Foster Air Force Base, near Victoria, Texas, operated during World War II and the Cold War, now repurposed; family-friendly neighborhoods like Port Lavaca, El Campo, and Beeville provide diverse living options.Foster Air Force Base, near Victoria, Texas, operated during World War II and the Cold War, now repurposed; family-friendly neighborhoods like Port Lavaca, El Campo, and Beeville provide diverse living options.Local Guide

Best Family Neighborhoods Near Foster Air Force Base

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Foster Air Force Base is located about 6 miles from Victoria, Texas. It is a former US Air Force facility with a long history of providing service and support to the country. The location no longer operates as a military base, but the property continues to be used for other needs. For those who lived and worked here, the work was quite vital to various operations over the country’s military history.

The History of Foster Air Force Base

Foster Air Force Base operated in several bursts of periods. During World War II, it served as a part of the Tactical Air Command as a flying training airfield. During the first years of the Cold War, the base served as a tactical fighter and command base. It was in operation for two specific periods from 1941 through 1945 and then again from 1952 through 1959. The location was named after Lt. Arthur L Foster, who was a native Texan who served as a US Army Air Corps instructor and was killed in a crash nearby.

When the base was first commissioned, it was designed to support the efforts as a single-engine flying school for pilots. As it was initially used, the Gulf Coast Air Corps Training Center was an important training facility for combat troops for the war. Many advanced trainers, combat fighters, and fighter bombers learned their skills here. At the war's end, it became a separation station and was put into standby status.

In September 1952, it was relaunched as Foster Air Force Base by the US Air Forces to meet the needs of the Korean War training efforts. The location would serve a variety of outfits in the months and years to come. Then, in 1959, the base was closed for budget cuts.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods Near Foster Air Force Base

The Air Force Base is near Victoria, Texas, the largest city in the area. This city is home to over 65,000 people and has been an essential supporter of the base throughout its history. As a larger city, this community has many smaller neighborhoods that may be ideal for a family looking to live close to the base. Keep in mind that a wide variety of smaller towns nearby could also serve your needs well. The following are some of the best family neighborhoods near Foster Air Force Base to consider.

Port Lavaca

The city of Port Lavaca is a short 34-minute drive from the Air Force Base and offers a location right on a large and busy port. The city is home to about 11,500 people, and it provides a good quality of life for a variety of reasons. First, it offers a beautiful, walkable waterfront with numerous beaches and parks. The city also has a Main Street downtown area with shops and smaller, family-owned restaurants. The community’s economy is centered on the port, which is primarily a manufacturing port with some fishing services. As for families, a stable economy, numerous parks, including access to the Nautical Landings Marina, and a sound school system make the area desirable.

Home values in Port Lavaca, TX, range widely from $34,000 up to $3.98 million. The median sold home price at the end of 2023 was $175,000. There are also homes for rent here, including single-family homes and condos. Some apartment facilities exist as well. Rental values range from $450 up to $3,000 per month.

El Campo

A bit further away and more inland, El Campo is an excellent choice for those looking for more rural living. The community is home to about 12,000 people with large, wide open spaces, some farms and ranches, and numerous smaller residential nooks and neighborhoods. The city is a thriving area noted for its recreational amenities and small businesses. Students who live here can attend El Campo Independent School District, enjoy the various playgrounds (including more modern versions) and explore the sports programming.

With primarily single-family homes that are for sale in El Campo, the median sold price of a home here was $135,000 at the end of 2023. However, condos and townhomes are also present and for sale. Homes sell slower as this is a smaller community that’s a bit out of the way. Rental options exist, with ranges ranging from $350 to $980 per month.


Beeville is a bit further away from the military base at about 45 minutes, but it still offers some outstanding reasons to call it home. It’s a city that’s home to about 13,500 people. It is a community that has a long history but one that is also very vibrantly young and modern in terms of infrastructure, technology, and education. The city is also easily recognized for good schools and exceptional park systems.

Those who live here can enjoy tree-lined suburban-like residential areas with neighborhood parks and playgrounds. As for home values, the median sold value of a home in this area at the end of 2023 was $193,000. Rentals are readily available (including multi-family and single-family homes). You can expect to pay rent at around $550 to $1,500 per month here.

Exploring all that this region has to offer may mean learning about a few new family-friendly neighborhoods near Foster Air Force Base and the city of Victoria, Texas.

Living near Foster Air Force Base, nestled in Victoria County, Texas, offers military personnel and their families a unique living experience filled with opportunities and considerations. Individuals can enrich their overall lifestyle and sense of community by understanding the intricacies of both on-base and off-base living options.

Exploring On-Base and Off-Base Housing Choices

Residing on base at Foster Air Force Base provides the advantage of proximity to work, fostering a tight-knit camaraderie within the military community. Foster Air Force Base is recognized for its role in training and education, particularly in specialized fields such as intelligence and cyber operations. It is a hub for professional growth and development. However, on-base living may come with certain restrictions and limited housing options. Alternatively, off-base living offers more autonomy and diverse housing choices, potentially necessitating a commute and additional expenses.

Discovering Community Amenities and Activities

The neighborhoods surrounding Foster Air Force Base and throughout Victoria County offer a wealth of amenities and activities tailored to military families. Victoria County is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene, with festivals and events celebrating the region's history and diversity throughout the year. Explore local resources and organizations to uncover family-friendly activities and unique cultural experiences.

Cultivating Connections within the Military Community

Active participation in community events, support groups, and military-sponsored programs fosters new connections and friendships. Foster Air Force Base hosts various events throughout the year, such as air shows and military appreciation days, providing exciting opportunities for families to engage with the broader community. Additionally, the base is home to the 306th Flying Training Group, creating a unique networking and professional development environment. Engage with spouse clubs, volunteer organizations, and base-sponsored activities to forge bonds with fellow military families and personnel. Foster Air Force Base also celebrates an annual Military Family Fun Day, featuring games, entertainment, and activities for families to enjoy.

Navigating Transportation and Commuting Options

Foster Air Force Base provides transportation services for residents, including shuttles and buses within the area. Victoria County offers a relaxed pace of life, with manageable traffic and easy access to amenities, making commuting straightforward. While owning a vehicle may be necessary for those living off-base, consider carpooling with neighbors or utilizing rideshare services to reduce commuting costs and environmental impact.

By familiarizing yourself with these unique aspects and available resources, you can optimize your living experience near Foster Air Force Base and seamlessly integrate into the military community.

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