Driving these big rigs from point A to point B is no easy task, but so is parking one long term. Find out what to look for when searching for a long term parking solution.Driving these big rigs from point A to point B is no easy task, but so is parking one long term. Find out what to look for when searching for a long term parking solution.Lifestyle

Finding the Right Semi-Truck Parking Solution

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When you go grocery shopping and see full shelves of produce, meat, and non-perishable goods, you can thank America's Truckers. While planes and ships deliver goods internationally, it is the trucking industry that gets all your necessities to your local stores. Driving these big rigs from point A to point B is no easy task either. With limited truck rest stops and allowable places to park within city limits, finding a long-term place to store a semi-truck can be an even bigger challenge. Many homeowners associations and city ordinances ban semi-truck parking in many locations. So what can you do when you want to take some days off the job, but you don't have anywhere to park your rig? The key lies in finding the right semi-truck parking solutions at a storage rental facility. Its safe, legal, and will give you great peace of mind.

When You Can’t Park on Private Property

Whether you live in a strict HOA community or within city ordinances that don't allow oversized vehicles to be on a property within certain limitations, it can be frustrating to find a reliable place to park. You may also not have the right setup to accommodate a semi-truck on your property. Perhaps only one part of your road is paved which leaves a decent part of the rig on gravel or soil. Your semi-truck can then become vulnerable to a lot of damage or even get stuck in wet soil.

In these cases, having a safe and reliable storage rental unit parking spot can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. You also get peace of mind since storage facilities are zoned to allow large vehicle parking. This means you never have to wonder if the parking spot for your semi-truck at a storage rental unit is legal. So, keep the fines away and store your semi-truck in a spot reserved just for you.

Look For Variety

A quality storage facility will cover a variety of storage options for your semi-truck. It's more easy to find uncovered options, but there are also covered spaces at different storage unit locations. There should also be many options for parking space sizes. Measure how much square footage your semi takes up so that you can find the right size of parking space to keep your vehicle safe when it’s not in use. These options ensure that you get the right accommodations that fit your budget.

Look for Convenient locations

When it's time to retrieve your truck, it's far more convenient to store it near your home and other desirable amenities like places to eat and shop. After all, a semi-truck doesn’t fit in most restaurant's parking lots or drive throughs. You should also check with the facility if you can do the paperwork for both your personal in-town vehicle and semi-truck. In this way, you can drive to the storage rental space, retrieve your semi-truck and leave your smaller vehicle in the same space for when you return. This takes all the stress out of ordering UBER rides to and from the storage rental unit, which can end up costing a lot over time.

Look for Security

When you park your semi-truck on private property or leave it in a questionable public location, you can run into a variety of security issues. First, you are the only one in charge of your vehicle safety and integrity when you leave it on a side road or parking lot. There may or may not be security cameras around to catch any kind of criminal activity such as vandalism or even theft. Random parking spaces may also not be well lit which can make it easier for crimes that happened to your vehicle.

On the other hand, storage rental services can offer fully paid parking areas with robust lighting. There should also be a gate-only entry that requires a special code. Fenced-in parking areas provide an extra layer of protection while the 24/7 security cameras and on-site staff make it far more difficult for something unforeseen to happen to your semi-truck.

Free Space at Home

Sometimes it may be possible to park your semi-truck at home but leaving it on your property causes conditions to be cramped. It may be difficult for multiple residents to get in and out of the driveway safely or comfortably. If you are tired of playing the driveway shuffle with multiple vehicles, then free up space at home by storing your semi-truck at a storage rental unit near you.

Semi Truck Parking Spaces at Storage Rentals of America

Freight is the lifeline of this country. If trucks stopped running right now, within 3 days supply chains would be severely disrupted and store shelves would start to empty very quickly. At Storage Rentals of America, we are so thankful for all the people who drive trucks to keep this country going. This is why we strive to offer the best semi-truck parking solutions for America's Truckers. If you need a spot for your semi, contact one of our customer service associates today. We will help you find the right location and solution for your needs.

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