Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC, is surrounded by family-friendly communities like Piney Green, Hubert, and Sneads Ferry, providing diverse housing options and amenities.Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC, is surrounded by family-friendly communities like Piney Green, Hubert, and Sneads Ferry, providing diverse housing options and amenities.Local Guide

Best Family Neighborhoods Near Camp Lejeune

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Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is a large military training center located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. It spans more than 156,000 acres, providing a wide range of areas for the numerous military facilities. This area has many facets, including deep-water ports, beaches for amphibious training, and much more. The base is home to six satellite facilities as well. The location is home to over 38,000 active duty individuals, along with 3,350 civilians, as well as many additional people, including retirees and family members.

A History of Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune has a long and storied past. It was first approved for construction in 1941 as an 11,000-acre tract. Once it was put into action, it was named after the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, John A. Lejeune. Thousands of people trained at this base throughout its history. The ramp-up for the completion of the base occurred after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Over the coming years, it would continue to grow and expand, adding more unique fields of training, various resources, and more and more satellite facilities to expand what could be done by those at the base.

By the 1990s, Camp Lejeune’s population grew to as many as 110,000 people, spanned over 152,000 acres of land. Across that space, there were over 7,650 buildings for various tasks. Essential facilities at the base today include numerous sports facilities, a golf course, community centers, and e-sports centers.

Neighborhoods Near Camp Lejeune for Families

As such a large establishment, cities and neighborhoods exist throughout the entire region and along all sides of this base. It’s easy to find fantastic communities to call home in the area, whether you want to live near the waterfront or more inland close to Jacksonville. The following are some of the best communities for families near the military base.

Piney Green, NC Piney Green is a short 29-minute drive from the military base, which is more inland and closer to Jacksonville. It is a smaller community with about 11,600 people who call it home. While smaller, this community certainly has a lot to offer, including larger yards and open green spaces. With over 13 square miles in the city itself, there’s ample room for those who are looking for neighborhoods with fenced-in backyards and tree-lined streets.

The community has a mixture of residential options with primarily single-family homes. Large estates exist here, but several condo communities, townhomes, and multi-family apartments are also present. As of the end of 2023, the median sold home price in the area was $225,000, with home values ranging from $29,000 up to $555,000. Rental options are available, too, with rents ranging from $700 to $2,400 per month depending on size and features. Some new construction homes exist throughout the area.

Hubert, NC Hubert sits in the eastern portion of Onslow County and is a short 33-minute drive from the camp itself. Because of its location on the Intracostal Waterway, it is a desirable location for those who are looking for a beautiful waterfront home or reasonable access to the area’s beaches and amenities. The city is home to about 15,000 people and has some tourism each year. That brings with it numerous shops, restaurants, and outdoor recreation areas. The city is also noted for its beautiful homes and quaint neighborhoods. There is a sports program through the recreation center, various schools in the city and nearby (including private options), and good overall access to service providers.

Single-family homes, many of which have larger backyards and lots of open space, are the dominant feature here. At the end of 2023, the median sold price for a home in this city was $231,000, with homes ranging in price from $25,000 up to $1.7 million. The area has rental homes available, including multi-family and single-family homes, with rents ranging from $701 up to $2,700 per month.

Sneads Ferry A coastal community town noted for its artsy lifestyle, small businesses, and port can be another option for those looking for a family-friendly neighborhood near Camp Lejeune. It’s a short 10-minute drive from the camp and boasts a population of about 2,200 people. Small, waterfront, and with outstanding outdoor amenities, it’s easy to see yourself spending Saturdays on the beach looking for shells and enjoying the small restaurants and shops, many of which are locally owned. Still, the area is noted for its good school system, playgrounds, smaller parks, and libraries. The beautiful architecture here is also a nice benefit.

It does cost more to call Sneads Ferry home, with the median sold price of a home in this community at the end of 2023 at $361,000. Home prices range from $35,000 up to $2.4 million. While most homes are owned, there is a strong rental market present as well. Rents for single-family homes, condos, and lofts (some of which have views) range from $1,100 to $3,000 per month. You will find this is an area with some new construction, a few waterfront homes, and numerous smaller developments.

Finding the ideal place to call home near Camp Lejeune can seem overwhelming, but with so many fantastic cities close by, it may be easier to find some great options. These communities could be the ideal place to call home, or you can explore the surrounding region for more options.

Military housing at Camp Lejeune comes with unique considerations and opportunities as well. Whether you're a service member or a family member, understanding the specifics of military housing can enhance your experience and sense of community.

Exploring On-Base Living vs. Off-Base Living

Living on base at Camp Lejeune offers convenience, proximity to work, and a strong sense of camaraderie within the military community. However, it may come with certain restrictions and limited housing options. Off-base living provides more independence and diverse housing choices but may require a commute and additional expenses.

Discovering On-Base Activities and Amenities

Camp Lejeune boasts various recreational facilities and activities for military families, including gyms, pools, libraries, and community centers. Explore the offerings available through the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) office for events, sports leagues, and family-friendly activities on base.

Building Connections within the Military Community

Engaging in base activities, clubs, and support groups is a fantastic way to forge new connections and friendships. Attend social gatherings, join spouse clubs or volunteer organizations, and participate in base-sponsored programs to connect with fellow military families and personnel.

Navigating Transportation Options

Camp Lejeune provides transportation services for residents, such as shuttles, buses, and carpooling options to ease commuting within the base. Owning a vehicle may be necessary for off-base living, but consider carpooling with neighbors or utilizing rideshare services to reduce transportation costs and environmental impact. By familiarizing yourself with these common questions and available resources, you can optimize your experience living at Camp Lejeune and thrive within the military community.

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