When you declutter your closet, you can free space to streamline your wardrobe and make room for clothing that you want to wear. Here are 6 tips to make sure you declutter the right items.When you declutter your closet, you can free space to streamline your wardrobe and make room for clothing that you want to wear. Here are 6 tips to make sure you declutter the right items.Home

6 Tips for Decluttering Your Closet

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Over time, it's easy for anyone to accumulate a lot of belongings — especially in their closet. The seasons change throughout the year, along with fashion. This makes it possible for someone not to wear an article of clothing for years. If you don't clean out your closet periodically, it can become so cluttered that it will damage your other clothing, or it can be hard to find what you need to wear for the day.

When you declutter your closet, you can free space to streamline your wardrobe and make room for clothing that you want to wear. So if you're someone with some t-shirts that you haven't worn since freshman year of high school, grab a donation box— it's time to get busy and declutter your closet. Here are 6 tips to make sure you declutter the right items.

1 Keep What You Wear

This is the simplest but most important tip you can get about decluttering. If you wear the clothing regularly, then it's a keeper. Special occasion items like suits or formal dresses can also be put on the back burner for occasional events like Christmas parties or weddings. Overall, if you wear it on the regular, then keep it. You can sort your closet by this tip alone, but there are a few other factors to consider to ensure your total satisfaction after the decluttering process.

  • Tip: Find out what you wear by turning all your hangers in one direction. After you wear the clothing, put it back on the rack but with the hanger facing the opposite direction. At the end of each season, you can see what items are being used and what sits on the rack.

2 Keep What You Love

Though it's not a good idea to keep every single sentimental item of clothing, you do find joy in keeping the things you love. Do you have a vintage dress that you wore at prom that you just can't part from? It's ok. You can find space-saving storage solutions like vacuum sealing it in a bag and storing it under a bed or in an attic. When you look at your closet, you should find apparel you love wearing. These articles of clothing should make you feel good and confident when you put them on. They should offer a flattering fit that doesn't feel too loose or tight, and they should reflect your personality.

3 Have It Make Sense with Your Image

Over the years, your style naturally changes as your values evolve and your situation changes. For example, a new corporate job can prompt you to throw out many juvenile screen tees you loved during college. While you may keep a few for posterity, your wardrobe will become more professional and polished. Likewise, having a new baby can change your body shape and require new clothing for the next season of your life. It doesn't do any good to hold onto clothing that doesn't fit, nor is it useful to keep clothing that's out of style. So if you're still holding on to those 1970s bell-bottoms, and you haven't worn them in twenty years, it's time to thrift them or designate them to a permanent storage area in your home.

4 Make Sure It's Comfortable

Although some clothing comes with some expected discomfort, such as a tuxedo or form-fitting special occasion dress, most of your clothing should be something you enjoy wearing. Not everything has to be a sacrifice for good looks, but you should keep the clothing that makes you feel and look good at the same time. Anything with itchy materials, pinching waste lines, uncomfortable inseams, Arms that are too short, torsos that are too long or short — you get the drift — its destiny is the Goodwill donation box.

5 Keep Presentable Clothing

Sometimes clothing can look fine but have a musty mothball smell, mildew smell, subtle stain, or just look too old and faded for wear. Also, is this the kind of apparel you would wear in front of others? Maybe you have a risqué Halloween party dress that you would never wear again. It may be time to donate this to give it new life. You may also have a cringy screen t-shirt with a slogan that no longer aligns with your values. Overall, if it just doesn't feel right or makes you feel good, it's time to let it go.

6 Sort Everything Clearly

It's easy to get lost in memory lane when you declutter your closet. Therefore, to stay on track, place a large box marked "keep" in your work area and another marked "donate." Then, all you need to do is put the unwanted items into the Donate box and retain the clothing you will still wear. If you want to fine-tune your donation box after you're done sorting, you can pick through the old clothing to see what is worth giving to the thrift store and what is unwearable for anybody. If there's anything with holes or noticeable stains, it's best to turn them into rags or get rid of them.

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