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Motorcycle Storage

Whether you are a weekend warrior or need to free up space in your garage, our drive-up storage units are great for storing your motorcycle and gear.

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Motorcycle Storage You Can Count On!

All our interior motorcycle storage units offer superior protection from the elements. Along with providing convenient and clean self-storage options, we provide peace of mind that your motorcycle is secure during your rental with a variety of security features. Reserve your storage unit online for free for 7 days with no deposit or credit card required. You can also move in online or over the phone.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for My Motorcycle?

Motorcycles come in all different sizes, so we recommend selecting a 10x10 drive up storage unit. Protect your bike in an enclosed space to protect it from the elements and get an extra layer of security. You will also have enough room to store your gear.


Peace of Mind For Your Investment

Quality Storage UnitsAffordable, clean, and well-lit interior storage units to suit your storage needs, from small engine vehicles to full size cars.
Flexible Lease TermsWe offer flexible lease terms for either short or long-term storage. Money saving discounts are available on many of our units.
Secure UnitsSecure self-storage with electronic gates and 24/7 video monitoring at our locations ensure your items are protected.


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Preparing your Motorcycle for Storage

Your motorcycle needs special care when putting it into storage. Use this checklist to make sure it is ready to go for your next road trip.

  • Clean the Exterior: Soap it up, rinse it down, and dry it off. Make sure everything is dry to prevent rust.

  • Add a Gas Stabilizer: Fuel has a shelf life of approximately 3 or 4 months. Make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to your tank. For long periods of storage, run your bike and repeat the process.

  • Protect the Carburetor: Run fuel treatment through the system, turn the bike off, turn off the fuel supply to the carburetor, and drain any remaining fuel from the carburetor. This avoids having a clogged carburetor caused by the evaporation of fuel that leaves a sticky film behind.

  • General Maintenance: Change the spark plugs, oil, and fuel filters. Inflate your tires properly to prevent them from getting flat.

  • Extra Protection: Consider putting the bike on a lift-rack to protect the tires and covering it to block out dust.

  • Update Auto Insurance: When it comes to auto insurance be sure that your coverage is updated to include Storage Rentals of America as the location your vehicle is being stored at.

What Documentation is Required to Store a Vehicle?

You will need to bring in three documents when you come in and rent with us. A government issued ID like a driver’s license or passport, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers storing your car in long term storage and bring in a copy.