Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the Naval Hospital Beaufort Navy Base and the immediate surrounding area around Beaufort, SC.Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the Naval Hospital Beaufort Navy Base and the immediate surrounding area around Beaufort, SC.Local Guide

4 Great Neighborhoods Near Naval Hospital Beaufort

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Best Neighborhoods Near Naval Hospital Beaufort

  • Mossy Oaks
  • Port Royal
  • Yacht Club Estates
  • Gibbs Island

History of the Naval Hospital

The Naval Hospital in Beaufort, South Carolina, is a unique entity. It provides medical services for the U.S. Navy and was first commissioned in April 1949. What makes it unique is that it is one of a few such hospital locations that has its own complex. Most other Naval hospitals sit within a larger base.

Prior to the founding of the hospital, the land was the John Joiner Smith Plantation. The plantation originally included Fort Frederick and Camp Sexton, which was a garrison during the Civil War. Both of these buildings remain and are on the National Historical Registry for their significance to the country.

The Naval Hospital gets its name from the city it sits in – Beaufort, South Carolina. This community is located just to the north of Port Royal. It provides services to the Marine Corps bases that are nearby, including MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island. This location also provides services to those at Laurel Bay, which is a housing area associated with the military bases in the area.

Another notable fact about Navel Hospital Beaufort is that it was the home of the very first federally authorized black unit, called First South Carolina Volunteers. These individuals signed up and fought for the Union during the Civil War. One of the reasons for this location's choice was that it was one of the first locations where the Emancipation Proclamation was read by General Rufus Saxton. That took place on January 1, 1863.

Today, to pay homage to the location's history, there is often a reenactment of the reading of the Emancipation Proclamation at the camp location.

The second notable building on the property is Fort Frederick. It was built earlier in 1735 with the goal of providing protection for the town of Beaufort from Native Americans and the Spanish. Those visiting the area can see the fort's walls, which were maintained throughout the years and are a historical monument on the hospital grounds. This area also served as a garrison during the Civil War.

Throughout the next decades, the property was maintained for various needs, including the building of the Naval Hospital, Paris Island. This first Naval hospital served the region from 1891 through 1949. At that time, Naval Hospital, Beaufort was commissioned.

The entire hospital base is made up of several sections. This includes the hospital itself, which is the largest building and portion, as well as two Branch Medical Offices. There is also a Marine Corps Recruit Depot located on the property and the Parris Island establishment, and the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort location.

The property spans about 53 acres of land, much of which is wooded. There are several additional structures on site, including the two Bachelor Enlisted Quarters buildings, a gas station, the Navy Exchange Retail store, and a packaging store. There is also a public works building on the site.

For those who are a part of the establishment, there are numerous amenities on the site. This includes a full outdoor fitness course, a large gym, and a children's playground. There are also basketball courts, walking trails, two softball fields, and lighted tennis courts. A large swimming pool is available, and there's a fishing pier off one of the local lakes.

There are extensive U.S. military installations in and around Beaufort, South Carolina. Many active military and retirees live in this area. Retirees who need ongoing healthcare appreciate being close to the Navy Hospital in Beaufort.

The hospital is just south of the McTeer Bridge (Ladys Island Drive), which crosses over to Gibbs Island. This is in a nice area between Mossy Oaks and Port Royal. It is close to the Fort Frederick Cultural Heritage Preserve. This area is a large island that is accessible from the north by Highway 281 (Ribaut Road) and from the east/southwest by Highway 21.

The best neighborhoods near the Navy Hospital in Beaufort include the nearby areas of Mossy Oaks and to the south Port Royal. For those willing to cross the McTeer Bridge (Ladys Island Drive) for a bit of a commute there are luxury homes in the Yacht Clubs Estates and Gibbs Island.

Mossy Oaks Neighborhood

Mossy Oak is adjacent to the area of the Naval Hospital Beaufort just to the north of the hospital. This is a terrific place for boat owners because it is near Safe Harbor Port Royal. You can moor a boat there by renting dock space at the marina. For those families with someone who needs long-term care or elder care, the Beaufort Nursing and Rehab facility is in this neighborhood.

Home Styles in Mossy Oaks

Most of the homes are larger with three to five bedrooms that are ranch style, colonial, and craftsman homes. Many went up on big lots in the 1950s to 1960s and now have mature landscaping.

More modest cottage style homes are also available that sit on small lots packed more closely together. For those interested in renting, there are very beautiful apartment complexes in this neighborhood.

Housing Prices in Mossy Oaks

In this neighborhood, homes sell for a median price of $287,227. The rental rate averages around $1,000 per month.

Thing To Do in Mossy Oaks

Families enjoy a visit to Southside Park for a picnic. Bring the dog along to enjoy the special are called the Southside Dog Park. Boating, fishing, and all kinds of water sports are popular in this area.

Port Royal Neighborhood

The Naval Hospital Beaufort is on an extensive campus surrounded by a loop of Pinckney Boulevard, located in the eastern part of Port Royal near the water.

Home Styles in Port Royal

Home choices in this area include smaller cottage homes with one or two bedrooms, larger estate homes with three or four bedrooms, and lavish waterfront estates. This neighborhood has some homes built before 1969; however, most of the home construction occurred from 1970 to 1999.

Housing Prices in Port Royal

The median home price in this neighborhood is $233,408. The average rent is $1,286 per month. Rents are higher here because fewer homes are on the rental market and vacancy rates are low. There are nice apartment complexes.

Things to Do in Port Royal

The Port Royal Art & Community Center offers many activities for families with kids. The Port Royal skate park is very close to the Naval Hospital. The Cypress Wetlands offers spectacular bird watching, hiking trails, and has an outdoor amphitheater for enjoyable afternoon and evening performances.

Yacht Club Estates

A short seven-mile commute to the northeast of the Naval Hospital takes you to the luxurious area of Yacht Club Estates located on Ladys Island. Boat owners truly appreciate this neighborhood. For those who can afford a waterfront property with a dock, the lifestyle is spectacular.

Home Styles near Yacht Club Estates

This an area filled with massive estates nestled in the rolling hills, surrounded by lush mature forests, and a handful of supreme properties located on the water. Most of the homes are owner-occupied. This neighborhood is newer with many homes built after 2000 and about half of them built from 1970 to 1999.

Housing Prices near Yacht Club Estates

The median price of a home in this neighborhood is $441,226. One- or two-bedroom apartments rent for about $1,185 per month. If you feel that you cannot afford this area, go further north to more modestly-priced homes in Ladys Island that are closer to Beaufort High School.

Things To Do near Yacht Club Estates

The big attraction in this area is the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club. Besides all the boating, sailing, and water sports that are enjoyable, there is a large clubhouse with a gigantic outdoor swimming pool.

Extending towards the south from the yacht marina is Burkmeyer Beach for a lovely stroll along the water of you rent a vacation home there. It is a private beach with no free public access. Some parts offer paid entrance.

Gibbs Island Neighborhood

If you cross over the McTeer Bridge (Ladys Island Drive) and turn south, you arrive at the Gibbs Island area. It is only a five-mile commute from the Naval Hospital.

Home Styles in Gibbs Island

This area has historic properties and antebellum mansions mixed in with contemporary designs. Many of the homes surround lovely smaller lakes or have a dock on the larger waterways surrounding the island.

Housing Prices in Gibbs Island

The median price of a home in this neighborhood is $541,124. There are not many apartments or homes available to rent. If you find one the rent, it will be around $1,200 or more. Rental homes on the water usually are more likely short-term vacation rentals than for long-term rentals.

Things to Do in Gibbs Island

Golfers love the Secession Golf Club, which covers a large part of Gibbs Island. Playing golf on a course with spectacular water views is very enjoyable. It is the most prominent feature on the island and its main attraction.

Other Notable Areas

Beaufort River Tours

A number of organizations provide river tours down the Broad River and Beaufort River and some along the Port Royal Sound Basis. These tours typically last from 30 minutes to an hour or two and allow individuals to travel through the Downtown Beaufort Marina, seeing numerous sites along the way.

Port Royal Observation

For those visiting the area for the first time, one way to experience the charm and tranquility of the area is to explore the Port Royal Boardwalk and Observation Tower. The boardwalk spans Battery Creek and provides impressive views of the waterway out in front of it. It is quite the sight to see the sun rise or set over this waterway.

For those who want to cool down on a hot day, the coastal breezes make for a nice touch. It is also common to see lots of wildlife in the area, including dolphins and coastal birds. It's possible to spend some time fishing here or wading nearby.

Cypress Wetlands

The Cypress Wetlands are an alluring, beautiful place to visit. These are protected wetland areas that aim to support the needs of the local wildlife. Those who want a unique look at the local wetlands can walk along a boardwalk or one of the walking trails to do so. It's possible to see numerous types of birds, including blue herons, alligators, and turtles.

There is also an amphitheater on the property that provides educational programming and community events. The area is open to the public for walking tours throughout the year.

Parris Island Museum

The Parris Island Museum is a 10,000-square-foot facility that provides numerous exhibits that showcases the history of the area. There is also a full history of the United States Marine Corps on display. It also offers a history of Port Royal and the surrounding areas. It also provides some insight into the Native American civilization of the area, progressing through the French and Spanish colonies.

The museum was established in January 1975. Prior to that, the building served as a War Memorial Building that was built in 1951.

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