Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near Naval Air Station and the immediate surrounding area around Jacksonville, Florida.Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near Naval Air Station and the immediate surrounding area around Jacksonville, Florida.Local Guide

Great Neighborhoods Near Naval Air Station Jacksonville

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The Naval Air Station Jacksonville (aka NAS Jax) is in a unique location. It is about eight miles due south from the city center of Jacksonville, Florida. Instead of being on the coast, it is on the banks of the St. Johns River.

This location gives the navy access to the ocean by running north from the naval station, passing by downtown Jacksonville, and then exiting by the river to the east into the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the best neighborhoods near the naval base are:

  • San Jose Forest
  • Ortega neighborhoods
  • Beauclerc Gardens
  • Venetia

San Jose Forest Neighborhood

The San Jose Forest neighborhood is on the eastern bank of the St. Johns River, across the water from the naval base. If you live in this neighborhood, you will have a twenty-minute commute because you will have to drive south around the river to get to a bridge and then go back north to the naval base.

Home Styles in San Jose Forest

This area is a well-established neighborhood with almost all of the homes built before 1999 and nearly half-built before 1969. There is a nice mixture of medium-sized homes, with up to three bedrooms, and larger homes, with five or more bedrooms. Most homes are owner-occupied; therefore, finding a rental home in this neighborhood is challenging.

There are many brick construction, ranch-style, single-story homes, southern-style mansions, and two-story Mediterranean-style villas in this area.

Housing Prices in San Jose Forest

The median price for a home in this neighborhood is $384,362, which is more expensive that over 70% of other Florida communities. The average rent is $1,118.

Things To Do in San Jose Forest

There is a large shopping area called St. Johns Town Center just a few miles to the east of this neighborhood. Next to this super center, there is a driving range with a clubhouse at Top Golf. Kids will enjoy an adventure at the Autobahn Indoor Speedway where they can race go-carts. They will also enjoy the trampolines and playing games at the Flight Fit N Fun amusement center.

Ortega Neighborhoods

The Ortega neighborhoods are a cluster of adjacent areas just north of the naval base after you drive through Venetia. These neighborhoods, found along the Ortega River, include Ortega, Ortega Farms, Ortega Terrace, and Ortega Forest. This area is close to the Herlong Recreational Airport for those who like to fly or want to learn how to fly small private planes.

Home Styles in Ortega

This neighborhood offers luxury homes, mansions, and estates in many classic styles, built before the 1940s. Most have a distinct historical flavor. There are large homes of up to five bedrooms and some smaller ones of two or three bedrooms built during the housing boom that happened after WW II. This construction boom lasted up to about 1969. About one-third of the homes in this neighborhood are contemporary styles and built before 1999.

Housing Prices in Ortega

The median home price in this area is $520,177, which is higher than 90% of other communities in Florida. The average rent is $1,839 per month, which is a rent that is greater than 70% of other Florida neighborhoods.

Thing To Do in Ortega Terrace

An enjoyable trip can be made to the Jacksonville City Center to visit the shops, restaurants and take in the Cummer Museum of Art with a stroll through its garden or to enjoy a picnic. The exhibits frequently change so you can enjoy items from ancient to modern art.

The MOSH museum is also nearby. It has a planetarium and interactive exhibits that the family will enjoy seeing. Stockton Park and Bettes Park are verdant parks on the river.

Beauclerc Gardens

Beauclerc Gardens is south of San Jose Forest and to the east of the naval base across the river. The southern part of this neighborhood borders on I-295. By taking I-295 across the river, the commute to the naval base is very short.

Home Styles in Beauclerc Gardens

The homes that line the river are the most expensive. Most have a long pier that extends from the shore out into the river far enough to reach the deep water, which makes a superb place to moor a boat. Some of these homes are lavish estates. Others are vacation homes that are more modest and used for recreation. Most construction occurred before 1999, with some built before 1969.

Home Prices in Beauclerc Gardens

The median home price in this area is $375,240; however, riverfront properties may cost triple that amount. The average rent is $1,481 per month and more during the high season, which is a popular time for tourists.

Things To Do in Beauclerc Gardens

Doing things on the river is the most enjoyable way to spend some time, especially for retirees. A pleasant time may be to go to Elizabeth 'Betty" Wolfe Park. The park is in the center of this neighborhood. Families go for a picnic, a jog, and bicycling.

Venetia Neighborhood

The Venetia neighborhood has the advantage of being very close to the naval base. It is adjacent to the naval base on its north side.

Home Styles in Venetia

This area is full of ranch-style homes, brick one-story bungalows, and tract homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. There are also small apartment buildings. There is a water inlet that comes off the river, which forms a protected yacht basin. This neighborhood has many homes with yachts moored to piers.

Housing Prices in Venetia

The median home price in Venetia is $299,743. The average rent is $1,224.

Things to Do in Venetia

In this area, you will find the clubhouse for the Florida Yacht Club. East of Venetia is the Timuquana Country Club with its lavish golf course and spectacular facilities.

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