Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is a great place for military personnel. Find some great neighborhoods in the area for you and your family.Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is a great place for military personnel. Find some great neighborhoods in the area for you and your family.Local Guide

5 Great Neighborhoods Near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

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Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is a great place for military people to start and finish their career. Those who work here may want to live off base to get away from the military life from time to time. Thankfully, there are many great neighborhoods where you can live. The following four options are great for those who have children, those with a spouse, and even single people.

Neighborhoods near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

  • Pikeville
  • Freemont
  • Eureka
  • Mount Olive

Low Key Living in Pikeville

If you want low-key living, Pikeville is a good choice. Located near highway 795, it has easy access to many freeways. You also have multiple parks, such as Dee's Memorial Park and Jr. Pelee Park, where you can take your children. Others may even have a seasonal pool option. This makes Pikeville an excellent place to raise children, particularly if you want to be close to the base, as it's just 16 miles down 795.

Rent in Pikeville is more than reasonable. You can find lovely three-bedroom homes for around $1,450 to $1,600. Many trailer parks also exist and cost about $500. These are usually not the best places to live if you have a family but could be okay if you live on your own. Otherwise, apartment rent is around $850 or so per month on average. Real estate is often quite hard to come by, though, so renting may be your best choice.

School options here are reliable. There are a few elementary schools and middle schools from which you can choose. There are also a handful of high schools, as well. This ensures that your child has a chance at an excellent education. Be warned: the crime rate here is relatively high, with a rate of 1 in 56. The low rent may help to off-set this concern, mainly if you stay in the northern part of the community.

A Nature Enthusiasts Dream in Fremont

The cool thing about Fremont is its proximity to parks. It is a short drive away from places like Stoney Creek Park, Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, Millbrook Exchange Park, and Medoc Mountain State Park. These destinations let you and your family relax and have fun. However, Fremont is about 23 miles down I-795 from the base. This may make it a tough sell for some. That said, some may appreciate the distance between their place of work and their home.

Rent is about average for the area. Some homes rent for as little as $450 a month for two bedrooms and a bathroom. Larger and perhaps more beautiful homes venture towards $1,400 to $1,500 per month. The prices vary depending on the quality of the neighborhood. Some places have worse crime rates than others. That said, Fremont is usually not outrageous with its rent.

And if you have a family and are worried about crime, Fremont may be your destination. Statistically, Fremont has a rate that is 50 percent lower than the national average. It is also considered safer than 65 percent of the cities in the United States. This crime rate makes it one of the safest places near the base. Typically, you should only have a 1 in 74 chance of becoming a victim of any type of crime in this city.

Luxury Living in Eureka

Those who want high-quality homes may appreciate the benefits of Eureka. This town has many different attractive homes for prices like $1,450 for a three-bedroom and three-bathroom home. You may even find some four-bedroom homes for as little as $1,650. Splitting the bills here would be more than comfortable and give you access to a real home and a gorgeous backyard.

If you plan on raising children here, Northeast Elementary, Norwayne Middle School, and Charles B. Aycock should have your back. The latter school is rated well online, with about a four-star average from parents. And if you and your children love the arcade, Chuck E. Cheese and VR Junkies provide an excellent destination for many.

Eureka's crime rate is a little higher than in some areas, with around 3,700 crimes per year versus about 2,900 in the state. However, this neighborhood is also quite close to areas such as Fremont. Try to move closer to these areas and focus on regions with established watch systems.

Get a Good Education in Mount Olive

Like many communities near the base, Mount Olive is a bit of a haul. You are typically around half an hour away. That distance may not be a problem if you want your child to attend Mount Olive schools. They are often ranked as some of the finest in the area, which ensures a better chance at a good education.

Rent listings are often harder to find here due to a lower number of homes. That said, the rent prices are pretty typical. Around $1,400 for three-bedroom houses. And living here gives you access to Mount Olive Park and Mt. Olive Hurricanes Field, two great places to take your children.

Unfortunately, as is common in the area, the crime rate is a little higher than you might like it. Rated as less safe than 69 percent of the nation's communities, you have a rate of 1 in 38 chance of being involved with a crime. Violent crimes are rare, though, as most are just break-ins or holdups of stores.

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