University of Hartford has become a popular education option for many in the area. Learn about the some great area students live at.University of Hartford has become a popular education option for many in the area. Learn about the some great area students live at.Local Guide

Great Areas for University of Hartford Students to Live

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The University of Hartford is located in West Hartford, Connecticut, and provides students with undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. They also offer various certificates and training options for those who do not need these degrees. With an expanding student body and a strong focus on creating a comfortable and low-key feel, the U of Hartford has become a popular education option for many in the area.

Thankfully, the area has created a safe and comfortable living environment for many students. Over the years, West Hartford has transformed its neighborhoods and made many of them an excellent destination for those who need higher education. Understanding your options here will make it easier for you to find a great place to live if you want to attend this school for any degree.

Best Areas for University of Hartford Students

  • Albany Avenue
  • Asylum Avenue
  • U of Connecticut School of Law Near Albany Avenue
  • U of Hartford Near Simsbury Road

Albany Avenue

College students who want to live in comfort and style may want to consider this area. Though it isn't incredibly close to many nightlife options, it has a high level of living, very comfortable homes, and many safe neighborhoods. Though more of a popular destination for high-income families, it provides a higher level of safety compared to other areas within the city and near the campus.

The biggest downside of this area is its rental price. Costing around $2,281 on average per month, students will need to have a job, good student loan cash, or rent with multiple people to stay here. Thankfully, there are several 3-4 bedroom home options available, meaning that it should be much easier to afford this rent with a handful of friends than if a student tried to rent it on their own.

However, those who can afford this area will find that it is among the safest neighborhoods in the city, as it is ranked among one of the best places to live in the whole state. They may feel somewhat out of place among higher-educated adults and families who make up the area, though, so this is a good choice for family-oriented college students who don't want to enjoy the nightlife like they would have done when younger.

Asylum Avenue

High rent prices remain a common theme for many areas in West Hartford, with the Asylum Avenue area averaging around $2,667 per month. That said, this price is much higher in some regions and drops as you go further from campus. This factor is a concern for students who need to walk to class, so it may be worth considering another area if this describes you.

Those who want a more rural living environment may appreciate this option. Located near many outdoor areas, a handful of small ponds and lakes, and Trout Brook, Asylum Avenue often feels more like home for rural students and provides city students with a taste of outdoor living that they may not have gotten otherwise. These benefits make this a very comfortable place to live for many students.

The biggest downside of this neighborhood is its distance from the campus and many other amenities. You'll be at least 10-20 minutes away from the school and may not have many nightlife options within easy walking distance. However, the area has a very thriving Uber scene, making it easier for students to get out and enjoy themselves without risking their lives with drinking and driving behaviors.

U of Connecticut School of Law Near Albany Avenue

The University of Hartford is not the only school in the area, and the University of Connecticut School of Law near Albany Avenue provides many living opportunities for U of Hartford students. Typically, the rent here is more affordable than other areas highlighted so far. With an average of $1,445, this area is better for single college students or those on a budget.

This area is also a good option for those who enjoy art, as there are many nearby galleries, boutiques, and other unique sites to visit. Many describe this area as perfect for "urban sophisticates," which may be a good choice for college students with a higher level of taste and a high level of interest in arts. Those who want a more traditional college experience still have options in this area, though.

For example, exercise centers like Wheeler Family Health and Wellness are nearby to make it easier to fight the infamous Freshman 15. And various supermarkets, such as Mario Groceries and Carlos Supermarket, provide unique shopping options at reasonable prices. And those who enjoy outdoor living aren't too far from Sigourney Square Park, a popular destination for outdoor picnics and for a few simple sporting events, such as throwing around a baseball or football.

U of Hartford Near Simsbury Road

Many who go to the University of Hartford stay near Simsbury Road, despite the somewhat high rent. With an average of nearly $2,900, most students will need a scholarship or a handful of friends to stay in this neighborhood. However, the safety level is relatively high here, as is the vacancy rate.

Around 40 percent of the neighborhood has a Master's or Doctorate degrees, making this a very highly-educated area. It is often home to many different art events, particularly those hosted by the college. Students interested in this type of living experience may find this a very comfortable neighborhood.

Like many areas of West Hartford, this neighborhood is rural without a lot of nightlife options. That situation is pretty much standard in the area, as this school is not commonly considered a "party" destination. However, there are spots like Moe's Southwest Grill, Village Market, and other unique options are nearby.

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