Formerly Camp Beauregard, Louisiana National Guard Training Center Pineville spans 12,500 acres, serving as the home for the state's National Guard, with a rich history and dual roles in military training and emergency response.Formerly Camp Beauregard, Louisiana National Guard Training Center Pineville spans 12,500 acres, serving as the home for the state's National Guard, with a rich history and dual roles in military training and emergency response.Local Guide

Best Family Neighborhoods Near Camp Beauregard

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Camp Beauregard is now formally called Louisiana National Guard Training Center Pineville. It is the home of the Louisiana National Guard Installation. This military base spans 12,500 acres of land just to the northeast of the city of Pineville. Over the years, it has been home to various units and organizations and contributed to a wide range of endeavors. It operates as a staging base and for emergency response agencies during federal and state emergencies.

A History of Camp Beauregard

Camp Beauregard was founded in 1917. At that time, it was one of about 30 camps that the War Department commissioned in the lead-up to World War I. The location first served as home to the 17th Division of the National Army Division ahead of the war. While the 17th Division did not go overseas, while other organizations that trained at the location did, the base was less valuable to the federal government after the war.

In 1919, the camp was given over to the state. Just before World War II, the camp was again brought under federal government control. With tens of thousands of acres of land surrounding it, the property was developed into various other camps with multiple goals. Ultimately, nearly 500,000 people prepared for World War II in this region. As much as 2/3 of all military in the country would rotate through the camp at some point. After the war, the state resumed control over the amp.

In 1973, it was once again reactivated to become a military training center for the state. The 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Louisiana Army National Guard would then use the location for its training and lodging facilities. It continues to be used in a similar fashion.

Family Neighborhoods Near Camp Beauregard

Pineville is a moderately sized community of about 14,000 people. It is noted for its open areas, lots of outdoor recreation, and smaller suburban, tree-lined streets, making it a good place for families who want to live very close to the military base. However, a few additional communities near Camp Beauregard are also worthy of careful consideration for all of the amenities they can offer.

Grant Parish Grant Parish is a bit larger in population than Pineville, with about 22,000 people who call it home. It’s a modern community that’s part of the Alexandria Metro area. The Grant Parish School Board provides educational options for those who live here. Another nice benefit is that Grant Parish is right off US Highway 71 and US Highway 165, providing good access to the surrounding area. It’s about a 35-minute drive to the camp.

Those looking to purchase a home in Grant Parish will find home values are highly competitive. At the end of 2023, the median sold price for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom single-family home was about $152,000, with home values ranging from $89,000 up to $250,000. The area is also competitive in rental listings. You can expect rent to cost an average of $900 per month, with a range from $350 up to $1,450.

Kingsville Kingsville is only about a 5-minute drive from the military base, providing those who work on the base with an effortless commute to work. It’s a neighborhood within Pineville, located right at the intersection of I-167 and Monroe Highway. This is a vibrant area with several smaller residential areas, tree-lined streets, and various restaurants and shops. There is a large commercial area here with retail, hotels, and other amenities. Those living in the Kingsville area benefit from being in a walkable residential area, typically only a few minutes from shops, dining, schools, and medical facilities.

The homes in the Kingsville area are multi-family or smaller single-family homes. They range in size and amenities considerably. Single-family homes here are priced around $120,000 while rents remain from $550 up to $1100. Both homes for sale and rental properties tend to be readily available in Kingsville. This area is a fast-moving real estate market, and you can expect some competition for homes for sale.

Opelousas For those looking for a larger town to call home, Opelousas is the ideal choice. It’s home to about 16,000 people and is located in St. Landry Parish. Perhaps what Opelousas is most well known for is its Creole heritage. It’s an excellent place for a family that wants to be in a vibrant community. It’s home to numerous festivals throughout the year, including the Yamilet Festival, the Annual Gumbo Cookoff, and the Opelousas Mardi Gras Celebration. For students, the students attend one option: the city’s public school system or one of the private schools in the area. The area is known for the Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts, which calls itself home here.

Opelousas is about a 40-minute drive from the military base. Home values are accommodating to many needs, with the median sold home price at the end of 2023 at $170,000 and home values ranging from $35,000 up to $2 million. The area also has a robust rental market with single-family homes, condos, and multi-family property options. Rental costs range from $450 up to $1,800.

Any of these neighborhoods near Camp Beauregard could be the ideal choice for your needs. Take a careful look at the region to find other communities that can be an excellent location to call home with an easy commute into the city.

Residing near Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA, offers distinct advantages and considerations for military personnel and their families. Familiarizing oneself with both on-post and off-post living arrangements can significantly enhance one's experience and sense of belonging within the community.

Assessing On-Post and Off-Post Housing Options

Living on post at Camp Beauregard provides convenient access to work facilities and fosters a tight-knit military community. However, it may entail certain restrictions and a narrower range of housing choices. Conversely, off-post living offers greater independence and diverse housing options, albeit potentially requiring a commute and additional expenses.

Exploring Local Amenities and Recreational Opportunities

The neighborhoods surrounding Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA, boast many amenities catered to military families, including parks, recreational facilities, and community events. Delve into local resources and organizations to discover family-friendly activities and avenues for social engagement.

Nurturing Connections within the Military Community

Active participation in community events, support groups, and military-sponsored programs is critical to fostering new relationships and building a solid support network. Attend social gatherings, engage with spouse clubs or volunteer organizations, and partake in base-sponsored activities to forge bonds with fellow military families and personnel. Leveraging resources such as the Family Readiness Group (FRG) or military-affiliated institutions can further enrich one's sense of community and camaraderie.

Managing Transportation and Commuting Logistics

Camp Beauregard offers transportation services for residents, including shuttles, buses, and carpooling options. While owning a vehicle may be necessary for off-post living, exploring carpooling arrangements or rideshare services can help alleviate commuting costs and environmental impact. By familiarizing oneself with these aspects and tapping into available resources, individuals can optimize their living experience near Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA, and seamlessly integrate into the military community.

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