Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near Naval Support Activity and the immediate surrounding area around Orlando, Florida.Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near Naval Support Activity and the immediate surrounding area around Orlando, Florida.Local Guide

Great Neighborhoods Near Naval Support Activity Orlando

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The Naval Support Activity Orlando (aka NSA Orlando) is on the eastern side of Orlando and adjacent to the University of Central Florida campus. It is an expansive technology training facility and the home of the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division.Some of the best neighborhoods near the NSA are the areas surrounding the University of Central Florida that include

  • University Estates/Canterbury
  • Summer Woods
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Rouse Run

University Estates/Canterbury Neighborhood

Many upscale neighborhoods surround the University of Central Florida. These neighborhoods include the University Estates, Canterbury, Avon, West Hampton, Stone Hedge, and Riverchase. These areas are similar and desirable.

Home Styles in University Estates/Canterbury

In this neighborhood, there are newer homes when compared to older, established areas. The construction of many homes happened between 1970 and 1999. More construction of the newer residences occurred after 2000. There is an equal mixture between rental properties and owner-occupied homes as well as many apartment complexes to accommodate students.

Housing Prices in University Estates/Canterbury

The median price for a home in this area is $346,719. Due to the proximity to the university, the average rental rate is $2,326 per month, which is higher rent than found in 90% of the other parts of Florida.

Things To Do in University Estates/Canterbury

The university campus offers many activities, even for those who are not students, such as sports matches to watch at the Addition Arena. The campus has a beautiful arboretum that provides a welcoming respite for a picnic.

On the northeastern side of the campus, is the Econ River Wilderness Area, which is a delightful place to visit for those who love nature. It is over 5,000 acres.

There are magnificent walking trails that follow bridges over the Econlockhatchee River. Activities, besides hiking, include fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. If you are an adventuresome type, take a mountain bike down steep trials designed for that purpose.

Summer Woods Neighborhood

Summer Woods is due west from the university campus. It is a pleasant, peaceful neighborhood that is a great place to raise a family.

Home Styles in Summer Woods

There are grand estates in this neighborhood with big houses on them that have five or six bedrooms. There are also newer developments with contemporary style homes, built in a circle around the edges of a small artificial lake.

Housing Prices in Summer Woods

The median home price in this area is $340,281. The average home rent is $2,248 per month.

Things To Do in Summer Woods

This neighborhood has two large lakes to enjoy, which are Deep Lake and Lake Georgia/. These lakes are perfect for boating, swimming, and fishing activities.

The Becerra Stables is adjacent to a green forest area that is a charming place for riding horses on the trails under the lush tree canopy. Aspiring show horse owners can take classes at the horse riding school. Orlando Shakes is a theater company for the Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Take a short drive west to see performances staged at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Theater in Loch Haven Park. Another fun excursion for the family is to drive to Winter Park. Visit the Mead Botanical Garden and take a scenic boat ride on the lakes and canals.

Sherwood Forest Neighborhood

Sherwood Forest is south of the university and next to the Naval Support Activity on the western side of the NSA campus. There are more apartment complexes in this neighborhood. The housing density is higher.

Home Styles in Sherwood Forest

In this neighborhood, single-family, two or three-bedroom homes pack tightly together on small lots. These homes are not luxurious and mostly are bungalows and cottage homes built after 1970.

People live in this neighborhood because of its proximity to the university and the NSA. Many are renters who stay for two to four years to finish an education. Cambridge Circle in this neighborhood is a cluster of student-housing complexes.

Housing Prices in Sherwood Forest

The median home price in Sherwood Forest is $278,477. The average rent is $1,510 per month. There is a constant turnover of rental properties. This keeps the rents low since there are always vacancies of places available to rent.

Things To Do in Sherwood Forest

There are live performances offered at the Patrick F. Culler Performing Arts Center. Christians will enjoy the popular sermons at the New Life Church. Many of the local restaurants, nightclubs, and bars cater to students, so there is usually something interesting to do on the weekend nights for those that like to go out.

Rouse Run Neighborhood

The best feature in this neighborhood is Lake Rouse, which is the center point of this area. This neighborhood is further away from the university so the prices are better and yet it is still close to the NSA.

Home Styles in Rouse Run

The lakefront mansions surrounding Lake Rouse are the priciest homes in the area. A large six-bedroom home on the lake will set you back over $1 million. The rest of the neighborhood has more modestly-priced homes. There are southern style homes, villas, ranch-style homes, bungalows, colonials, and contemporary homes, with a few modern homes mixed in.

Housing Prices in Rouse Run

The median home price in Rouse Run is $224,850. The average rent is $1,756.

Things To Do in Rouse Run

Enjoying a picnic at Lake Rouse is popular with families. To get fresh fruits and vegetables, visit the huge Fancy Fruits & Produce Market. It is fun to go bowling at the Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center.

If you head towards downtown Orlando, you will find the locals enjoying viewing art on display at CityArts, catching a comedy improvisation show at the SAK Comedy Lab, and enjoying the many restaurants and bars in the Church Street Station district.

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