Kalamazoo is home to two high-quality colleges and when you're ready to move off campus, these are some great neighborhoods in the area.Kalamazoo is home to two high-quality colleges and when you're ready to move off campus, these are some great neighborhoods in the area.Local Guide

4 Great Neighborhoods for Kalamazoo College Students

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Kalamazoo is a southern Michigan city that is home to two high-quality colleges: Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College. Anybody attending either of these schools needs to consider a place to live when they move off campus. Thankfully, there are many options from which you can choose. The four neighborhoods are among the safest and most enjoyable in Kalamazoo.

4 Great Neighborhoods for Kalamazoo College Students are

  • Oakland/Winchell
  • Colony Farm
  • Parkview Hills
  • West Main Hills

Study Quietly in Oakland/Winchell

Oakland/Winchell is an area uniquely poised to serve Kalamazoo colleges well. It is a quiet area with reasonable rent. Expect prices of around $803 for two-bedroom homes and up to $2,181 for four-bedroom houses. These rent rates are very fair and should make living in Kalamazoo and easy task. The crime rate of 2,351 incidents per 100,000 people is higher than the state average but still far below Kalamazoo's 5,359 incidents per 100,000 residents' level.

And while the neighborhood doesn't necessarily have its own public library, it is near the Kalamazoo Public Library - Washington Square Branch. Residents with a valid library card can go here to get books, check out movies, and find a quiet place to study. The Kalamazoo library system is acclaimed as one of the most attractive in the state, particularly for those who take their college study seriously.

And those who like restaurants will have a lot to like in this neighborhood. Spots like Oakwood Bistro, Bilbo's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jet's Pizza, Cumin Indian Cuisine, Fletcher's Pub, and Jersey Giant SUBS! are all nearby. Each has different types of foods that you might like, as well as different prices. Seek out one that meets your needs.

Party in Colony Farm

Not far from Oakland/Winchell is Colony Farm, an area that is common to many Kalamazoo students. The crime rate here is 543 crimes for every 100,000 people, which is far below the Kalamazoo rate of 5,359 per 100,000 people and below Michigan's average of around 2,250 per 100,000 people. That makes Colony Farm one of the safest places to live in Kalamazoo for college students.

Rent is standard to the area. Expect to pay around $815 for a one-person apartment up to $1,300 for a three-person apartment. These rates make Colony Farm a very affordable place for the average college student. Its proximity to Western Michigan University makes it a particularly good choice for those who plan on going to this college.

Anyone interested in high-quality bars may love Colony Farm. Old Dog Tavern is a rustic place that has live music, pool, ping-pong, and bar-quality food. Principle Food and Drink is a bit chicer and serves cocktails and better-quality food made with local ingredients. Comensoli's provides Italian fine-dining and many cocktails. Expect to find many other bars when you live in this neighborhood.

Relax in Parkview Hills

About three miles away from downtown Kalamazoo, this neighborhood is a comfortable and relaxing place for college students to live. With rent costs of around $815 to $1,300 for one-person and three-person apartments, respectively, it is an inexpensive place to live. Parkview Hills also has many amenities that make it an excellent place for a college student to live.

The only problem with Parkview Hills is the crime rate. Currently, it has a rate of about 1,646 incidents per every 100,000 people. That is still far below the Kalamazoo rate of 5,359 incidents per 100,000 people, however. And since the most common crimes in the area are, by far, property crime, you should still be reasonably safe living here, as no murder was reported here last year.

Parkview Hills is also home to some fun hangout spots, such as Martells, Millennium Restaurant Group, and Fletcher's Pub. Fletcher's is a particularly popular place for college students as it has happy hour drinks and food and many bar games. However, you also get access to sites like Waldo Library and the Kalamazoo Public Library Central Library if you need to find a place to study and hang out.

Get the College Experience in West Main Hill

Lastly, we have West Main Hill, which is often considered one of the best places for college students in Kalamazoo. You are close not only to Western Michigan University but Kalamazoo College as well. And the rent is often lower here than in other places. One-bedroom apartments usually cost as little as $720-740, while a whole home may be available for under $2,000. This inexpensive nature makes West Main Hill suitable for students on a tight budget.

On a livability scale, West Main Hill is the fifth-best neighborhood in Michigan and ranks better than 98 percent of areas in the state. The main reason for this livability is the crime, which occurs at a rate of 1,127 incidents per 100,000 people. The cost of living is also considered very solid, as well as the amenities. Living here should give you access to plenty of fun things to do every night.

People who want access to many libraries may want to live in this area. You are near the Upjohn Library Commons, which allows you to study and check out many books. You are also near two branches of the Kalamazoo Public Library (the Central Library and the Alma Powell Branch). As a result, you shouldn't have a hard time finding a place to study if you live in this neighborhood.

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