Michigan State University provides many education opportunities. Start your college career right by moving to one of the following 4 areas.Michigan State University provides many education opportunities. Start your college career right by moving to one of the following 4 areas.Local Guide

4 Great Neighborhoods for Michigan State University Students

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Michigan State University provides many excellent education opportunities for the ambitious student. If you plan on moving here to start your college career, the following four neighborhoods are among the finest. They are reviewed primarily according to rent, crime rate, nightlife access, and the quality of the available libraries. We've highlighted some of the best neighborhoods for Michigan State Students

  • North Neighborhood
  • Okemos
  • Dewitt
  • Waverly

North Neighborhood

First on our list is North Neighborhood, an on-campus area that contains many benefits for those who choose to live here. First of all, you are very close to campus and can use your student loan money to pay for the rent. Though you may end up paying more than if you lived off-campus, being close to the school is a great benefit. Most students hail The Gallery, which is close to North Neighborhood, as the finest dining hall on campus. So you know you'll be eating well when you live here.

And if you live in Snyder-Phillips Hall, you also get access to a fitness center and have the closest proximity to campus. Many North Neighborhood students rank this hall as the best in the area. By contrast, Gilchrist Hall is often listed as the worst. This hall s one of the oldest in America, and it lacks amenities, like a gym, that makes other modern halls more attractive.

Crime may be a problem if you choose to live on campus. According to statistics, MSU experiences 2,554 crimes per year on a study body of around 50,000 people. That's one crime per every 50 students. That said, East Lansing itself has a crime rate of 1 per every 32 residents, which makes it safer to live on campus than in the town itself. Thankfully, the many neighborhoods nearby are much safer and, in some cases, less expensive to rent.


Located about three miles from MSU's campus, Okemos is often a popular destination for many students. Those who love the nightlife, in particular, flock here. There are many different bars, including Buddies Pub and Grill, Dusty's Tap Room, and Henry's Place. Many offer food and wine options, while others focus on showcasing popular MSU sports games.

Serious students will appreciate the proximity of the town to the college - you could walk there if you were ambitious enough - and the easy access to the CADL - Okemos Library. Though not vast, it does offer wireless internet, many periodicals, and a relaxing place to hang out and do homework. And music fans can rejoice at the famous Flat Black and Circular record shop in town.

Unfortunately, crime rates are a little higher here than on campus, with a rate of 1 per every 39 residents. However, it is safer than East Lansing and cheaper. The average rent rates are about $1,043 or so. Compared to the nearly $7,000 you'll pay per semester for on-campus living, this rent is fair. And you can split the rent with one or two people and not have to worry about on-campus shenanigans.


Those who want to live in a safer area near campus should choose Dewitt. Crime rates are around 5 per 1,000 residents or 1 per 200. That is easily the lowest crime rate in the area, which makes Dewitt a comfortable place for many students. Dewitt has been hailed as one of the safest places to live in the country. And the rent is reasonable: expect around $1,039 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Thankfully, plenty of activities exist in Dewitt to keep you entertained. Head to Relli's Sports Bar to catch a State football game if you don't feel like going to campus. While here, enjoy a delicious pizza or more specialized Italian food. You can also head to Bridge Street Social, a popular restaurant and bar that attracts many students and other campus personnel. And concerts at Knob Hill Tavern remain another popular choice for MSU students.

Though you'll be about 12 miles from campus, which may make studying hard, you get easy access to the Dewitt District Library. This library has wireless internet and many tables where you can work on homework. If you can't afford the internet or need a quiet place to do homework, this may be a good option for you.


Lastly, those who want to save on rent often move to Waverly. Located eight miles from campus, rent costs around $867 per month. This makes Waverly easily one of the least expensive places for MSU students to live in the area. And while the crime rate is higher than Dewitt, it isn't excessively high. In most years, 1 out of 50 residents is impacted by crime in Waverly.

The bar scene in Waverly is pretty dominant, and another reason why so many students flock here. The Bordeaux provides wine, food, and liquor at reasonable prices. And the LongHorn Steakhouse includes many delicious meals and drinks for hungry students. Though these destinations are a little pricey compared to others, they are an excellent once-a-month spot for the average MSU student.

However, the biggest benefit of this neighborhood is its plentiful access to libraries. The Delta Township District Library and Louis M Detro Memorial Library are both near this area. And with access to a Little Free Library at 1328 Brookside Drive, you shouldn't have a hard time finding books with which to study.

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