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About East Liverpool, OH Units

Moving and storage go hand in hand. Whether traveling across town or the country, moving is an exciting and fresh start. While Storage Rentals of America is here to help you with all your storage needs, we also want to help you get familiar with the area. That's why we put together this resource guide for East Liverpool.

About East Liverpool

East Liverpool is a small city of about 12,000 near the Ohio River's upper reaches. It is in Columbiana County, Ohio, and the city borders Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The town's eastern border is also the state line between Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the Ohio River that defines the south side of the town also delineates the border between Ohio and West Virginia. East Liverpool has a long and important history and, at one point, produced more pottery and earthenware for the nation than any other area. The city has maintained much of its traditional population numbers. Still, the nearby city of Salem has expanded to modern proportions, and East Liverpool is now considered part of the Salem Micropolitan area. The city lies between Pittsburgh and Youngtown, Ohio, about fifteen miles from each. It can be reached by State Highway 30 from the north and the south and by driving along the Ohio River from either direction.

What to do in East Liverpool

East Liverpool is a residential community emphasizing children and family life. As such, several attractions are aimed at the young, such as local sports teams. There are two excellent city parks and a nine-hole golf course at the East Liverpool Country Club. The Museum of Ceramics and the pottery showrooms of the pottery businesses are popular with visitors, and the historic downtown is known for its aesthetic charms. Hiking and rambling in the nearby woods are popular diversions, and the Ohio River is quite navigable. This makes boating a popular pastime, both for pleasure and for fishing. They say that shore fishing is great for catching catfish. The city is also known for its exceptional accessibility to the surrounding area. One of the primary attractions East Liverpool has held throughout the centuries is its extreme convenience as a transportation point. Many important places lie nearby, and it is very advantageous along the Ohio River. East Liverpool is only a short drive from Pittsburgh, so all the attractions of that city are easy to reach. Youngstown, Ohio, is also within casual driving distance.

Working in East Liverpool

East Liverpool was once a commercial nexus, but changing transportation and manufacturing trends have decreased the city's economic activity. The once-mighty pottery industry has deflated to a small portion of its previous size. However, three large-scale pottery companies still operate in the area: the Homer Laughlin China Company, the Hall China Company, and American Mug & Stein Company. The City Hospital, government, and school system also employ many other people. However, most East Liverpool residents commute to work outside of the city. The lack of public transportation means that driving and carpooling are the order of the day for most citizens.

East Liverpool Neighborhoods

Most people think of East Liverpool as the downtown region, the area by the river from US 30 to College Street. This is where the city center lies, including the hospital, the Kent State satellite campus, and the docks. Very few people still live in the city center. The West End sits beyond the US 30 freeway, and the road forms a natural boundary that isolates the two neighborhoods somewhat. The East End sits on the other side of downtown, but the local terrain feature of an enormous cliff that runs to the river isolates this neighborhood even more. This puts East Liverpool in the interesting position of having four completely distinct neighborhoods at the city core. Pleasant Heights, Fisher Park, Beechwood, and Thompson are the other major neighborhoods, all taking advantage of local terrain features to build small residential areas that radiate out from the city core.

East Liverpool School District

The East Liverpool school district comprises two elementary schools, a middle school, and a combined junior and high school. East Liverpool Christian School and Buckeye Online School for Success also operate in the town. For college and returning students, Kent State has a satellite campus in the middle of downtown. The Ohio Valley College of Technology sits uphill in Calcutta, within walking distance. Beyond that lies the full spectrum of the Ohio university system and other schools of the Ohio River Valley.

East Liverpool Resource Guide

  • Electricity: Residential, commercial, and industrial power is provided by Ohio Edison.
  • Water: The Water Department provides drinking water for the city.
  • Sewer: The East Liverpool Sewer Department can be contacted at this web address.
  • City Government: A directory of city officials and elected representatives is available here. The main page of the city government is found here.

East Liverpool Housing

East Liverpool is extremely inexpensive by most American metrics. Its position at the intersection of three states and a major river means it is, and always has been, extremely well served by surrounding commerce. Housing is incredibly cheap by national and area standards. Ohio housing costs are well below the American average, and East Liverpool's are below that. The median home goes for about $58,000 in this city. Old and new houses are available, and empty lots can be purchased both in the city and the nearby woods. Grocery, utility, and medical costs are also below national averages, making living quite affordable.


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