Military families have unique needs, especially when it comes to relocating frequently. Find out what you should look for when searching for a storage unit.Military families have unique needs, especially when it comes to relocating frequently. Find out what you should look for when searching for a storage unit.Lifestyle

Finding the Right Military Storage Solution

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Military families have unique needs, especially when it comes to relocating frequently. When moving to a new base at unexpected times as a way of life, military families have grown accustomed to changing their scenery often. But with these fast changes, hardly anything stays the same. This means that not every new home matches the former furniture setup and maximum storage needs.

While some properties may be larger than your needs, there may be others in which a lot of your furniture must stay behind. Instead of losing these valuable belongings, you can use the right military storage solution to keep them safe until they can be used again. In this way, you won't lose your valuable Investments, especially if your next housing may be large enough to accommodate all your furniture. How do you find the right military storage solution for you? This guide will show you the criteria that set apart ordinary storage solutions from ones that are friendly for military families.

Look for Flexibility

Military families that must undergo another permanent change of situation (PCS) are all too familiar with the need for flexible storage solutions. Whether it's a long or short-term storage plan, military families don't want rigid plans that leave them paying for a unit they won't be using for a long time. For instance, nobody wants to be locked into a one-year plan when they only need the unit for three months. This is a waste of money, and it can be frustrating when all the family wants to do is move on. Therefore, before you lock in on a storage rental, ask them what type of plans they offer, especially month-to-month solutions.

Look for Easy Payment Solutions

Moving to a new location with your family is hard enough, so small details like paying for your storage unit can slip through the cracks. Therefore, the best military storage solution will offer convenient over-the-phone and online payment solutions. Better yet, the option to automate your payments will make everything so much easier and streamlined. This set and forget option is great for military families who are heavily focused on relocating, packing, and coordinating the movers after they put their belongings in storage. It also ensures that nobody misses a payment and risks losing access to their valuable belongings.

Look for Convenient Locations

When you move your belongings, you don't want to leave your furniture behind at your old station. You want everything nearby and in a convenient location so that when it's time to move on to the next permanent change of situation, you can grab the rest of your belongings and potentially use more of your storage items at your new location. This is why it's important to look for a storage solution that has a network of units in conveniently-located areas.

Getting a storage unit near your new home can also give you access to items that you may need — including seasonal items. It makes a big difference when you don't have to drive hours to access your belongings. Having the option to swap out furniture or to go back and get a hobby-related item can also greatly increase your quality of life at your new home.

Look for Diverse Storage Solutions

Every family’s set of belongings is different and has unique storage needs. This is why a quality storage rental service will offer a wide range of units to accommodate these needs. For example, a family that needs to downsize should get a large storage unit to store tall furniture and a lot of boxes. On the other hand, a family that simply needs to store seasonal items due to losing a garage or an attic space can get by with a small to medium-size storage unit.

In most cases, a standard storage unit will work especially when the situation is not long-term. However, if you plan to protect items for many months and over different seasons, it's wise to get a climate-controlled unit. Over time, humidity or extreme cold can damage more delicate items like pianos, instruments, electronics, tools, and sporting goods. If you want to keep something in pristine condition, then it's best to opt for a climate control unit from the start. Though these cost more than standard units, you will also mitigate risks of damage and loss that can happen when a valuable item sits for too long in extreme temperatures.

  • Tip: To make sure your items stay in good condition, store high-needs belongings like electronics in their original packaging. Sporting goods and other “fussy” items need to be winterized properly before they can sit in storage for a season. Always keep loose items in boxes and protect everything from dust.

Find a Storage Rental Near Your New Station

Storage Rentals of America is the right military storage solution for you. Not only do we offer flexible plans, but we have a wide range of storage rental units that can suit your needs and budget. Our highly secure facility will give you peace of mind and the confidence that you were items will be in great condition when it's time to move on to the next situation.

We're Your Storage Solution!

Storage Rentals of America is your convenient self-storage solution. So come into our office or give our storage experts a call at 1-800-457-5678. Our call center is available 7 days a week and can help determine which storage unit size best fits your storage needs.

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