Live like a local in Chattanooga, Tennessee and get familiar with the area with these 9 pieces of information.Live like a local in Chattanooga, Tennessee and get familiar with the area with these 9 pieces of information.Moving Tips

9 Things to Know Before Moving to Chattanooga

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Moving to Chattanooga, TN, is a big step that many people across the nation take every year. The popularity of this city and its rapid expansion makes it an exciting place to start a new life or career. Before you move here, though, it is essential to know these nine facts. This mix of information highlights critical elements of the city's economy and elements of its history.

Other facts here focus on interesting things about the city that you may not have heard before or which may not be mentioned in the city's travel brochures. Some of these facts are just quirky things that are fun to know, but others may be useful to know if you're interested in exploring the city or learning more about it's engaging culture and unique history before your big move.

9. MoonPies Started in This City

The MoonPie is an old-fashioned treat that is still be produced this day in its original city – Chattanooga. These treats are a staple of the south and even became popular in the north during the early 1900s and peaked during the 1950s and 60s in popularity and spread. And visitors and residents can get easy access to MoonPies from just about every store in this city.

8. Healthcare is an Important Industry Here

Though more people work in offices in this city than in any other building, the largest employer in the city is the health care and social assistance field at over 11,500 people.

Retail trade is second with just under 10,000 employees. And many of these employees are women, who make about 1.37 percent less than men – a lower inequality gap than that experienced nationally. As a result, this may be an excellent destination for women who want a fairer pay rate.

7. Hang Gliding Flight Schools are Available Here

Learning how to hang glide can transform a person's life and give them access to many new life adventures. And in Chattanooga's Lookout Mountain Flight Park and Training School, residents can learn how to hang glide.

More graduates come from this hang gliding school than any other, making it a popular destination for many to learn this skill. Lookout Mountain provides a gorgeous place to start out in this unique skill.

6. Chattanooga is a Musical City

Nashville is often called Tennessee's "Music City," but Chattanooga is not far behind. Many musicians were born and raised in this city, including Bessie Smith, Usher, Kane Brown, Roger Alan Wade, The Impressions, Jimmy Blanton, Jordan Smith, and much more.

Many are blues, jazz, and country musicians. And there are also many clubs and concert venues where music fans can try to predict the next big Chattanooga music sensation.

5. Growth is Steady in the City

Those moving to this city are likely to have many jobs from which to choose. That's because economic growth and opportunity continually expand here. The city currently has a yearly growth rate of just over 3.24 percent, a high rate for the area. And residents earn a median income of about $42,000 – lower than the national average but reasonable.

Those who are interested in the mining profession may want to move here, as this industry pays, on average, the highest wages in the city.

4. Chattanooga is Surprisingly Diverse

Although Caucasian, non-Hispanic residents make up over half of the population of this city (56.5 percent), African Americans make up one-third (33.2 percent) of the community. Hispanic races make up about five percent of the population, with those of Asian descent making up just under three percent. This diversity is higher than average for the state and provides residents with a chance of interacting with many cultures.

3. Mini-Golf Was Born in This City

Miniature golf remains a popular sport that has spread to just about every state and city in the country. And though there may have been early non-patented miniature golf courses in the nation, the first patented one started in this state.

Originating in 1927 at Rock City Gardens, it quickly became a sensation that inspired many others around the nation. And this attraction is still up for those who want to play mini-golf the old-fashioned way.

2. "Underground" Chattanooga is Fascinating

Those exploring the city may be surprised to find doors and windows that seem to go nowhere and underground tunnels between buildings, streets, and much more.

These architectural oddities are scattered throughout the city and are believed to be a response to flooding and other issues prevailing in the area at the time. Currently, a documentary is being filmed about this unique facet of the city's design.

1. Education is a Big Deal Here

Tennessee offers some of the finest universities in the nation, many of which are in Chattanooga. There are three schools in the city: The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Chattanooga State Community College, and Miller-Motte Technical College-Chattanooga.

They combine to grant over 5,500 degrees to students every year, making this a great education destination. And this city isn't far from other Tennessee state universities, making it an excellent place to live if it is hard to find homes in those areas.

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