Relocating to Blue Grass Army Depot? Read up on some of the great neighborhoods in Lexington and Richmond perfect for military families.Relocating to Blue Grass Army Depot? Read up on some of the great neighborhoods in Lexington and Richmond perfect for military families.Local Guide

6 Best Family Neighborhoods Near Blue Grass Army Depot Base

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The Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) is an Army storage base that is strategically located in East Central Kentucky. It takes up 14,494-acres and is mainly composed of storage units, open training fields, and wooded areas.

The Army uses this base to store explosive munitions and other weapons necessary for national defense. There are also training drills held at this base. Established in 1941, BGAD has been storing vital army munitions for decades.

Today, BGAD also manufactures combat lock tools and maintains chemical weapons. It is also the Department of Defense's main hub for its Chemical Defense Equipment Program. Many service members live around this base, which is why there are many family-friendly neighborhoods around it. Here are the 6 best family neighborhoods near Blue Grass Army Depot Base.

Best Neighborhoods Near Blue Grass Army Depot Base

  • Kingston, Richmond, KY
  • Boonesboro, Richmond, KY
  • City Center, Irvine
  • Berea, KY
  • City Center, Lancaster, KY
  • Vineyard, Nicholasville, KY

Blue Grass Army Depot Base Statistics:

  • Area: 14,594 acres; including training grounds
  • Storage Capacity: 3,233,598 square feet
  • Buildings: 1,153 buildings and 902 storage igloos

1. Kingston, Richmond, KY

  • Average Home Price: $177,243

Kingston is a family-friendly suburban neighborhood that is located near the base in Richmond, Kentucky. This area contains mostly medium-sized to large single-family homes. There are also affordable mobile homes in Kingston.

Many properties in Kingston are built in 2000 and beyond. This area is a wonderful place for families for its variety of homes, good schools, low crime rate, and a high percentage of owner-occupied homes. In fact, Kingston ranks among the top 10% of family-friendly neighborhoods in the state of Kentucky.

2. Boonesboro, Richmond, KY

  • Average Home Price: $268,064

If you prefer a quieter area, Boonesboro, which is also located in Richmond, offers rural properties that are still near the base. The homes are primarily mid to large-sized single-family homes.

The properties here are in high demand, which the higher average price reflects. This is a well-established neighborhood, with many homes dating between 1970 and 1999. This area has a low vacancy rate, which means that the demand to live here is high. This is a desirable place to live for young families for its top public schools, high owner-occupancy rate, and low crime rates.

3. City Center, Irvine

  • Average Home Price: $88,790

Irvine is a small rural town located to the East of the army base, with many homes offering a short commute. The home prices are extremely affordable, costing less than 75.3% of Kentucky neighborhoods.

Also compared to the rest of the nation, the prices cost less than 87.5% of neighborhoods. The average rent in Irvine is also significantly low at $739, which is lower than 81.3% of Kentucky's neighborhoods. The area mainly has owner-occupied medium-sized to small single-family homes. The homes are also built between 1970 and 1999, which makes the area well-established but not old.

4. Berea, KY

  • Average Home Price: $138,301

Located south of the base, Berea is a small town that has many affordable single-family homes and rentals. The average rent in Berea is $838, an excellent rate for young families in a transitional period. This price is lower than 65.6% of Kentucky's neighborhoods.

This area is considered suburban based on population density, so it offers a more fast-paced life and closer proximity to amenities. Small families will particularly like the type of homes here, which are predominantly small to mid-sized single-family homes and apartments.

There is also a higher percentage of renters here, which means that the chances are better in finding somewhere to move into right away. A majority of the properties are also new, having been built after 1970 and many after the year 2000.

5. City Center, Lancaster, KY

  • Average Home Price: $115,669

Lancaster is another neighborhood located in the periphery of the Blue Grass Army Depot Base. It has homes that are more affordable than 60.8% of the rest of Kentucky neighborhoods. Rent is also affordable at $857, which is lower than 61.7% of Kentucky's rentals.

Based on the area's population density, Lancaster is rural, which offers plenty of quiet and privacy for local families. Small families can find what they need in the area's availability of small to mid-sized single-family homes and mobile homes. There is a low rental rate here, and many of the homes are well established, having been built between 1940 and 1999.

6. Vineyard, Nicholasville, KY

  • Average Home Price: $167,928

Nicholasville is a suburban neighborhood located in the northwest of the base. Vineyard is a small part of this town that has a lovely assortment of small to mid-sized single-family homes. The average rent in Vineyard is $1,168, which is higher than 82.7% of the rest of the state.

Vineyard has a mixture of owner-occupied and rented properties, which offers residents a variety of options for occupied by a mixture of owners and renters. Many of the residences in the Vineyard neighborhood are established but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999. A number of residences were also built between 2000 and the present.

Where to Live Near the Blue Grass Army Depot Base: Now You Know

If you're looking to move near the Blue Grass Army Depot Base, this list of neighborhoods can help you decide which one is right for you. Every area has an average price and typical property type which can serve families of different income levels and sizes.

Prospective residents also have the choice to live in suburban or rural areas based on their preferences. If you would like to explore more around this area, check out our other Neighborhood Guides.

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