Immerse yourself in the relaxing pace of small-town life that Portland has to offer. Excellent schools, relaxing hiking trails, and a community that you can appreciate for your whole life.Immerse yourself in the relaxing pace of small-town life that Portland has to offer. Excellent schools, relaxing hiking trails, and a community that you can appreciate for your whole life.Local Guide

8 Things to Know Before Moving to Portland, CT

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Portland, Connecticut is a small town of around 10,000 people located in Middlesex County. As you stroll through this community, you will encounter many familiar faces. This is a place where everybody knows everyone and time goes by a little more slowly. If you want to immerse yourself in the relaxing pace of small-town life, then Portland is for you.

This area has a lot to offer including excellent schools, beautiful scenery, relaxing hiking trails, and a safe community that you can appreciate for your whole life. The people who grew up here love Portland, while visitors also enjoy its quaint feel. If you've been considering a move to Portland, here are some things you should know before relocating.

1 It’s a small town.

Portland is everything a small town is expected to be. There's a tight-knit community, a quaint feel, and not many big-box retailers around. In fact, you can expect to see a lot of small businesses all around you. If you need to go shopping at a more "mainstream" place, then many residents go to Middletown or Hartford, two larger cities that are not too far away. However, there are still many essentials around like grocery stores and there is also the much-loved Dunkin' Donuts.

2 It can take a while to get in the mix.

As with all small towns, there is an existing community of people who have lived in the town for generations. This can be a tough situation if you want to socialize easily and blend in with a crowd. It's not the standard city experience where you can easily meet people. However, the longer you live here, the easier it is to get to know people and integrate into the community. Although at first it seems that most people know each other, one day, you too will become a familiar face. If you prefer to get into the mix immediately, then this place probably isn't for you.

3 Day trips are a must!

For individuals who want to live in a small town but be near the excitement of a big city, then Portland, Connecticut can satisfy those needs. While Portland offers a great small-town experience, you will be close to major cities like Boston and New York, which are just short train rides away. The convenience of not even having to bring your car to these big cities is appealing to many people, especially the young residents of Portland. In the summer, Portlanders enjoy making day trips to the beach. Multiple beaches are within just an hour of Portland, which makes a beach day highly accessible.

4 Portland has beautiful historic architecture.

Portland Connecticut has a long history as a quarry town. Therefore, many of its historic buildings are Brownstone buildings. Today, there are still many Brownstones remaining that people still live in. The residents of Portland are proud of this rich history and appreciate the beauty of this historic architectural style. In fact, many of the historic Brownstone homes that you see in New York City and Boston were built with stones from Portland's quarries. To get a great view of Brownstones in Portland, check out College Row at Wesleyan University.

5 It has a good school system.

Overall, the school systems in Portland ranks above average. Several schools are even National Blue Ribbon winners for consecutive years. On various school rating websites, Portland schools consistently rank well with excellent student-to-teacher ratios and above-average test scores. Many parents feel comfortable having their kids attend public school in Portland for this reason. There are also a few private schools for parents who prefer to put their kids in faith-based Educational Systems. No matter what path you choose, Portland offers excellent choices for parents who care about their children's education.

6 There is excellent hiking & fishing.

If you are a fan of outdoor sports and leisure time, then you will love Portland's easy access to fishing and hiking trails. There is excellent fishing in Job's Pond, where many locals go to get their next big catch. The State Forest has preserved hiking trails for people who want to stay active outdoors. The Brownstone Quarries is another popular outdoor attraction that is full of history.

7 It’s a river town.

Anyone who is a fan of water sports in Marina activities will love Portland Connecticut. The Connecticut River makes up about half of the town’s perimeter, as residents depended on this water source to survive at the town’s inception. Today, Portland has 8 marinas and boat clubs, attracting many aficionados of water sports and leisure.

8 Expect colder winters if you come from a warmer climate.

If you're used to a warmer climate, such as living in the southeastern United States on the west coast, be prepared for some colder temperatures in higher snow levels. This can be quite a shock to newcomers at first as they adjust to the colder average temperatures of Connecticut itself. For reference, the average high in July is only 84 degrees, while the temperature stays relatively cool and mild for much of the year. If you are a person who doesn't tolerate the cold well, this can be a big adjustment.

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