Tyndall Air Force Base is located just 12 miles from Panama City, it's a great place for military personnel and their families to live, work, and play. Read up on some of the great neighborhoods in the area.Tyndall Air Force Base is located just 12 miles from Panama City, it's a great place for military personnel and their families to live, work, and play. Read up on some of the great neighborhoods in the area.Local Guide

Best Neighborhoods Near Tyndall Air Force Base

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Quick list of Best Neighborhoods Near Tyndall Air Force Base

  • Bunker’s Cove
  • Cromanton
  • Springfield
  • Callaway
  • Lower Grand Lagoon
  • Allanton
  • Pretty Bayou

Tyndall Air Force Base is named after World War I pilot 1st Lt. Frank Benjamin Tyndall, who served in the Air Force for 14 years until his death in 1930. As of the 2010 census, this base had a population of 2,994 people. Tyndall Air Force Base is located just 12 miles from Panama City, one of the most popular beachside cities in Florida. Military personnel and their families depend on finding good housing to live, work, and play, and the communities around Tyndall Air Force Base offer a lot to people in all stages of life.

People who work at this base can find plenty of on-base and off-base housing, with the majority of homes available in Panama City. This area is known for its water recreation, gorgeous white sand beaches, and many entertainment opportunities for residents and tourists. While there are busy places full of restaurants and the high life, there are also quieter neighborhoods that sprawl to avoid crowds.

The average home price in Panama City is $191,000, which is lower than the national average. This lower cost contributes to the city’s cost of living being 7.7% lower than the U.S. average. The home prices have also appreciated by 11.8% in the past decade, which make it a valuable place to invest. People in this area will find everything from large single-family homes to condos by the shore. Here are the best neighborhoods near Tyndall Air Force Base.

Best Neighborhoods Near Tyndall Air Force Base

Bunker’s Cove: If you want an easy drive to the base, then Bunker’s Cove is the area for you. It’s a straight shot to Tyndall Air Force Base via I-98 without any detours. It’s also a wonderful place for people who want to be near water. Since Bunker’s Cove is a peninsular community that is surrounded by water, it’s easier than ever to find a home with water access. You can also take a ferry from Bunker’s Cove across the water to get to Cromanton, another coastal community near the base.

Cromanton: Cromanton is a neighborhood in Tyndall Air Force Base. You can reach this area by taking the ferry from Bunker's Cove across the water. This small military community is just minutes from the main base. If you don’t want to drive across a bridge and have the shortest commute possible, Cromanton is the place to live. You will find peaceful neighborhoods for military families that are also just a short drive away from town.

Springfield: Springfield is a predominantly inland community that is just a short drive north of Tyndall Air Force Base. It’s officially a city in Bay County, and slightly east of Panama City. Though it’s designated as a different city, it’s still close to the base and offers a variety of housing options for residents who want to live off-base. Springfield is a charming community with family-friendly hotspots like the Springfield Community Center, Buddy McLemore Park, and the Springfield Gardens Walking Park. Several of the public schools are also within walking distance from a few neighborhoods in the city.

Callaway: Callaway is a suburb of Panama City with a population of 14,405. This area is made of mainly inland neighborhoods that are made of small to medium-sized single-family homes. Those that want to live near the water may explore the Callaway Bayou or Callaway Shores neighborhood, which contains single-family homes of different sizes.

Lower Grand Lagoon: This gorgeous neighborhood is located between the Gulf of Mexico and an inlet of St. Andrew’s Bay. There are many waterfront properties to choose from that average $270,567. Residents are also near plenty of amenities like shopping centers, nightlife, and restaurants. Seafood restaurants are a particular highlight in this area. The majority of homes in Lower Grand Lagoon are small to medium-sized apartments and mobile homes.

Allanton: This neighborhood is a short drive from the base and has a good blend of waterfront and inland properties. The average real estate price is $285,040 because the homes here are generally larger single-family units. If you want an area that feels more suburban and don't mind driving a little to amenities, then the sprawl of Allanton will match your needs. There is more sprawl here which contributes to this neighborhood’s rural vibe. Many of the homes are owner-occupied, which means you will have the same neighbors for years.

Pretty Bayou: If you want to access Tyndall Base conveniently from I-98, Pretty Bayou is a good location for you. It’s nestled at the junction of Grand Lagoon and North Bay. It's also close to all the excitement of Lower Grand Lagoon, however, there are still many amenities here as well as waterfronts. The homes here are considerably more expensive at $345,785, costing more than 70% of Floridian neighborhoods. The homes here are larger, so they are suited for multi-generational and large families that need more room to roam.

These are some of the best communities for families near Tyndall Air Force Base. For more information, contact a realtor in the Panama City area who can tell you everything you need to know about each neighborhood’s strengths.

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