Franklin University is one of Ohio's premier educational options and can provide a great college experience. Read up on some great areas to live at!Franklin University is one of Ohio's premier educational options and can provide a great college experience. Read up on some great areas to live at!Local Guide

Great Places for Franklin University Students to Live

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Franklin University is one of Ohio's premier educational options, providing Columbus residents and others with opportunities for Associate, Bachelor, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. They also offer various certificates and licenses that make them a good place for many to learn. The increasing popularity of this school has made many Columbus neighborhoods focused on college-aged students.

And finding the best of these neighborhoods will ensure that students are happy and safe when choosing a place to live in this large and sometimes very active city. Each is ranked according to various student-friendly aspects, such as rent price, nightlife destinations, outdoor park environments, and restaurant options.

Best Off Campus Areas Near Franklin University

  • West Sprint Street
  • City Center
  • Dublin Road
  • East Livingston

West Spring Street

West Spring Street is one of Columbus's pricier areas, with a rental average of $1,666 per month. This rate is higher than nearly 97 percent of all rental properties in Ohio, though it makes up for this high price in various ways. Poverty and crime are rare in this area, so students who have the money may find themselves very comfortable and safe in this higher-priced neighborhood.

Those who enjoy outdoor areas will enjoy this neighborhood, as well. Located within easy walking distance of Scioto River and North Bank Park, fans of outdoor experiences will find much to love about this area. Also within easy walking distance of Huntington Park, baseball fans can watch the Columbus Trippers (an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians) to see potential big leaguers make their way up in the world.

Restaurant options in this area include Nada (a Mexican restaurant), Boston's Restaurant and Sport's Bar, Ted's Montana Grill, The Boat House Restaurant (a popular event center), Betty's Bar, Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern, and more. These engaging nightlife spots provide college students with the chance to enjoy their new life and experience the kind of fun that the college experience engenders for most.

City Center

The downtown area of Columbus provides students with a reasonably priced rental environment that makes it a popular destination for many. With an average rental rate of just $952 per month, this area is cheaper than 54.6 percent of all Ohio neighborhoods. And the rental properties here are close to campus, meaning most students should find it easy to commute via walking, driving, or taking various public transportation options.

Located just off 70 and 71, this area is easier for many students and friends to access without difficulty. It is also not far from outdoor regions like Dorrian Commons and Bicentennial/Galbreath Park. However, this destination is probably more appropriate for students who enjoy a more active city life, particularly those who want many nightlife opportunities for fun and adventure.

Nightlife options include Sidebar, Rockmill Tavern, Arepazo Tapas Bar and Grill, and Dempsey's Food and Spirits. These destinations serve various foods, including American-style, fried fish, grilled barbecue meats, pub-style offerings, Mexican food, and even Venezuelan options. And many provide high-quality student-friendly discounts and deals that make it easier for students to enjoy their offerings.

Dublin Road

Those who want a low-stress living environment may want to choose the Dublin Road neighborhood. Though it is a bit further from campus than a few other options, it has a more isolated and rural environment. And while rent is $1,564 per month on average, home options include various large houses that may be a good choice for a large number of college students or a family-oriented set of students.

Dublin Road runs along Scioto River, providing a very outdoor-oriented living option. Possessing the highest concentration of trees and parks in the area, Dublin Road is a great place for students who may feel a little uncomfortable in busy areas. Family-oriented students, such as married couples raising children, may find many areas along Dublin Road to be the safest and most comfortable places for their family.

While the nightlife options are more limited here, there are still places worth considering. For example, the Boat House Restaurant isn't far from most homes on Dublin Road, providing both a great nightlife and family-dining destination. And Betty's Bar and Rusty Bucket are not far from here, though public transportation like buses or Uber may be necessary to ensure safe travel after a long night of fun.

East Livingston

Running alongside 70 and 71, East Livingston Avenue passes through many busy areas of Columbus and is not far from Franklin University, either. Students will pay more here than most other sites, with a rental price of $1,631 per month. Most of the area's homes are either 1-2 bedroom apartments or single-family homes, meaning that it may be a bit costlier to stay here for many students.

This high price is more than compensated by the variety of fun destinations available for students. For example, Mikey's Late Night Slice is a popular pizza destination for after-bar fun, as you can order by the slice until the bar closes. Other popular bars nearby include Club 185, Hadley's, and Pecan Penny's. Each of these destinations provides tasty food that is unique to them and student-friendly deals and prices.

East Livingston is also close to outdoor areas like Dorrian Commons, Scioto Audubon Dog Park, Scioto Mile, Franklin Commons, and Schlee Brewery Historic District. Some of these parks are near Scioto River as well, which allows those who like to fish or hang out outside a few places to relax. Camping may not be available in these areas, though, so students need to be careful about where they travel in these neighborhoods.

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