Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the Naval Station Mayport and the immediate surrounding area around Jacksonville, FL.Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the Naval Station Mayport and the immediate surrounding area around Jacksonville, FL.Local Guide

4 Great Neighborhoods Near Naval Station Mayport

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The Mayport Naval Station is just south of the juncture of the St. Johns River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. This is a beautiful part of Jacksonville. The beaches are lovely, which include Seminole Beach and St. John Point.

To get to the Mayport Base, take Highway 101 from the south. You can also connect to Highway 101 at Wonderwood, which is south of the Mayport Base, where Highway 116 comes from the west.
The best neighborhoods include the adjacent residential area in Mayport and areas to the south, which include Wonderwood, North Beach, and Atlantic Beach.

Best Neighborhoods Near Naval Station Mayport

  • Mayport
  • Wonderwood
  • North Beach
  • Atlantic Beach


The little town of Mayport is to the west of the Mayport Naval Station and on the banks of the St. Johns River. This is a convenient area to live in if you want to be as close to the base as possible but not live on the base. On the other hand, you will have to tolerate the sound of aircraft landing and taking off at the nearby Naval airfield.

Home Styles in Mayport

This area has very modest housing including manufactured homes and two-bedroom cottage homes. There are large three- and four-bedroom homes that are contemporary styles. Some are two stories.

This is a middle-class neighborhood. Small houses have one-car garages and park vehicles in the driveway.

Housing Prices in Mayport

In Mayport, the median home price is $117,965. This is a lower price for a home than about 86% of all other Florida communities. Buying a home is a good deal because renting one is very expensive. The average rent in this neighborhood is $1,945 per month. This rent is higher than 76% of other Florida neighborhoods.

Things To Do in Mayport

Mayport has the David Wayne Pack Memorial Park and the Marine Science Education Center. If you have a recreational boat on a trailer, you can launch it into the water at the Mayport Boat Ramp on the St. Johns River. If you do not own a boat, then you can go on a fishing trip on a charter boat that offers ocean fishing excursions.

Golfers enjoy a round of golf at the Windy Harbor Golf Club with its challenging water features and sand bunkers. Mayport also has a gun range for practicing with firearms.


Wonderwood is south of the Mayport Base. It is at the intersection of Highways 101 and 116. It is only three miles from the base. It takes about ten minutes for the commute depending on the traffic.

Home Styles in Wonderwood

There are nice apartment complexes in Wonderwood for those who prefer to rent a place. Most of the homes have three or four bedrooms. They are simple ranch-style, one-story brick, and wood structures.

It is common to see cars parked in the driveway and a recreational boat that has a cover and is on its trailer. Wood and chainlink fencing marks many property lines.

Housing Prices in Wonderwood

Houses sell for a median price of $239,064. The average rent is $1,361 per month.

Thing To Do in Wonderwood

Families with children enjoy the Kid's Splash Park, the Hanna Park's Dolphin Plaza, and camping at Hanna Park Campground. You can rent a kayak or go on a guided tour at the Adventure Kayak Florida.

North Beach

Going a bit further south from Wonderwood on Mayport Road, you find the community of North Beach. North Beach is not on a beach; however, you can drive a few miles to the eastern shore. Being a little further inland gives North Beach the distinct advantage of having less risk from storm surge during hurricanes.

Home Styles in North Beach

Most of the homes in the area are medium-sized with three or four bedrooms. Renters find many nice apartment complexes with one- and two-bedroom apartments for rent. There are a few high-rise condominium buildings with nice views.

There are not many older homes constructed during the 1930s to 1960s. Most of the homes went up from 1970 to 1999. This gives the neighborhood a newer feel.

Home Prices in North Beach

Houses sell for a median price of $184,327. If you want to rent a home, be prepared to pay around $1,395 per month.

Things To Do in North Beach

Modesky Park is a nice place to go for a walk and have a picnic. Just south of the park, there is a Fishing Platform on a tributary of Garden Creek. Also, in this area is the Dutton Island Preserve for those who like to see wildlife and do some bird watching. Launching a kayak onto the Intracoastal Waterway is possible from the Dutton Island Kayak Launch.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is directly on the beach. This is a very desirable and exclusive area to own a home. It offers Florida living and the beach lifestyle at its best.

Home Styles in Atlantic Beach

There are many styles of homes in Atlantic Beach. The most elegant ones are Mediterranean villas that are stunning mansions positioned right on the beach. These luxury properties sell for more than $1 million. Even going a few blocks away from the beach will find homes that are close to $1 million.

Housing Prices in Atlantic Beach

This is a very pricey area. The median home price in Atlantic Beach is $770,618. The average rent is $2,468.

Things to Do in Atlantic Beach

Besides the many miles of stunning beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, attractions in this area include Waters Park, Johansen Park, Jack Russell Park, and the Atlantic Beach Country Club. Boating enthusiasts can use their boat on the Intracoastal Waterway.

They can take it out into the ocean for deep-sea fishing if it is the type of boat, which can handle the ocean journey. A nice place to enjoy a spa day is the One Ocean Resort & Spa located on the beach.

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