Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the MCAS base and the immediate surrounding area around Beaufort, South Carolina.Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the MCAS base and the immediate surrounding area around Beaufort, South Carolina.Local Guide

4 Great Neighborhoods Near MCAS Beaufort - Merritt Field

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Beaufort is on the east coast of South Carolina just northwest of St. Helena Island, north of Port Royal, and east of Laurel Bay. Some of the best neighborhoods near the MCAS base include the immediate surrounding area are:

  • Intersection of Drayton Street and Geiger Boulevard
  • Polk Village and The City Center
  • Mossy Oaks
  • Salem Plantation

About the MCAS Beaufort Area

It is a waterway paradise, where families can enjoy an outing at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. This park runs right along the water. It has a theater and a playground for kids. Boat owners can moor their boats at the nearby downtown Marina. History buffs will appreciate Janet's History Walking Tour of the downtown area.

MCAS Beaufort (Drayton St./Geiger Blvd.)

Surprisingly, the area surrounding the base is the most desirable part of Beaufort. Because the base is such a big employer, even of civilians, it is very desirable to live nearby for the benefit of having a short commute to work.

Home Styles near MCAS Beaufort

This area has a nice mixture of a rural lifestyle with the modern conveniences of living in a city. This neighborhood is established but not old. Some of the homes were built before 1969. However, the vast majority of homes were built during the housing boom that occurred from 1970 to 1999.

The homes in this neighborhood are modest in size with the largest ones having three or four bedrooms. There are smaller colonial- and ranch- style homes mixed in with multifamily properties and apartment complexes. Some older Victorian-style homes have been converted into small apartment buildings.

Housing Prices near MCAS Beaufort

The median price of a home in this neighborhood is $386,302. Many people who come to the area have a short-term assignment at the base. They stay an average of two to three years and are renters, so there are plenty of rental homes available in this area.

Things To Do near MCAS Beaufort

The Marine Corps Recruit Depot - Parris Island is also known simply as "Parris Island" is open to the public. To gain entry a driver needs to show a driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

Most visitors enjoy seeing the recruits in training and a visit to the Parris Island Museum, which has historical displays about the U.S. Marine Corps. Every other year, which ends in an odd number, there is the MCAS Beaufort Air Show. It is a popular attraction to view military aircraft and stunt-flight performances.

Polk Village and The City Center Neighborhood

Heading southeast from the base, one finds Polk Village and then further east is the City Center with its historic buildings and beautiful waterfront.

Home Styles in Polk Village and The City Center

This area has historic properties and contemporary apartment complexes like those found in many downtown areas. It is a vibrant neighborhood with many nice homes, which include traditional colonial homes, Victorian houses, tract-home bungalows, and contemporary townhouses.

Housing Prices in Polk Village and The City Center

The median home price in this neighborhood is $291,847. The median rent for a home in this area is a modest $1,005 per month. The rent is lower than 56% of other communities in South Carolina.

Things to Do in Polk Village and The City Center

The waterfront is the biggest attraction. This area is very walkable, which makes it a nice place to go for an afternoon stroll. There are plenty of small shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other local hangouts to explore.

Mossy Oaks Neighborhood

Heading south from Polk Village towards Port Royal, one finds the neighborhood of Mossy Oaks. This is a coastal neighborhood. If you own a nice boat, you can become an owner in the Yacht Club Estates across the water on the eastern side.

Then you can have a house on the water with your boat moored next to it. Alternatively, there is a marina to moor a boat at Safe Harbor Port Royal, which is part of Mossy Oaks.

Home Styles in Mossy Oaks

There are nice apartment complexes in this area and modest three-to-four bedroom bungalow homes. Almost everything was built before 1999, which gives this neighborhood a well-established feel. The schools are good, with excellent healthcare services offered at the medical center near the Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

Housing Prices in Mossy Oaks

The median home price in this neighborhood is $287,227. The average rent is $1,011 per month.

Thing To Do in Mossy Oaks

The recreational opportunities on the water are some of this area's most exciting attractions. Boating, fishing, and all other kinds of water sports are favorite things for the locals to do. It is fun to explore the waterways and to visit nearby islands.

Salem Plantation Neighborhood

Salem Plantation is south of the military base. There is a large area of green space next to the housing development. Many of the homes in this area were built after 2000 so it is a newer neighborhood when compared to historic areas of Beaufort.

Home Styles in Salem Plantation

The home choices in this neighborhood include smaller single-family homes with one or two bedrooms, larger homes with three or four bedrooms, and lavish lakefront estates.

Housing Prices in Salem Plantation

The median home price in this neighborhood is $264,402. The average rent is $1,132 per month. Rents are higher here because of fewer homes on the rental market than those offered in other parts of the city.

Things to Do in Salem Plantation

The Spanish Moss Trail is a perfect place for a hike. Families with kids will enjoy a visit to the Kazoo Factory that makes Kazoobie Kazoos. There is a Kazoo Museum showing the history of the easy-to-play instrument and factory tours to see how kazoos are made. Soak up the local history and heritage at the Gullah Geechee Visitors Center to learn more about Beaufort.

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