Explore some of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Grandville, MI. Great public schools, low crime, and family friendly amenities.Explore some of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Grandville, MI. Great public schools, low crime, and family friendly amenities.Local Guide

5 Great Family Neighborhoods in Grandville

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Best Neighborhoods Near Grandville

  • Heritage Hills
  • Heartside
  • West Side
  • Southtown
  • North Quarter

Found nestled on the shores of the Grand River, and just 10 minutes to the southwest of the downtown area of Grand Rapids, Grandville, offers an array of green spaces, including biking and hiking trails, as well as plenty of parks. Residents of this area also have access to the largest dining and shopping district in the region. While the amenities are vast, Grandville maintains a small town feel that's preserved in various rituals, including community celebrations such as fireworks displays and holiday parades that bring the community together.

Grandville is actually a suburb of the Grand Rapids community and has a population of 15,902. It is part of Kent County, and considered one of the best places to live in the entire state of Michigan. The community offers a suburban feel and most residents in this area own their home. There are many parks and restaurants in this community, and it's a popular place for young professionals and families to live. Also, the public schools are highly rated. If you're thinking of moving to this special place, you may wonder where to start. Read on to learn more about great family neighborhoods in Grandville.

Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills is one of the top, old-house neighborhoods in the nation and only a five-minute walk from downtown Grand Rapids. This area boasts the largest and most impressive collection of both 19th and 20th century homes. Virtually all styles of American architecture, from Prairie to Green Revival, can be seen in the more than 1,300 buildings in this neighborhood, with some dating all the way back to 1844. If you love history and old houses, this is the perfect neighborhood to keep your eye on.

  • Average age of residents: 37
  • Median income: $43,096


Found just a few steps outside of the busiest intersection in the downtown area, Heartside is made up of retail shops and art galleries, along with leading-edge medical facilities, as well as revered spiritual centers. This is the area of Grandville where artists congregate to work and live, where souls and bodies come to heal, and where visitors to the area flock to experience a diverse and vibrant community that's progressive in spirit and rich in history. This is wonderful area to live as a family and expose children art and culture.

  • Median income: $35,540
  • Crime rate: Chances of being a victim of a crime is 41 in every 1,000 residents

West Side

Locals to Grandville often refer to the West Side as the "best side." In 1842, this neighborhood was originally connected to the downtown area of Grand Rapids via a footbridge. With this in place, there was an influx of Irish, Polish, and German immigrants who populated the area, establishing a distinct business district amid the quiet, tree-lined residential streets. Today, the area has a growing Latino population, which is helping to add to the diversity of the area and is a contributing factor in the revitalization of both businesses and buildings in this historic, family-oriented community.

  • Median income: $60,151


When it comes to diversity, you won't find a community in Grandville that's offers more than Southtown. Here you can find Caucasians, African Americans, and a number of Latino groups, including Guatemalans, Dominicans, El Salvadorans, Cubans, and Mexican Americans all working and living together. The neighborhood offers several distinct business and residential areas, each offering a unique culture. While each of the areas is unique, they are also linked by a significant connection and commitment to family, along with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Average age of residents: 40
  • Median income: $53,532

North Quarter

If you follow the Grand River north and leave the downtown area, you will find the Creston and Cheshire Village districts. These are stable and strong residential areas, along with walkable commercial components and the biggest green space in the entire city. Each of the communities in this region emphasize the importance of renovation, rather than replacement. This means there are countless historic landmarks, buildings, and other touches. Also, more and more businesses are taking interest in the area, helping it grow more than ever before and even more than other areas in the region.

  • Average age of residents: 40
  • Median income: $43,526

Each of the areas in Grandville is unique and offers easy access to the bigger area of Grand Rapids, while allowing resident to live in a safe, small town community perfect for families. With a dedication to preserving the history of the area, those living in this community are proud of their heritage and excited about what the future holds.

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