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wine storage in west palm beach, fl

If you are a collector of fine wines, you know how important it is to store your bottles properly. Temperature, humidity, and even lighting can affect how your wine matures. In fact, storing your wine in the wrong kind of conditions can ruin your wine. If the temperature fluctuates ever so slightly, or if your wine is exposed to light regularly, it can significantly change the smell and flavor of your wine. When you’ve spent a lot of time (not to mention money!) building a valuable wine collection, keeping it in pristine condition is vital to maintaining both its quality and its value. As storage professionals, we care not only about the security of our wine storage units, but  also about maintaining the quality of whatever you store in them.

So, why are we a better wine storage choice than other facilities? Our wine lockers not only keep your wine stored at a constant 55 degrees, but we have a back-up generator that will assure your wine is maintained at that temperature, even when unpredictable conditions can cause electricity to fail. Furthermore, unlike other facilities, our wine lockers aren’t just the perfect temperature, but they are also kept dark inside - you can’t see into the unit from the outside.  This not only protects your wine from damage caused by light, but gives you more privacy and security. In addition, each wine storage unit has its very own key code and alarm to protect your wine from theft. That priceless bottle of cabernet is sure to remain untouched in your unit for as long as you’d like it to be! Whether you are a sommelier or are simply enthusiastic about fine wine and spirits, you’ll find that our wine storage units are the perfect choice for your large or small collection.

Unless you own a large, extravagant home, there’s a good chance you wish you had a better solution to wine storage. The best place for wine needs to provide a steady temperature and humidity level, and it can be hard to achieve those optimal conditions at home. Thankfully, Storage Rentals of America in West Palm Beach, Florida offers a nearby solution! Our wine storage units are the perfect place to store your collection. Plus, with our convenient location on Clare Avenue, it takes just a short drive to our property to access your bottles. Reach out to our team today to learn how you can reserve your unit today!

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