District 7 Coast Guard Base in Miami has a vital role in protecting and monitoring the coastline for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Read about some of the best places to live near the base.District 7 Coast Guard Base in Miami has a vital role in protecting and monitoring the coastline for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Read about some of the best places to live near the base.Local Guide

Best Neighborhoods Near District 7 Coast Guard Base

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District 7 Coast Guard Base in Miami has a vital role in protecting and monitoring the coastline for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. This small military unit is responsible for a large area and is crucial for the safety of civilians in this part of the country. District 7 also sends out units to patrol the Caribbean and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. When the base is not patrolling the seas, they are also in charge of training and air operations.

Moving to a new base is an overwhelming task no matter how many times you do it. If you have been assigned to District 7 Coast Guard base in Miami, then it's important to know where you can find military housing and the best off base residences. In this area, most of the housing is off base. The majority of on-site housing is limited to higher ranks. However, since this base is located in the heart of Miami, there is no shortage of well-kept and attractive housing for singles and families of all sizes. These are the best neighborhoods near the District 7 Coast Guard base.

Top Neighborhoods near District 7 Coast Gaurd Base

  • Brickell Key Island
  • Solitair Brickell Apartments
  • Camden Brickell Apartments
  • West Miami

Living in Miami

Miami is the sixth most populated city in the United States that takes up 56 square miles. It’s a booming metropolis with countless neighborhoods, apartment complexes, condos, single-family homes, and places to dine and be entertained. You will have no lack of things to do in this exciting urban environment. When you need a break from the hustle, go and admire the beautiful beaches and listen to the waves crashing at your feet. Military families who move here benefit greatly from the many employment opportunities in the area which provide an extra income stream for families.

Best Neighborhoods Near District 7 Coast Guard Base

It's difficult to choose just one neighborhood because there are so many excellent places to live in Miami, but these are the standout communities near the base.

Brickell Key Island: This triangular man-made island has one gated entry and exit via a video-monitored bridge. The nights are quiet here as there is plenty of beach space for everyone who resides in the upscale condominiums. Here you can rent yachts, dine locally, or enjoy the scenery at Brickell Key Park, a small waterfront public park with spectacular scenic views. Getting to the base is simple: just cross the Brickell Key Bridge then go down a couple of blocks to your destination.

Solitair Brickell Apartments: Just blocks away from District 7 Coast Guard Base, This high-rise apartment complex just shines in the Miami Skyline. It looks especially spectacular at night when the city lights are on, and you can see them reflected against its community pool as the palm trees sway in the breeze.

This place is excellent for singles and small families because there are studio apartments to 2-bedroom units available. There are also penthouse units available for the ultimate luxurious escape. If you can imagine a comfort, it's here. From rooftop grilling to fitness classes to a private sauna and spa, you will feel pampered from head to toe at Solitair Brickell Apartments.

Camden Brickell Apartments: You can walk to work if you live here. Camden Brickell Apartments is just a block and a half away from the District 7 Military Base. Located in the Heart of Mary Brickell Village, Camden Apartments strives to offer residents a convenient and comfortable stay. This place is perfect for singles and small families with its one to two-bedroom units.

What about Single-Family Homes?

In Miami, it can be expensive or difficult to find single-family homes due to the dense urban landscape. However, websites like militarybyowner.com make the search a little easier. For instance, military homeowners can list their homes for rent or sale so that they can be available for another military family that needs to move to the area. Also, if you don't mind a longer drive, once you get out of the dense downtown area of Miami, you have a better chance of finding single-family units.

West Miami: If you want to find an affordable single-family home, then you have to drive to the outskirts of the city. If you go west of downtown Miami, you will start to find Units that resemble starter homes instead of just apartments or mega-mansions by the water. This is a popular off-base option for families of modest means. Neighborhoods like West Miami, Little Gables, Allapattah are all located to the west of the densely-populated downtown area and provide more options.

Some of these neighborhoods are just 15 minutes away from the base While others like West Miami can be 35 minutes without traffic but up to 56 minutes with traffic. When you weigh the total cost of your home, you must also consider the total package such as convenience regarding your commute. For the most accurate information, speak with your military relocation sources to discover the best options for you.

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