Eastern Connecticut State University has many great areas for college students. Read up on some great places to live while attending!Eastern Connecticut State University has many great areas for college students. Read up on some great places to live while attending!Local Guide

Great Places for Eastern Connecticut State University Students

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Eastern Connecticut State University is a popular educational option in Connecticut, one that provides reasonably price programs. Located in Windham, Connecticut, this university spreads across several different neighborhoods, each of which offers a unique living option for students.

Understanding the best of these neighborhoods will make it easier for new and experienced students to find a place that fits their budget and their lifestyle as much as possible for their needs.

Best Off Campus Areas Near Eastern Connecticut State University

  • Town Center
  • High Street Near Campus
  • Willimantic
  • Ash Street/Jackson Street

Town Center

Students looking to save money on rental may want to focus on the Town Center of Windham to save themselves real cash. With a rental price averaging around $781 per month, this area is lower in price than over 99 percent of all Connecticut neighborhoods. Rental homes here focus on single-family homes and apartment complexes, making this area a good place for students to live alone.

Commuting is streamlined here due to various public transportation options and an easier walkability than other areas provide. With an average walk time of just 15-30 minutes to campus, Town Center should be tolerable for most students who need to walk. However, there are a handful of parking garages and other similar centers for those students who own cars and travel home during the year.

Library options include both the Windham Free Library and the Windham Public Library. Within easy walking distances from most areas of the Town Center, these studying areas provide students with study areas that include wireless internet, interlibrary loans, and much more.

Downtown nightlife is very popular in this area, including spots like Billy Wilson's Ageing Still, Jensen's Inc, and the Harp on Church. Each provides drinks, food, and a night club atmosphere.

High Street Near Campus

The High Street neighborhood near the Eastern Connecticut University campus is one of the most popular places for college students for several reasons. First of all, it has one of the lowest rental prices in the area and in the state, with a student-friendly average of $930 per month. This price is lower than nearly 98 percent of all Connecticut neighborhoods based on rent alone.

High Street is also one of the safest places in the area, rated among the top one percent of Connecticut's college cities. As a result, students can feel safe walking on the streets, studying alone, or going out for a little fun at the end of a long week. Even better, High Street is not far from the Windham Free Library in Windham Center, providing a comfortable place to relax and study at the same time.

And the close proximity to campus means students can enjoy many of the school's activities, such as low-cost concerts, comedy events, various types of athletic competitions, and much more. However, High Street is also close to restaurants like Stone Row, Willington Pizza House, Inishmore Pub, and Fresca Tequila Bar and Grill. These popular destinations serve fantastic food, good drinks, and provide a very college-friendly atmosphere.


This neighborhood may be the best choice for many Eastern Connecticut University students who want a little nightlife fun, as there are several entertainment options available. This proximity results in a large number of student-friendly apartments with higher rental prices than mentioned before. With a rental rate of around $1,227 per month, rent is still lower than about 87 percent of all Connecticut neighborhoods.

Though rent is higher than other neighborhoods near campus, it is compensated with a very walkable design that is perfect for students who don't have cars or who want to save money on public transportation. Many students live just a mile or less from campus, making it easy to get to class on time. And with a diverse and large public library nearby, most students will have a comfortable place to do their homework if they get stuck in a time crunch.

The plentiful nightlife options make Willimantic a great option for students who want to walk on the wild side. The Willimantic Brewing Company is a popular bar and dining destination filled with college students looking for friends. Other area destinations include Fred's House of Blues and Barbecue (a favorite concert destination), Tony's Pub, Blarney's Cafe, and Dragon Fire Meadery.

Ash Street/Jackson Street

This neighborhood is one of the pricier areas near Eastern Connecticut University, with an average rental price of $1,244. This price remains lower than 85 percent of places in the state, though, which still makes it somewhat affordable. Rental options consist mostly of 1-3 bedroom homes, making this a good area for students who want to live off-campus with a handful of friends or a family.

Safety is a premium in this area, as it is among the one percentile for this rating in college-friendly regions of the state. Chief among this factor is safety for same-sex couples: ranked in the two percentile for same-sex couple population in the country, this is a very LGBTQ-friendly area. As a result, many LGBTQ students may find themselves more comfortable here than elsewhere in the city.

As Ash Street is relatively close to the downtown area, most of the nightlife options mentioned in the Town Center section are within easy walking distance of this area. However, the higher level of safety makes this an excellent opportunity for those who have the money for the higher rent, such as older students who may have a family who they want to keep safe from the more wild and active style of student life that may be present in other areas of Windham.

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