhoods with great amenities located around RED HORSE AFB for families to choose from.RED HORSE AFB Headquarters is located at the Camp Perry Joint Training Center, which is a short distance east of Port Clinton, Ohio. There are many desirable neighborhoods with great amenities located around RED HORSE AFB for families to choose from.Local Guide

Best Family Neighborhoods Near Red Horse AFB

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RED HORSE units, which stands for Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer squadron, are an integral part of the U.S. Air Force. Created in 1966, it was the Air Force’s first combat construction team and was activated under the request of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. There are currently 17 of these squadrons dispersed around the world that are made up of around 4,000 men and women. These heavy construction units are self-sufficient, highly mobile, and able to rapidly respond in high threat environments and other situations that require a rapid response. RED HORSE units are made up of 404 people and are specially trained to support special operations and deployments around the world.

The 200th RED HORSE Headquarters is located at the Camp Perry Joint Training Center, which is a short distance east of Port Clinton, Ohio. Families who move to this area enjoy beautiful sights since this base is close to the shores of Lake Erie. As the RED HORSE unit trains to respond to diverse needs such as water-well drilling, explosive demolition, quarry operations, material testing, and concrete and asphalt paving, they and their families need somewhere comfortable and safe to live. Thankfully, there are many desirable neighborhoods with great amenities located around RED HORSE AFB to choose from.

Camp Perry then and now

The 17 RED HORSE squadrons are strategically located around the world. Each squadron, described as “a civil engineering SWAT team,” has 404 members and is ready to deploy personnel for civilian or military projects anywhere it isrequested.

The headquarters for the RED HORSE squadron, also called the 200th Civil Engineering Squadron (Heavy Repair), is at the Camp Perry Military Reservation and Joint Training Center, which can be found outside of Port Clinton, Ohio. The 200th is the first RED HORSE squadron of its kind to be organized into the Air National Guard.

In 1906, the State of Ohio purchased about 300 acres surrounding the lake for a state rifle range and camp area, and named it after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a noted U.S. naval commander at the Battle of Put-In-Bay in the War of 1812.

In World War I, it was used as a training center for officers and marksmanship instructors. It was an ideal area for firearms training since the range areas face the lake. The Army also added a depot for storage of artillery ordnance.

Camp Perry was designated as an official Reception Center for U.S. draftees during World War II. Starting in 1943, it was also used as a location to house more than 2,500 German and Italian Prisoners of War until the war’s end two years later. They were often assigned light labor duties.

The depot was shut down in the 1960s, but the camp continues to be used for military support, including the 213th Ordnance Company, the Ohio National Guard, the Ohio Military Reserve, and the Camp Perry Lodging and Conference Center, which is run by the state’s Adjutant General.

Among the camp’s claims to fame is that it has the second longest firearms range in the U.S., which makes it an ideal place to host shooting competitions like the Civilian Marksmanship Program, National Matches, and various NRA-sponsored firearms competitions.

Lakeside Marblehead

This beautiful lakeside neighborhood is located just 24 minutes from RED HORSE AFB and is a wonderful place to raise a family. The population is 4,820 with 301 people per square mile. You’ll find small-town amenities with plenty of charms like local mom-and-pop restaurants, a winery, and plenty of parks for kids to explore. When you want a change of scenery, hop on Kelley's Island Ferry and visit the lovely community and parks that offer a slower pace of life. In Lakeside Marblehead, there is a fair selection of single-family homes nestled in a quiet community — at just the right distance to make the commute to work manageable.

Catawba Island

If you want another option for lakeside living, you don’t have to look far. Catawba Island is about 23 minutes away from RED HORSE and is located northeast of the base. It’s similar to Lakeside Marblehead with its proximity to parks, local breweries, marinas, restaurants, and a Ferry point. You can also enjoy the beautiful sights at Catawba Island Nature Preserve or learn more about the area at Catawba Island Historical Society Museum, which gets rave reviews from visitors.

Port Clinton

If you want to be closer to the base, then you will find more single-family homes in Port Clinton, a small suburb that’s about 15 minutes closer to RED HORSE. You’ll also be close to amenities like local shopping, restaurants, lodging, schools, and of course — the beach! Port Clinton is also convenient to Route 2 and 163, which takes you to other hot spots like Toledo and beyond! Overall, this small neighborhood shortens your commute without sacrificing any amenities. High schools are also within walking distance, which is a great convenience for families with older kids.

Oak Harbor

This neighborhood is a straight shot to RED HORSE via route 163. At about a 15-minute drive to the base, it’s another location that is suited for residents who want to save on gas and time. This is a smaller community compared to Lakeside Marblehead and Port Clinton, so be prepared to drive to reach other amenities, though. Residents are just minutes away from the local middle and high school, as well as the scenic Portage River, which offers plenty of outdoor recreation. If you’re a fan of golf, you can find relaxation at the Oak Harbor Golf Club, which is just minutes away from this community.

East Toledo Suburbs

If you take route 2 straight from RED HORSE, you will reach the outskirts of Toledo, which include a variety of desirable suburban areas that are just half an hour from the base. Communities like Northwood, Woodville Gardens, and Millbury keep you close to the base and all the excitement Toledo has to offer. We recommend these locations to anyone who prefers to have a variety of amusements to choose from. When you want to live quietly, stay at home or explore a local park. But when you want to go big, head to Toledo where you will find exciting destinations like the Toledo Museum of Art, the Toledo Zoo, and Imagination Station. When you drive into the city, you’ll also find a wealth of restaurants, shopping, and other amenities that you might not be able to find in the suburbs. Having the best of both worlds is one of the main draws of living here, so if that’s your preference, you need to check out East Toledo’s suburbs.

What to do around Port Clinton

The location on Lake Erie certainly creates all sorts of outdoor recreation options, including fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking. City Beach is a popular community spot for swimming and lounging. It’s also conveniently located across the street from Lakeview Park, another popular recreational spot for individuals and families, with a playground and picnic tables.

Though there are plenty of popular fishing destinations throughout Ohio, Port Clinton has earned the title of “Walleye Capitol of the World” due to high numbers of this type of fish that can be found in the lake and surrounding waterways.

The city has even incorporated this particular fish into its New Year’s Eve festivities, by dropping a 600-pound fiberglass walleye instead a ball to usher in the new year. Some people like to fish from the shore, while others enjoy taking their own boats out or charter one.

A popular scenic activity is taking the high-speed Miller Ferry from Port Clinton to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island, a trip that takes about 35 minutes. It takes passengers as well as vehicles. There, you can visit shops, restaurants, and a memorial to Commodore Perry.

There are other attractions based on the area’s military history, including the Liberty Aviation Museum where you can find everything from a fully-restored B-25 Mitchell bomber to Clark Gable’s military uniform. There are a variety of World War II-era vehicles including motorcycles, Jeeps, a German field kitchen, and replica tanks. There are also two PT boats currently being restored.

The Ottowa County Museum is another place to learn interesting information about the community’s past. Many locals suggest that a visit to the lighthouse should be part of any sightseeing outing. It was built in 1896, decommissioned in 1952, and restored starting in 2014. Volunteers are happy to give tours of the structure and share its history, as well as the nearby Lightkeeper’s Boathouse.

Along with recreational and sightseeing opportunities, Port Clinton has other things to do for fun, including antique/vintage shops, a water park/mini golf course, the African Safari Wildlife Park, and Cheese Haven, a popular location that offers all sorts of local cheese and wine. There are art galleries and dozens of restaurants and a growing number of breweries and brewpubs, including Catawba Island Brewing Company and Twin Oast Brewing.

Can you live at Camp Perry?

Since the camp is technically a military training post, not a base, there isn’t permanent housing available for assigned personnel. However, there are temporary living quarters for civilians and military members available through the Conference Center. This includes Military Transient Quarters, family cottages, lake cottages, motel rooms, an RV camp, and a tent camping area.

The MTQ housing units are available as single rooms with a shared bathroom or double rooms with a single bed, a full-sized sleeper sofa, and a private bathroom. They are available for military and civilian guests, at $60.50 to $117.55 per night.

Staying at the conference center/lodging area includes access to a variety of amenities, including fishing, a boat launch, and a fire ring if you’re camping. But the beach and pier are not currently open to the public and there’s not a designated swimming area.

In the future, there may be more housing accommodations available. A 200-person barracks is under construction along with housing for the Director of Civil Marksmanship.

Storage Units Near RED HORSE

You never know what furniture is going to fit in the house you get, so make life more convenient by getting a storage unit. Not only do you enjoy flexibility in your move-in timeline, but you can also keep valuables with you instead of selling them if you know your assignment at RED HORSE is temporary. Don’t get rid of that extra TV or couch if you plan on moving somewhere bigger shortly! We offer a variety of sizes and storage unit types, such as climate-controlled, for your convenience. Ask us about what’s available today to meet your unique storage needs near RED HORSE AFB.

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