Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the USMC Support Facility and the immediate surrounding area around Jacksonville, FL.Discovery some of the best neighborhoods near the USMC Support Facility and the immediate surrounding area around Jacksonville, FL.Local Guide

4 Great Neighborhoods Near Blount Island Command

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The USMC Support Facility Blount Island (aka Blount Island Command) is on the banks of the eastern side of the Blount Island Channel that comes off the St. Johns River. There is the Back River Channel that cuts deep into Blount Island leading to the Blount Island Marine Terminal.

This is the waterway entrance for boats, ships, and other authorized watercraft. Vehicular traffic comes off an exit on the I-295 freeway to take Highway 105 to cross a small bridge for access at the Visitor Control Center leading into the marine terminal on its northern side.

This is an industrial area without any residential neighborhoods. The best neighborhoods from the surrounding area are Chandlers Crossing to the north, San Mateo to the west, Little Marsh Hill across the channel to the east, and Beacon Hills & Harbour across the St. Johns River to the south.

Best Neighborhoods Near Blount Island Command

  • Chandlers Crossing
  • San Mateo
  • Little Marsh Hill
  • Beacon Hills
  • Harbour Neighborhood

Chandlers Crossing

The Chandlers Crossing neighborhood is north of the USMC Support Facility Blount Island. It is the first residential area that you encounter going north after passing through the industrial zone. Chandlers Crossing is adjacent to Oceanway and Jamestown.

Home Styles in Chandlers Crossing

Development in this area occurred over the past 90 years with many custom homes built and subdivisions constructed. There are also luxury homes built on large lots and some attractive apartment complexes. Many of the homes are newer, built since 2000. Most of the homes are owner-occupied.

Housing Prices in Chandlers Crossing

Houses sell for a median price of $202,976 in this neighborhood. The average monthly rental rate is $1,502. This rent is lower than about half of the other Florida communities.

Things To Do in Chandlers Crossing

Families enjoy the area around Lake Dumont, which includes the William F. Sheffield Regional Park. Take children to the Sheffield Park Playground. Go for a hike on the Lea Loop Trailhead. For those who like target practice with a rifle, they can visit the Jacksonville Clay Target Sports Center.

San Mateo

To get to the San Mateo neighborhood, the I-295 beltway runs from the area of the USMC Support Facility Blount Island and then passes through the industrial area of North New Berlin. After that, you take the exit from the I-295 at Pulaski Road.

There is a large residential housing section adjacent to N. Main Street and, for those who can afford it, houses with a boat dock on the shores of the Broward River.

Home Styles in San Mateo

The houses in the residential development area of San Mateo are modest tract homes mostly of three or four bedrooms. The homes on the river are lavish estates if used as a primary residence or smaller if used as vacation homes.

There are rental homes, mostly occupied during the high season. There is a variety of home styles. Styles include contemporary, Craftsman, single-story brick, colonial, and Mediterranean villas. Most of the homes in this neighborhood date to before 1999.

Housing Prices in San Mateo

Homes sell for a median price of $211,197. The regular rental price for a home is around $1,600 per month if it is a long-term rental. Rents can be twice that amount if the house is a short-term vacation rental.

Thing To Do in San Mateo

There is an attractive San Mateo Neighborhood Park on the western side of the residential area. Boating and fishing on the Broward River is a fun excursion. Taking Highway 17 south for about eight miles leads to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and Imeson Park, which has a nice small lake.

Little Marsh Hill

Take Highway 105 and drive around to the eastern side of the Blount Island Channel to reach Little Marsh Hill. From there, you have a view of the USMC Support Facility Blount Island across the river water.

This is a compact neighborhood surrounded by the vast Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. For those who work at the Blount Island Command, the commute to work is just a few minutes.

Home Styles in Little Marsh Hill

The homes in this neighborhood are mostly single-story brick or ranch styles. There are also some two-story colonial and luxury mansions. They have large lots and big grass lawns for front yards.

The homes are set back from the road with a long driveway leading to a two-car garage. Everyone keeps landscaping in immaculate condition so the neighborhood always looks nice.

Home Prices in Little Marsh Hill

Houses sell for a median price of $306,746. Rent is expensive in this area. The rental homes have an average rent of $2,109 per month.

Things To Do in Little Marsh Hill

The fun thing to do in this neighborhood is to go boating on the St. Johns River. Everything you need for fishing is available at the White Shell Bait & Tackle Shop. If you do not have a house with a dock on the river, there are plenty of boat ramps that you can use to get your recreational boat into the water.

Beacon Hills & Harbour Neighborhood

From the Blount Island Command, you have to go south on I-295 and then east on Highway 116 to get to the Beacon Hills & Harbour neighborhood. It is only a few miles if you could fly like a bird.

However, by car, you need to go around a big circle of about 12 miles, which can take up to 20 minutes in heavy traffic. Still, many like to live in this desirable neighborhood and do not mind the commute.

Home Styles in Beacon Hills & Harbour

Ranch style and single-story brick homes are popular. Modern style architecture and contemporary choices mix with traditional styles. Most of the homes are large and the lots are at least one-half acre.

Housing Prices in Beacon Hills & Harbour

The median home price in Beacon Hills & Harbour is $371,515. The average rent is $2,284.

Things to Do in Beacon Hills & Harbour

In this area, you will enjoy the clubhouse and golfing at the Hidden Hills Golf Club. There is the large Ed Austin Regional Park with a dog running area. In adjacent St. Johns Bluff, there is the Fort Caroline National Memorial., which is a pleasant place to visit. Boating enthusiasts can use one of the two boat ramps on the St Johns River.

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